SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam

“Mahābhārat is the living legend. Bhagavad Gītā is the manual for Enlightenment. The essence of the whole Bhagavad Gītā is the Master awakening responsibility in the disciple. That is why everywhere the Gītā talks only about responsibility!”

– SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam

uddhared ātmanātmānaṁ nātmānaṁ avasāyadet |
ātmaiva hy ātmano bandhur ātmaiva ripur ātmanah || 6.5 ||

“You are your own friend; you are your own enemy. Raise yourself through your Self and do not degrade yourself. May you lift yourself by yourself. Don’t give up on you and people! If you help yourself, you will be the greatest friend for yourself. If you don’t, you will be your worst enemy.”

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Let the Guru directly drive the chariot of your life to your highest victory!

Just as Jagadguru, the Guru of the Universe, Sri Kṛṣṇa addresses Arjuna’s questions, HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam addresses the readers’ questions and doubts, guiding us on the path of transformation, refusing to give up on us until we discover our full potential and live like Gods on earth. As you read this book, you will find the presence of HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam guiding you to discover your own unique yet universal path to realization.

About the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH), Jagadguru Mahasannidhanam (JGM), His Divine Holiness (HDH) Bhagavam Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is the reviver of KAILASA – the ancient enlightened civilization, the great cosmic borderless Hindu nation. SPH is an Avatar as per Hinduism and is the Supreme Pontiff  of Hinduism.

SPH has revived the science of power manifestation, Yoga and created temple based universities for humanity. The SOVEREIGN ORDER OF KAILASA led by SPH and the NITHYANANDA ORDER of monks, nuns and Hindu diaspora are working for global peace, and to give a super conscious breakthrough to humanity. NITHYANANDA HINDU UNIVERSITY (world’s largest Hindu University) with extended campuses in 150 countries is collecting, organizing, preserving, time-capsuling, decoding, spreading and reviving 20 million source books of Hinduism.

SPH is the 293rd Guru Mahasannidhanam of Shyamalapeeta Sarvajnapeetham (ancient apex body of Hinduism) and the present Emperor of Suryavamsa Surangi Samrajyam. SPH has survived the worst persecution of multiple assassination attempts on His person and on His character by anti-Hindu elements.