Worst Persecution by Media Disinformation


The History that led to the Persecution not controversy

The Largest Trial By Mainstream Media Against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

In ancient times, minority religious spiritual communities were persecuted and exterminated using brutal violence. No justification was required. As humanity civilized globally, and as democratic systems evolved, the need to justify acts of violence and brutality was required to keep the society pacified.

In World War I, assassination of the Prince was used to trigger a huge war. Post World War I, a simple trigger was no longer sufficient, a complex propaganda machinery was required to justify the act in the society. In World War II, race superiority was used as a justification for extermination of the Jewish Population.

In the following years, the whole methodology became highly sophisticated, allowing silent persecution of a leader, community or entire population in such a way that there remained no scope of social, legal or humanitarian questioning or backlash.

The persecution against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been the systematic, organized ill-treatment to inflict suffering, torture and thereby execute murder through a series of multi-pronged attacks on His life and His mission. Persecution just does not happen. From the collective criminal and corrupt media nexus came forth planned character assassinations of diabolical magnitude! Highly engineered methods of Isolation from the human family through mass hate generation, crafty justification propagandas to artificially produce hostile climates were done – ALL to enforce mob lynching and to do a clean job of persecution.

Presumption of guilt is the denial of human rights as per the United Nations’ Universal declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, most judicial systems under modern democracies follow presumption of innocence as the model principle of upholding justice. However, what India Media did in the case of His Divine Holiness is it successfully justified mass persecution on Him by generating atrocity material voluminously.

  1. 14,000+ hours of defamatory news airtime, a shocking continuous run of 1.56 years non-stop!
  2. 10,000+ print articles
  3. 15,000+ unique weblinks of ‘atrocity material generation’ in just the first four years.

It is the largest trial by mainstream media in the human history with endless life-threatening character assassinations against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The Hindu extremist militant terrorist and Media nexus unlawfully used the mainstream media, specifically the television and print, as its forefronting instrument for massive public penetration to reinforce hate perceptions into billions across the world. It was the most systematic barbarous media attack to eliminate His Divine Holiness from the human history, and meanwhile tainting Sanatana Hindu Dharma (Hinduism).

Mass atrocity material was generated, which hit the highest airtime of 14,000 hours of airtime, 10,000+ print articles, 15,000+ unique web links within just four years – against His Divine Holiness and the sacred Hindu ideologies such as the tradition of ‘Guru’ and ‘Sanyas’ (Hindu monkhood), and the Hindu lifestyle and symbols. The attacks devastated the sacred religious sentiments of Hindus and planted the seed of  doubts towards their own religious beliefs.

The Premise 

Tapping into the largest broadcasting medium to program hatred on His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The mainstream media of India consists of television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, Internet-based websites and new social media. Television and newspaper are the leading sources of news and entertainment for Indian households, with highest viewership among both the urban and the rural populus.

As per BARC India (broadcast audience research council), the country’s TV viewership monitoring agency, 780 million watched the television in 2017 (much more than all of Europe), from over 150 million in year 2010.    

Television (46%) and Print (28%) was still the largest consumed segment of E&M (entertainment and media) industry in year 2009 as per Pricewaterhouse Coopers report in 2010.

E&M Report 2010_medi attack

Chart Inlay: As per above PwC Analysis and Industry Estimates 2009 for 2010, Television is largest forum for media in order to reach the public. 

No other medium or institution is as empowered as the Indian Mainstream Media to effect the perceptions, opinions and behaviours of the largest growing population in the world of billions. Ironically, this power is incessantly used by the Indian media as the most lethal weapon to persecute and destroy the life of Great Leaders and Visionaries of humanity. This was noticed globally, marking Indian Media the most corrupt media in the world as reported by World Economic Forum through Edelman report.

Read further: The Case Study on the Indian Paid Media- Reports by Statutory and International bodies 

Horrifying revelations about Indian Media: instances of its unscrupulous involvement in financial, criminal, civil and sexual crimes in an organised plan to destabilize the nation. This fact was consolidated by World Economic Forum which has reported that Indian media is as the most corrupt media in the world.




This graphic shows what His Divine Holiness said and what was printed in the media by Times of India, it clearly shows how media generate atrocity material , using the headlines to fulfill their own pre-planned agenda than tell the truth. 

Endless Character Assassination on His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The Anti-Hindu nexus unlawfully used the Mainstream media as its forefronting instrument for its massive public penetration, what came to be the systematic barbarous attacks to character assassinate His Divine Holiness; to wipe Him off from the human history, thereby tainting Sanatana Hindu Dharma, from where He stems.

The media left no stone unturned in completely disparaging, damaging and destroying the sacrifice and untiring work of His Divine Holiness in giving SuperConscious breakthrough to every human being and fighting the religious cause of every Hindu. Every defamatory article published was a for His character assassination.

Atrocity material generation of inhumane proportions against His Divine Holiness

Defamatory news and morphed video coverage hit the highest airtime record in an unprecedented history in India.

  • Media hit 14,000+ hours of airtime, a shocking continuous run of 1.56 years non-stop!
  • 10,000+ print articles
  • 15,000+ unique weblinks of ‘atrocity material generation’ in just the first four years 

Outside India, the quickest way to defame was through the global social media.

  • 1.5 million tweets on March 13th and 14th 2010 within just 2 days of the attack by the Indian media. It was found that an unnatural majority of the tweets had originated from just 3 cities in the world – San Jose, Chennai and Coimbatore. Evidently, special teams were placed specifically to generate negative tweets.

Print and electronic media manufactured salacious pseudo-events to broadcast fabricated cases, strategized with many national and international anti-Hindu elements. The onslaught of these attacks was simultaneous and a 7-year-old organisation was too nascent to fight it back. Even before it could be understood what has happened, the damage was successfully done as conspired.

This picture shows a few samples of the articles which were published and attacking His Divine Holiness to destroy Him. 

The manipulation, distortion and ridicule by print media against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Mass atrocity material was generated with many criminal themes and BIG LIES to attack from all angles to create public hatred, violence, cynicism against His Divine Holiness and the sacred Hindu ideologies such as the tradition of ‘Guru’ and ‘Sanyas’ (Hindu monk hood), and the sacred Hindu symbol of ‘ochre clothes’. The attack turned even those with faith into agnostics or indifferent toward their own Hindu tradition – specifically to isolate out and assassinate His Divine Holiness from the human family violating all the basic human dignity values.

Media Opportunists Turn Persecutors – ‘Media-Police Nexus’ funded by Extreme Hindu Militant Groups

Breaching every code of ethics of journalism, which promotes fair verifiable, factual reporting, valuing the fundamental universal human and social rights, the opportunist media with vested interests brought disgrace to the world’s journalism fraternity. Not only is the reporting false, it reached criminal proportions when media houses turned into co-conspirators and entered into nexus with police and Extremist Hindu Terrorist bodies.

The main media houses such as the Sun TV Network, Suvarna TV, Samaya TV forefronted the persecution. Several Indian media giants namely, Times Group (The Times of India, Times Now), TV Today Network, ZEE Group,  DCHL (Deccan Chronicle, The Printers Mysore (Deccan Herald), Diligent Media Corporation (DNA), Bangalore Mirror etc. with multiple lakhs of readerships became facilitator to execute this planned religious persecution against His Divine Holiness.

Giving currency to the false news, many other regional media houses, relayed the same false news in more colored ways – just to gain TRPs and undue popularity at the expense of tarnishing the sacred repute of His Divine Holiness and the Hindu ideology.

Telecast Numbers

This graph shows  the number of days the fake obscene video was telecast across various channels.  This adds to a whopping 1.56 years of continuous 24×7 telecast of defamatory material of character assassination.

Past Attacks by Mainstream Media

Whenever any Hindu Guru has risen and influenced the masses to empower and spiritually elevate humanity, he has been brutally attacked and defamed; Kanchi Shankaracharya, Osho, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda are some of Hindu Gurus and spiritual leaders, to name a few.

Today, mainstream media trials in India controlling the perceptions of millions through crowd manipulation tactics is a given fact – to assassinate the character, repute and life, of any influential leader by creating atrocity material and sensationalising dubious stories.

When The Attack Started….

It was the biggest planned attack by the Indian mainstream media in the history, a religious persecution that led to The Hindu Holocaust, all instigated by the media.

2 March 2010, 8.00 pm: A regional south indian channel named Sun TV (one of the largest Indian mass media corporations with 33 TV channels under their control and a global viewership) aired a fake defamatory video of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda falsely portraying Him together with a South Indian actress Ms Ranjitha.

Within minutes of its telecast, this video went viral on all digital and mass media platforms. The next day, news reached all the national newspapers and His name was one of the top internet searches.  The prime time of all the major regional channels showcased this news and ‘Paramahamsa Nithyananda’ became a known name both nationally and internationally within 24 hours, for all the wrong reasons as planned by the conspirators.

The Infamous Fake Video

Prelude:  It was the forenoon of March 2nd 2010. SUN Network aired the movie of the actress alleged in the video:

  • Then, they started airing the “breaking news” showing blurred scenes of the actress in the created false video.
  • The trailer stated – the name of the actress starts with “R” – every means was used to increase the suspense, buzz and TRP (target rating point).
  • Then, the morphed fake video was flashed as if it was a shocking expose.

This whole modus operandi was revealed 2 years later by the Sun network’s Chief Financial Officers Hansraj Saxena, when he had a fall out with the network, and he himself was made the victim of such nefarious attacks. He gave a sworn affidavit in a United States Court and went live on public televisions, but the Sun Network with its massive financial, political influence power threatened and suppressed every single channel and the news was wiped out from all electronic media in less than an hour.

Planned Attacks by Media were falsely shown as Prime Time News’ and ‘Expose’ – Motive was to kill His Divine Holiness

Sun Network incited mob lynching attacks in nexus with the Extreme Hindu terrorist groups to destroy all Aadheenams (temple monastery complex) with the sole motive to hunt down and kill His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. When Sanyasis (Hindu monks) confronted and tried to protect their life, they were beaten brutally, and several female Sanyasis were sexually assaulted. They burnt effigies, abused the Dieties, and staged protests in public places. They destroyed sacred heritage, Aadheenam property worth millions. The Sun Network relayed the planned attack as ‘News’ and portrayed it as public anger, which was not true.

  • The dark month of March 2010 witnessed fake allegations of murder, attack on the spiritual, religious tradition, false stories of illegal ownership of land, rape, storage of sandalwood, forceful detention and ill-gotten wealth and more, along with relentless abusal and sexualization of the character of His Divine Holiness.
  • Several Temple Monastery communities were attacked – Many Aadheenams (temple monastery complex) were attacked in a day by the paid assassins and each attack was broadcasted on all prime TV channels misrepresenting them as public outrage.

After the gross persecution of 3 days of continuous telecast of the defamatory fake video, mainstream media carried on an unrelenting character assassination campaign. Within two days, the nature of news changed to abusal and character assassination, and further to extortion and life-attacks.

These series of fake and defamatory articles were mainly published by Television and print media houses namely Sun Television, Suvarna TV, Samaya TV, Deccan Chronicle, Indian Express, DNA and Deccan herald, TV9, Nakkeeran and other regional media houses.

Yellow Journalism at Its Worst – Sensationalism, Lies, Life Threat and Obscene Video Aired

The fake news was published with heavy reliance on unnamed sources; false interviews and panel discussions of paid people, cheap comedy shows during prime time on TV channels with exaggerated dramatization, mockery, abusal, life-threat – aired constantly! This is so unprecedented and shocking – that even a national or world level news never reached this level of media coverage, but for a fake video of a simple Hindu Leader.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 3.15.11 PM

Photo inlay: TV channels took the religious persecution of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda to inhumane magnitude. The stage was set for populating atrocity material generated by Paid Media. 

Criminal Conspiracy of Suvarna  television network

In June 2012, Suvarna channel, another regional channel, assassinated the character of His Divine Holiness and attacked disciples and filed false complaints and illegally used clout to get them arrested. Suvarna TV Channel paid its staff to abuse women devotees physically. Police illegally arrested the female Sanyasis (Monks) but took no action against the criminals.

The First Evidence of Media Collusion with Extremist Hindu Forces

Sun network, along with the Nakkheeran group, employed paid mobsters, who vandalised all the properties belonging to His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and attacked the Sanyasis and devotees in all the Aadheenams under attack, inflicting serious injuries to them. Further, they burnt effigies of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and  conducted protests, giving a sense of public hatred against him, although in reality,  the entire physical attack was staged by them with only paid mobs.

It was the largest media trial in history with endless life-threatening character assassinations against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. 

The extremist Hindu militant terrorist nexus unlawfully used the mainstream media, specifically the television and print, as its forefronting instrument for massive public penetration to reinforce hate perceptions into billions in India. It became the systematic barbarous media attack to eliminate His Divine Holiness from the human history, thereby tainting and destroying Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

Mass atrocity material was generated, which hit the highest airtime of 14,000 hours of airtime, 10,000+ print articles, 15,000+ unique web links within just four years – against His Divine Holiness, against the sacred Hindu ideologies such as the tradition of ‘Guru’ and ‘Sanyas’ (Hindu monkhood), the Hindu lifestyle and symbols. The attack turned even those with faith into agnostics or indifferent toward their own Hindu tradition as conspired.

Across the various channels, this graph shows the number of days that they were channels. 

U.S. Expert Video Analysis Prove Video FALSE, FAKE

THE FAKE VIDEO was the fire starter for the most inhuman persecution on His Divine Holiness, which was AIRED NON STOP by the Mainstream Media to assassinate His Divine Holiness, was proven FALSE by top forensic experts. It is solely riding on this false video the Media produced massive atrocity material and conducted the trial of illegally proving Him guilty.

UNENDING MEDIA CRIMES: The crimes of Media did not end there. Even after the top U.S. Forensic Reports were officially sent to all the Media houses in March 2012 from the Public Relations Office representing His Divine Holiness, the MEDIA IGNORED THE TRUTH! Not a single media house showed the TRUTH OF THE FALSE VIDEO; thereby the media proved its demoniac nexus with Extremist Hindu Militant Elements. 

The Media which illegally aired the false videos for months and years causing irreparable damage to His Divine Holiness, his organization, and His followers and well wishers – did not even care to apologize or acknowledge the TRUTH! How could they? They are running the biggest criminal houses in the name of ‘media’ through the broadcasting medium manipulating and controlling billions of people! 

Video Expert Analysis Reports from USA

U.S. Forensic Expert Reports state Video was Morphed: 60 technical points proven

March 6, 2012: According to Four highly credible forensic video experts from USA, whose opinions are highly valued, the video is false and there is no possibility of it being true. 

Following are some of the conclusions from the Expert Video Analysis Reports, after thorough analysis of the video on all technical grounds:

  1. Edward Joe, 27+ years experience in audio and video forensic analysis court expert in USA, Registered Investigator (RI), Primeau Productions Inc.
  1. Video is not authentic and real. It is altered.
  2. Grossly edited and altered series of defamatory videos.
  3. No audio so that the video cannot be authenticated by forensic voice identification to help identifying the persons in the video.
  4. Video images layered on top of each other.
  5. Video composite layering
  6. Unusual aspect ratio – 704 x 496 is further proof of alteration
  7. Ends abruptly and appears to be cut off proving it was edited or tampered.

2. David Notowitz, Forensic Video Expert in USA , Los Angeles Superior Court Expert Witness, National Center for Audio and Video Forensics

  1. Chain of Evidence
  1. “Video was allegedly taken December 23-25, 2009 and it emerged to the public March 2, 2010. What happened to the video during that time? We donʼt know. The chain in this case was broken — not only little but extremely — because we donʼt have a trustworthy guardian of the video for over two months. During that time all kinds of digital manipulation may have been applied.”
  2. No audio –  All devices have the function of recording audio too. Why not this device?”
  3. Unexplained start and stop

3. Bryan Neumeister, Certified Federal, US District, State, Department of Justice, Civil & Aviation Forensic Expert, 31 Years Professional Experience, USA Forensic Audio & Video Labs.

Video is fake – There are questions as to whether the video could have been faked. The simple answer is. Yes, quite simply. With today’s roto-scoping faces on stunt person in the motion picture industry commonplace, the technology is available for anyone with a little knowledge and a mid-range home computer to be able to render scenes like these.”

[Please refer Appendix No. 2 for – Attack on Paramahamsa Nithyananda by Indian media – 60 points proven]





The First Media Attack: the Fabricated Video is Released by the Conspirators

2nd March 2010, 8pm, Sun Television Channel began running scrolls of a breaking news. 

2nd March 2010 – The Sun Television network, the popular regional television channel at the time, had been chosen to be the first to release the fabricated obscene video as the first sting in the saga of persecution against His Divine Holiness. This video would lay the ground for justification propaganda of 8 years of religious persecution, murder, genocidal attacks and gross human rights violation.

On this graph it can be seen that particularly on the date of the release
of the fake obscene video (March 2nd 2010), the total airtime peaked

The video release which would be the foundation of a grand sinister plan, required an equally sinister strategy for presentation. It was an obscene video made using body models, and the face of the male actor had been swapped with His Divine Holiness’ picture and the face of the female actor had been replaced with a famous actress’ picture. In the years to follow, the technology evolved – to be called deep-fake.

Using DeepFake technology, any visual can be morphed to misrepresent and malign public figures. Above is an example of exactly how a picture can be drastically morphed. 

The morphed quality of the fabricated video was not convincing. In the several portions of the fake video there was no expression on the characters’ face. Certain portions of the video had green distortions due to chroma key errors. The refresh rate of the TV Screen pictured in the video was inconsistent due to the way it was morphed. The video was dramatized to divert the attention of the viewer from the morphing defects.

Another interesting fact was that the actress in the video, although popular had not done any films in the last few years. Public memory had to be refreshed to remind them who the actress was. Following was the plan for the dramatization and consecutive programming of the viewers:

  1. Sun TV started the release like a movie trailer.
  2. First they aired a movie of the actress and announced that the actress’ next movie was going to be released.
  3. People were expecting a new movie release to happen.
  4. After sometime, they started airing the “breaking news”, showing blurred scenes of the actress in the fabricated obscene video.
  5. The trailer stated – the name of the actress starts with “R” – every means was used to increase the suspense, buzz and TRP (target rating point).
  6. Then, the fabricated obscene video was played, as if it was a shocking exposé.

Programming Public Opinion

Confusion reaction was the response from the masses. Certain percentage of people objected to a Sanyasi being portrayed in a sexual manner, many of them did not see any sexual misconduct or rape. However, more than 14,000 hours of derogatory material has got aired since the release of the fake video in order to programme a public opinion for the fake video. It was done through repeated and continuous projection of fabricated and derogatory material on television and in print media. 

This sensational attack on the character of Paramahamsa Nithyananda was the outbreak of a criminal conspiracy to assassinate Him. The extremist Hindu forces destroyed the social reputation of His Divine Holiness. The character assassination done to him through this video led to bigger serious life threatening assassination attempts by incited mobsters. A direct violation of several United Nations Human Rights, this act violates the right to life, liberty and security of person (Article 3), the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty (Article 11) Additionally, no one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation (Article 12).


Character Assassination- Media made False Allegation on a Humanitarian, labeled him as a ‘Sandalwood Smuggler’   

Followed by brutal character assassination of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda using a fabricated video, another false allegation about illegal storage of sandalwood is sensationalised by DNA, a yellow tabloid. It is clear that physical and psychological isolation was enforced to His Divine Holiness through multi pronged attacks. Hindu Extremist Groups generated this atrocity material to justify illegal arrest of His Divine Holiness. 


4 March 2010 – It was falsely stated that the Aadheenam was breaking the law by illegally storing sandalwood, which is restricted and requires a license. The media falsely reported that sandalwood was seized from the Aadheenam and was being illegally stored there


The truth is, rare sandalwood trees have been growing naturally in and around the Bengaluru Aadheenam for several centuries maybe even thousands of years. Bengaluru Aadheenam was a snake park (and even before that a forest) when His Divine Holiness made it into headquarters for his international mission. As part of the planned character-assassination of His Divine Holiness, the conspirators sent thieves to enter the campus, cut the sandalwood trees and leave a part of the logs purposely lying inside the premise to project that smuggling is underway. When Aadheenam administrators saw the cut logs, they immediately informed the Forest Department which is a standard procedure. The forest department officials ignored it as a minor issue. 

It may look as another one of the frivolous cases. That is not true. Laws related to sandalwood smuggling are non-bailable. It is not a coincidence. It was a planned strategy to get His Divine Holiness arrested and keep Him arrested for as long as possible until they are able to get a false confession of crime from Him by use of different torture techniques. Even if the arrest happened because of a frivolous case related to sandalwood, it would be suppressed and it would be projected in the media that the arrest was due to some kind of ‘sex scandal.’ The cunning strategy of using specially selected non-bailable (NBW) category or false complaints, and media justification propaganda worked and conspirators were able to get Him arrested and prolong His arrest and torture Him. Several of these false cases continue over almost a decade, and His Divine Holiness is facing the persecution relentlessly. It is of the best interest of the state to let the persecution continue, because the state is neck deep into this conspiracy and corruption.

Fullhyderabad.com, 4 March 2010: Hyderabad based online media house updates the story of His Divine Holiness with more lies


It was excruciatingly painful for devotees and followers to read new false allegations against their beloved Guru everyday. His Divine Holiness was relentlessly working for uplifting humanity. It was heartbreaking to see His name projected as  ‘Sandalwood Smuggler’ and abused constantly. There were speculations and rumours all around. The devotees could only pray day and night for His safe come back. 

The social reputation, dignity, freedom of f His Divine Holiness was attacked and His and very life is under constant risk. He was proven guilty by media even before judiciary could decide on Him. It was blatant violation of human rights as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (article 1,  3 and 11). 

Law regarding Sandalwood Trees

The Indian sandalwood tree (Santalum album) is perhaps the planet’s most expensive wood, because of its cosmetic and therapeutic value.  But the current production across the world accounts for only one-fourth of the global market demand. This has resulted in smuggling and theft of sandalwood. Short supply coupled with high demand led to a steep rise in sandalwood prices between 2002 to 2007. Over exploitation has damaged the wood resulting in blanket ban in many countries.

Growing sandalwood by individuals was banned until 2002. Today, we can grow the trees but it is illegal to cut and harvest the wood, use it or sell it in the open market. Permission is required from the State Forest Department, which sends its officials to cut the tree and buy the sandalwood. (To frame His Divine Holiness in a violation of this law, the thieves were sent to cut the tree and leave the logs lying behind in the premise.)

For conservation and prevention of over exploitation of sandalwood trees there are several legislations passed in various parts of the world. Likewise, in Karnataka, Section 87 (1) of the Karnataka Forest Act 1963 describes the “licence for possession storage, sale or disintegration of Sandalwood.” Most laws related to sandalwood are non-bailable. For this reason alone such frivolous cases were filed against Him.


The following is the Notice from the Forest Department to His Divine Holiness:

Sandalwood 34/2010-11                                   

Assistant Forest Officer

Ramanagara Sub Division

Date: 26.4.2010



Paramahamsa Nithyananda

33 years, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam

Nithyanandapuri, Bangalore – Mysore Highway

Bidadi Ramanagara Taluk, Jilla

Subject: Regarding Nithyananda ashram possessing 70 kg of sandalwood enquiry and attendance for enquiry


  1.       Ramanagara area forest crime No.: 30/2009 dt. 03.03.2010
  2.       U/A Sum Ramanagar letter No.: A2/FOC 30/KV-30/2009-10/31D 16/4/2010

With relation to above subject, Ramanagara area forest officers on 03.03.2010 according to Karnataka Act 1963 and Rule 1969 have filed a case No. 30/2009. For this, on date 07.04.2010, you need to be present in the court with the documents of possessing 70 kg  sandalwood.

Assistant Forest Officer

Subdivision Ramanagar


Response of His Divine Holiness to the summons:

Sandalwood 34/2010-11                                           

Date: May 14 2010

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam

Nithyanandapuri, Kallugopahalli,

Off Mysore Road,

Bidadi, Bangalore-562109


Assistant Forest Officer

Ramanagara Sub Division

Subject: Regarding Nithyananda ashram possessing 70 kg of sandalwood enquiry and attendance for enquiry


Ramanagara area forest crime No.: 30/2009

With relation to the above subject, we received a letter (enclosed) dated 26 April 2010, asking for Sri Nithyananda Swami to be present on 17 May 2010. Sri Nithyananda Swami is in judicial custody and hence cannot be present as told by the Forest department.

We would hence like to request a date in June.

Thanking you

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam 

In the following court petition, the Forest Range department informs that on the basis of hearing that there are forest animals inside the Bengaluru Aadheenam, they will be conducting a search. However, their source of finding out this information is not cited. sandal1

sandal 2
sandal 3


Continuous Sexualization of the Image of a Hindu Saint by Indian Media

As a part of character assassination campaign by media against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, just 2 days after the release of the fake video (2nd March), Deccan Chronicle publishes more lies. Without verifying the facts, they boldly claim through ‘unnamed sources’ that ‘More sleazy tapes coming’ and falsely state that the fake video is comprehensively tested to be true which is a utter lie. It is impossible for any comprehensive video test to be done within a day.

4 March 2010: 


  • On 2nd March 2010 the infamous fake video was aired in the television.
  • This article dated 3rd March 2010 by Deccan Chronicle, citing an ‘unknown official’ source claims – that they have no doubt absolutely regarding the authenticity of the first tape, that they have tested it comprehensively. 

This claim is absolutely unfounded because the CID sources themselves did not test the video on 3rd March 2010. It is not possible to do any testing of the video in just 1 day after its release. And several months later, only in November 2010, the video report was out by the FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory, Delhi). And, even that report was inconclusive and could not be taken as any evidence. 

The CFSL received the video some time in May 2010 and the Chennai police received the video on 4th of March 2010. Between 25th December 2009 and 4th March 2010, nobody knows the whereabouts of this video and for any video to be called evidence there is something known as a chain of custody. A laboratory should be in the position to pinpoint where this video was between 25th of December 2009 and the 4th of March 2010. The laboratory had no such information because it was unknown where this video was during this period. 

So, it is a baseless lie to state that the fabricated video was tested in 1 day time.

  • The article lies that – ‘people behind “sting operation’ are ready with 2 more CDs’, ‘‘more shocking revelations are in the pipeline’. This is just speculation to create a public hate campaign on His Divine Holiness. TIll date (2018), there has been only 1 fabricated video that was conspired and aired. 
  • VIDEO PROVEN FAKE: It was proven that the video was fake through 60 technically analysed findings by 4 highly credible USA Forensic Experts, who have given detailed analysis proving its morphing. 
  • Although, Deccan Chronicle claimed that the source of their information is authentic, they do not cite their “so-called source”, exploiting vulnerable readers by feeding them with sensational news. 

It is alarming that this fabricated article came from the second biggest English daily, Deccan Chronicle in Karnataka with a readership of around 8 lakhs (800,000 ) readers. The Hindu Militant Extremists have adopted a strategy of incessantly attacking through the proxy of mainstream media, thereby blatantly violating clause (2) of Article 19 of Constitution of India which defines the restrictions in freedom of Speech (and Press).

By relentlessly attacking Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s character, they directly violated article 12 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which protects attacks upon a person’s honour and reputation.

Deccan Chronicle, 4 March 2010: This article claims authenticity of the fake video without any substantiated proof. It also falsely claims that there are more. 


Fake interview with Tamil actress incriminates Paramahamsa Nithyananda 

Kumudam Reporter, concocted a fake interview with the Tamil actress portrayed in the fake video. The seventeen-page-article was published with the intent of creating public hate towards Paramahamsa Nithyananda so as to isolate and eliminate Him. 

In the wake of the release of the fake video on His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda with a Tamil actress, the media went on a crusade to defame Him among the masses. Lie after lie, they published derogatory articles depicting His Divine Holiness as a threat to society. They ran a systematic hate campaign against Him, generating massive amounts of atrocity material, to character assassinate him, denying His human dignity. In collusion with Hindu Extremist Militant groups, their intention was to completely eliminate His Divine Holiness and His mission. 

Tamil tabloid Kumudam Reporter cooks up 17-page interview with actress Ranjitha

Kumudam Reporter was amongst the most vicious and abusive of the media outlets. It repeatedly published blatantly fabricated stories as undeniable fact, to create a programmed confusion amongst public, to paralyse the decision making of His Divine Holiness, to distract and confuse the opinions of even His devotees. Thus, they isolated Him not only from society but even His own supporters. 

Kumudam Reporter, utilizing its yellow journalistic tactics, cooked up the interview, naming it: ‘Actress Ranjitha’s Sensational Interview’. Seventeen pages of the magazine were dedicated to this interview which had elaborate defamatory lies and false stories, stating that she confessed to the genuinity of the fake video. 


  • Ranjitha was not even in Kerala while this article falsely claims that it tracked her down in Kerala and got the interview. Ranjitha was in United States.  
  • While they never once talked to her, just to make the article more realistic, they go into such details of lies that – how hurt she was with the whole situation! 
  • The Actress has filed a defamation suit on the said magazine in the Indian courts.

Manipulating the Public – Mixing Truth with Lies

In the article, Kumudam Reporter cooked  up details of what was supposedly said by the Actress – including a fake confession. They took her answers from other media appearances, and mixed it with their own lies and projections of the event. Moreover, it was shown that the actress was immensely hurt by the actions of His Divine Holiness which is a complete lie. They created their own questions and answers in the name of an interview. This is a complete violation of the journalistic ethic of “Truth and Accuracy”. 

Rights to Express Himself Denied

Ignorant readers would naturally believe this fake interview and  doubt His Divine Holiness as a liar and predator. The atrocity material generated by mainstream media was so voluminous that He was completely denied this platform to tell His side of the story – the truth. Masses never got to know His side of story. Inseminating hatred towards someone based on their religious views is a direct violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19, which gives every individual the right to freely express their views without interference.

The resulting ‘Isolation’

As a result, the masses were programmed and manipulated to socially boycott His Divine Holiness and His devotees, with a motive to isolate Him completely. By ostracizing Him, the Hindu Extremist nexus is able to execute their strategic plot to eliminate Him

Kumudam Reporter, 10 March 2010: the concocted 12-page interview which got published to malign the name of actress Ms. Ranjitha and His Divine Holiness


Justification Propaganda – Times Now, Dhanya fabricates a confession of crime 

TIMES NOW promised to telecast a live interview with His Divine Holiness but the telecast was completely edited and twisted into a false confession which violates the fundamental UN human rights declaration under article 11.1 that declares – any man is presumed innocent till proven guilty and has all guarantees necessary for His defence.

Despite being lethally attacked by mobs over 10 times in three days, His Divine Holiness continued his responsibility to be at the Kumbh Mela which began on March 10, 2010. The Kumbh Mela is the largest spiritual gathering where Hindus all over the world traveled to Haridwar and participated in The Shahi Snan (Holy Bath in the sacred River Ganga) and other grand processions showcasing the different bodies of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, including the various Akhadas (Spiritual Hindu Organisations), and demonstrating extraordinary yogic powers. During the Kumbh Mela, the heads of Akhadas come together to participate in the grand spiritual event as well as to discuss and resolve contemporary issues faced by practicing Hindus and strategize expansion plans. His Divine Holiness, being the top most spiritual guardian, was expected to convene the meeting. 

While His Divine Holiness was participating in the Kumbh Mela, the secretaries of His Divine Holiness received  requests for an interview by many news channels. After much betrayal and blackmail by media, especially by Sun network, the secretaries to His Divine Holiness were wary of any association with the media at the given juncture. However, Times Now Television Channel insisted that it wanted to show a live interview of His Divine Holiness which would share the truth with the whole world.  


Times Now said that the live video would ensure that His Divine Holiness’s words reached the public without any misrepresentation. They presented a promising opportunity of ending the saga of deadly, negative, fake media coverage going across the nation against His Divine Holiness. The secretaries to His Divine Holiness, considering Times Now as a leading national channel, were convinced that this would be the necessary platform for Him to directly reach out to the nation and establish the truth. 

When the interview got over, Ms. Dhanya Rajendran-Times Now reporter, convinced His Divine Holiness that they had technical issues in telecasting and recorded the interview committing to telecast the interview as it is. 


Only after the interview got filmed and broadcasted across national television channels, the diabolical intentions of Times Now became known. While Times Now had promised a live telecast, it aired the recorded interview  with its own superimposed false texts and completely fabricated content.

Strategic character assassination done by Dhanya Rajendran

Watch https://youtu.be/QPsc6Yblhp4

The secretaries had no clue that the Times Now interview was intended as ulterior motives to be as a lethal weapon to assassinate the character of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and erase the last shred of benefit of doubt in the minds of the people towards His Divine Holiness. It also destroyed the first and last hope of His Divine Holiness to convey the truth to the world through mainstream media. 

The interview was the first public clarification of His Divine Holiness on the morphed video. The entire nation was waiting to hear. Clinching its huge captive audience, Times Now executed its true agenda, shocking the secretaries beyond words. 

Media uses different Propaganda Techniques  

Times Now used these agendas in order to tactfully attempt the execution of His Divine Holiness:

  1. Classical Conditioning
    • Falsely leveraging and aligning the known reactions (based on research in field of evolution and psychology) of the news audience to a target person in a derogatory way. 
  2. Appeal to prejudice 
    • People have a certain pre-existing bias towards various aspects. Presenting content which is leveraging that to appeal to the audience and thus convincing them on the false idea being presented by the channel.
  3. Agenda setting
    • Irrespective of the actual fact, inserting the agenda and presenting the agenda with the news being just an excuse to present the agenda.
  4. Face Framing
    • Leveraging the bias that people have, that they believe what is said by people with good appearance, and have bias for people with a distorted facial composure (cartoonifying His Divine Holiness’ face as can be seen by the comparison between the footage shown by TImes Now versus the footage recorded by the residents of the Aadheenam).  

The BLATANT LIES of Times Now

The broadcasting of Dhanya Rajendran’s interview with His Divine Holiness was not telecasted as a live interview as it was promised. It was a maliciously engineered news item. The headlines screamed: “TIMES NOW MANAGED TO TRACK DOWN SWAMI NITHYANANDA IN HARIDWAR” His Divine Holiness was maliciously portrayed as a ‘criminal on the run’. His Divine Holiness had already made a public statement that He was going to the Kumbh Mela to fulfill His responsibilities as the Mahamandaleshwar of the Mahanirvani Akhada (A spiritual Organisation). The expectation was that Times Now will reach out to people. With the opening headline itself, the expectation collapsed. 

Further, while His Divine Holiness was elaborately explaining how the video was a morphed misrepresentation of Him, and that there was a conspiracy behind the unfolding events, Times Now displayed a foxy bold headline posing to be a quote: “YES IT’S ME IN THE VIDEO!” – a completely fabricated line that cunningly overshadowed His words and made the viewer pre-suppose that He is confessing.

‘Cartoonifying’- yet another media ‘visual misrepresentation’ technique

The footage of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda broadcasted live on TV compared to the footage taken by one of the secretaries of Paramahamsa Nithyananda shows that there was deliberate manipulation in the video of His Divine Holiness’ skin and facial proportions. 

The manipulation: 

  • The deliberate setting of the camera at an inappropriate angle on the face of His Divine Holiness so that his facial features appear cartoonish. It shows a wider forehead and a wider jaw.
  • In the footage from Times Now, the lighting you can see is centered around His Divine Holiness’ head, as if manipulated by technology. After making the face cartoonish, they are highlighting it with a halo behind it. 
  • Tampering with the visuals of the footage is clearly done with very specific agenda.


The second photo is of His Divine Holiness taken from the home camera of His Divine Holiness’ secretary in which his facial proportions are normal and the lighting is distributed evenly across his face and in the background. 

It became obvious that no media was looking for the truth. It only wanted ‘footage’ to cover its already conspired prepaid headlines.

The continuous  strategic negative propaganda by Times Now was an open media trial by which His Divine Holiness was convicted guilty and deprived Him of the fundamental Human Right of being innocent until proven guilty forever.


Another Real Victim of Media’s atrocious lies – Actress Yuvarani 

Notorious newspaper Deccan Chronicle leveraged on the existing black propaganda around His Divine Holiness by viciously dragging another actress name to invent false malicious headline- Act II: Godman caught on camera again! 

The cunning strategy which was used by Deccan chronicle in this blatantly notorious and atrocious headline and narration is exposed below:

  • This time they don’t even need to create another atrocious fabricated video, just playing with words and tapping into already programmed minds of the readers is enough.
  • There is an already existing huge media propaganda about a fabricated video with a popular actress which has programmed the opinions of the readers. Taking advantage of the programmed minds of the readers, Deccan chronicle invents an article involving another actress, not even needing a fabricated video this time!!! Just mere headlines and narration will do. Also, when it says “Act II” in the headlines, people will automatically relate to it taking the earlier fabricated video as “Act I”. The rest of it is automatic in the minds of people; it is programmed. 
  • This article was supported by Youtube videos. If you observe, it is a thirty-second video. The first 10 seconds of the video shows an obscene video featuring neither Yuvarani nor Paramahamsa Nithyananda; it is showing some third party sleaze. The second ten seconds of the video is a slideshow of an independent movie of the actress Yuvarani. The third ten seconds show pictures of His Divine Holiness seated on throne delivering a satsang!! All the three videos are completely delinked, connected only by the notorious and porn-implying headlines and narrations. This fabricated video was complained against and was asked to be removed by actress Yuvarani.
  • The same strategy was used several times with other actresses to establish that there are hundreds of victims. In reality, there are real victims but of black  propaganda by media.
First 10 seconds of the video shows an obscene footage of some third partiesSecond 10 seconds of the video shows a slideshow of pictures of actress YuvaraniThird 10 seconds of the video shows His Divine Holiness sitting while delivering a satsang.
In this way the media victimizes the actress through its propaganda

The whole propaganda of Deccan Chronicle is to generate mass public hate through the sexualization of the character of His Divine Holiness. This “trial by media” infringes on the Human Rights of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, who has right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty (Article 11). 

25 March 2010_act II godman caught on camera again

Deccan Chronicle, 25 March 2010: Though there was no second tape at all, the media publishes blatant lies


Police Atrocity in Media: Open Solicitation of False Victims by Police

In a desperate and inhumane move to justify their case against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the police solicited anyone from the public to testify against Him, offering to pay for all their expenses including travel costs. The criminal nexus between the media and the Crime Investigation Department is evident. They used print news, social media, and mass media for this blatant “advertisement for victims.” No victim ever came out.

March 09 2010

In this article, the media carries ‘the call of the Crime Investigation Department’ for victims of Paramahamsa Nithyananda to come forward (after false rape charges have been slapped on Him!). 


  • This is a completely unprecedented move in India’s judicial history by the Crime Investigation Department (CID). They offered to pay for the “travel expenses” of the victim, should the victim come forward. This is a tactic to offer money to anyone who will play the role of a victim. It is a subtle advertisement for a victim in the section which garners the most readership.
  • Why would such a preposterous call by the Crime Investigation Department not feature in the paid advertisement column? Why is it featuring as a regular article?
  • This kind of paid article costs above 5 lac Rupees (above $7200). 
  • They made it seem as though the victim is hiding somewhere, and that they are reaching out to them to confess. However, the reality is that it is a subtle call for anyone to step up as a false victim, with promises of ample compensation for their efforts. 

Making a mockery of the entire justice system, the police advertised for victims in the newspaper and social media in order to detain His Divine Holiness for more time in prison. Devotees were devastated to see the atrocity done to their beloved Guru.

News Clips, 29th March 2010: An open bid for Victim, CID chief open call for post of Victim, promising pay. The headlines say – “Paisa feko, tamasha dekho” – literal meaning – “Throw money, and watch the drama show.” Implying bribe fake witnesses and witness the fake trial.

This entire trial through media denied His Divine Holiness the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty as per Universal Declaration of Human Rights (article 11). 


Media Hellbent on blowing Black propaganda against Paramahamsa Nithyananda

A yellow journal, Deccan Herald Newspaper, published obscene lies  about having two more CD’s citing the name of the conspirator and criminal, Lenin Karuppan. It was a brutal attack on His Divine Holiness which was done through fatal lies. The purpose was to psychologically isolate and  defame him as a hated criminal among masses.

3 April 2010 – Having a subscribership of 5.6 million, Deccan Herald grossly violates the journalistic integrity and commits the crime of programming millions of people against Hindu Gurus. Breaking all journalistic regulatory norms, this newspaper sensationalises false news consistently to assassinate the public image of His Divine Holiness, isolating Him from His devotees and the public. This atrocity caused unbearable trauma and pain to His followers who watch helplessly from the sidelines.

Deccan Herald published an article titled, “Godman Whistleblower Has 2 More CDs” which was a fabricated lie and clearly exposed the undercurrent of persecution against His Divine Holiness in Mainstream Media.

Below is an extract of the article.

Deccan Herald_Apr 3 2010_Pg 1_Godman whistleblower has 2 more CDs_Bangalore

Deccan Herald, 3rd April 2010 sides Lenin Karuppan, habitual sex offender and falsely claims 2 more CD under his sleeve which never came out 

This article clearly shows the reporter has made no attempt to research the truth or verify content before publishing. The reporter says that Lenin, the “whistleblower” of this article has two more CDs. Lenin Karuppan himself responded to this article that he did not say that and he was misquoted.  Despite this, Deccan Herald audaciously publicized a manipulated news. This may look like an incident in isolation however it is a planned conspiracy to blow the Black Propaganda.

Adding on, the magnitude of air time and space which got used by Mainstream Media to inhumanly sabotage a spiritually powerful Hindu Guru speaks volumes about the gravity of the threat which Sanatana Hindu Dharma (Hinduism) faces today. In a country where fearless journalism and the freedom of the press has been so highly valued, it is unfortunate that Mainstream Media is facilitator in the execution of the ruthless crimes against Hindu Gurus and has become an instrument to persecute them. 

Deccan Herald relentlessly tarnished and decimated the public image of His Divine Holiness, isolating Him from His followers. Coming as a threat to His very safety, Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is violated. 


‘The Hindu’ Newspaper creates Programmed Confusion and Impostor Content 

“The Hindu” makes false accusations and presents it as news as a part of its agenda to persecute His Divine Holiness. 

7 April 2011 –  With a seemingly neutral headline, The Hindu sneaks in unverified rumors and lies about His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda by mixing fact, fiction and atrocious lies together, leaving the reader into a state of programmed confusion where anything can be fed to his gullible mind. This article brings out the cunning agenda of “The Hindu”.

Fiction and Atrocious Lies by “THE HINDU”FACT
Swamiji is in the news after television networks aired footage of him and a Chennai-based actor seen together in a room in ashram in Bidadi near Bangalore. “The Hindu” is referring to the fabricated obscene video of His Divine Holiness which was created to character assassinate Him.How is ‘The Hindu’ claiming the exact whereabouts of the fabricated footage that was aired? Is it implying that it is involved in the ‘alleged’ video filming so as to know such details of the ‘room in ashram’?This is FALSE unverified claims and breaches the basic journalistic code of ethics to do TRUE factual reporting. 
The Swamiji and the actor were filmed in a compromising position by the Swamiji’s former car driver Lenin.The video was a composite layered video where two seperate footage were overlaid to give a illusion that two characters were simultaneously present in the video. People intuitively knew that the video was fake, but media houses like ‘The Hindu’ continued programming the masses to believe otherwise.
TRUTH: US based forensic agencies which are employed by FBI, gave 60 points to show that the video is fake. They have analyzed and given a conclusive report- Video is not authentic and real. It is altered.Grossly edited and altered series of defamatory videos.No audio so that the video cannot be authenticated by forensic voice identification to help identifying the persons in the video.Video images layered on top of each other.Video is made using composite layering
The car driver later filed a complaint before the Chennai police alleging that he was threatened into handing over the tapes containing footage of the Swamiji with actor. The person shown as an “car driver” had actually swindled Rs. 1 crore ( $153,000 USD) from the donations. In 2001-2005 he was involved in a scam of selling magnetic beds for sexual pleasure for which he was in prison for a brief period. Meanwhile, he got friendly with Police and through it got into the criminal network who later used him to infiltrate aadheenam as spy. Lenin was a habitual sex offender. Even in aadheenam, he had molested and raped woman. He was expelled by the administration. The most important fact that the newspaper had conveniently suppressed was that he filed the false complaint in the same police station where he got  arrested for his magnetic sex bed scam. Since he already had relationship with police there. Another important point is that the complaint was filed in the location which was 300 KMs far from Aadheenam as well as his hometown!!! It was a complete breach of jurisdiction laws. To cover this up the complaint had to transferred from Chennai to Bengaluru. This itself exposes the illegality of the entire proceedings.
The State, on its part, objected the quashing of proceedings. It filed a statement of objections .. saying that Swamiji had nowhere in the petition denied the offences of which he is accused.  
Swamiji had appeared on TV and that he had not denied that person shown on video shoot by Lenin is not him. 
FACT:  When His Divine Holiness had filed a criminal petition before the Karnataka High Court for QUASHING the proceedings initiated against him, and no crime had taken place, no victim or complaint made by the actor, he is making a loud and clear statement that He is denying all the false allegations. It is shocking to see how cunningly the newspaper suppressed this! 
The newspaper further suppressed the fact that in several interviews His Divine Holiness had categorically denied all false allegations.
Aliga, an inmate of ashram was admitted to hospital after he tried committing suicide by consuming pills… The article suddenly inserts this FALSE SUICIDE story in middle, to just program confusion and hate, to then easily prove its point about the State persecuting His Divine Holiness.

THE HINDU newspaper cunningly uses sophisticated tactics of ‘Yellow Journalism’ – by mixing pervert journalism, certain facts and then giving a blatant LIES to support them.

Yellow journalism at its peak, the media uses imposter content tactics used to discredit His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and showcase Him as a person who is silently accepting the crime by ‘not denying’ it. Assassinating His character this way in the media, is a denial of human dignity and rights and free development of personality (articles 1 and 22 universal declaration of human rights).

The Hindu_07 Apr 2010_Pg 5_State files objections in Nithyananda case_Bangalore

The Hindu, 4th April 2010: Presents sophisticated lies mixed with court news, and positions a false case against His Divine Holiness.


From One Fake Video to 30 Tapes – The Blatant Lies in DNA Newspaper

A yellow journal, DNA newspaper published a blatant lie stating that 30 more tapes from Lenin Karuppan (the habitual sex offender and criminal) are sent to CID (Crime Investigation Department). Without any evidence or reliable source, the readers were programmed to make a faulty generalisation that there were more tapes, which did not exist. A clear case of psychologically isolating His Divine Holiness through fatal lies and defamation to make him a hated criminal against public and His own followers. 

8 April 2010 – In the case against Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a fake video was aired on a Tamil television channel on March 2nd, 2010 as a planned strategy to assassinate His character and eventually kill him. Following this, a trial-by-media ensued as all types of accusations were hurled at Him, much like this article by DNA newspaper. 

FALSE CLAIM: The article begins with a defamatory headline – ‘Nithya is entangled in more tapes’. The article goes on to claim that 30 tapes were sent to the CID.

FACT: No other tapes were ever found, examined or produced before the court at any point of time. The existence of one fake tape makes it easier for readers to generalise that there were 30 tapes.

DNA has a readership of 15,06,000 readers in Mumbai alone. With such  a vast readership, DNA grossly violates journalistic integrity and commits the crime of programming millions of people against Hindu Gurus. Breaking all journalistic regulatory norms, this newspaper sensationalises false news consistently to assassinate the public image of His Divine Holiness, isolating Him from His devotees and the public. 

Through this character assassination, they denied the human dignity and the free development of the Personality of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa declared in Article 1 and 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by United Nations.

fake news

DNA, 8 April 2010: DNA falsely claims that there are 30 more tapes to capitalize on faulty generalisation by the masses


Black Propaganda Leading to the Demise of Sanatana Hindu Dharma

Similar to media during the Jewish Holocaust that created material mocking the Jews, New Indian Express creates a satirical piece at the expense of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, hurting the religious sentiments of millions of Hindus across the globe.

Ridicule to Ostracize His Divine Holiness

9 April 2010 – A satirical piece written by The Indian Express is nothing but atrocity material generation in the name of humour, against Sanatana Hindu Dharma itself. Criticizing one guru becomes equal to criticizing all of them – seeing one Hindu guru in bad light generalizes the bad opinion to all gurus. During the Jewish Holocaust the Nazis were relentless in publishing propaganda & hate material towards the Jews and their religious leaders, which is happening in a much similar fashion to the modern day Hindu gurus.

Although this one article may seem meaningless, it is piece to a larger puzzle to humiliate and trash the very name of ‘guru’ and ‘Paramahamsa Nithyananda.’ And like the decision to hunt down and kill the Jews, the propaganda in India is being strategically used to justify the same deadly & violent acts against Hindu gurus, violating even the most basic of UN Human rights, including the Right to Freedom & Equality (Article 1) and No Discrimination (Article 2, 7). To some, these articles may seem funny and light, but in actuality, this kind of humour and informal tone has the most powerful impact in influencing any reader’s mind.


New Indian Express, 9 April 2010: Entertains audiences with a satirical piece which degrades gurus and hindu monks


Deccan Herald encashes on Stigmatized Subjects and Fabricated Evidence

Deccan Herald yet again misleads vulnerable readers with fabricated content through sexualized taboo article. It uses this kind of headlines “Godman’s Tantric Sex Practices Exposed” as justification propaganda for the inciting public hate and subsequent mob lynches against His Divine Holiness and His followers. 

13 April 2010: 


  • His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is leading the largest order of Hindu monks (called Sannyas Sampradaya) as the spiritual head (Mahamandaleshwara) of the Mahanirvani, the largest apex body of Sanatana Hindu Dharma (Hinduism) with 10 million celibate monks. 
  • His Divine Holiness is a born celibate monk. It has been medically proven that the testosterone level found during a medical test conducted by the court order, was found to be 12.50 ng/dL of testosterone. His male hormonal levels are of a 6 year old child. Even in US courts, the highly credential FBI experts who analyzed his medial reports concluded  the same. 

(link: http://nithyanandatruth.org/2014/10/04/yogi-beyond-gender-potency-test-prove-that-paramahamsa-nithyananda-is-impotent/ )

  • The purpose of the entire propaganda was to silently inject doubt and hate in millions of citizens towards His Divine Holiness and all Hindu monks.
  • The non-disclosure agreement, which the reporter is referring to, is non-existent. There are only two people in the whole world who claimed to have signed this: (1) the first person was the fake rape accuser, Aarthi Rao (1) the second, the fake rape accuser, Vinay Bharadwaj who was a convicted four-time child rapist, imprisoned for 4.5 years. Both of these people were thoroughly discredited by various court verified evidences from the United States for their false allegations and fined over one million dollars each for their crimes.
  • It is important to question: why would somebody commit a crime and purposefully leave a piece of evidence which would incriminate them? Who would benefit from this Non Disclosure Agreement if it existed? Only the false rape accusers – so they forged some documents and publicized it in the media to destroy His Divine Holiness  and His entire mission He stands for. 

Furthermore, out of its already baseless false content, 

  • the reporter straightaway titles the article saying, “Tantra sex practices exposed!” manipulating the readers to believe through its emphatic declaration that the agreement does exist. 
  • By using the word ‘exposed’, the reporter is by default making a fabricated article perceived as a real incident. 
  • By using socially taboo words like “tantra” and “sex” in the title, it is a clear ploy to sexualize and tarnish the character of the Hindu celibate monk. 

A spiritual figure constantly being sexualized by media, in a society which stigmatizes sex, will be hated and forever publicly scorned. It was a direct attack on the safety of His Divine Holiness and His followers who have been facing mobs attacks that media incites. 

The media’s publication is a direct violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as recognized by the United Nations. It specifically violates the right to be innocent until proven guilty (Article 11) and the right to have the security of equal rights and dignity ( article 1). 

Deccan Herald_Apr 13 2010_Pg 4_Godmans tantra sex practices exposed_Bangalore

Deccan Herald, 13 April 2010: Deccan Herald directly character assassinates the Hindu celibate monk and the tradition. 


DNA Maliciously Manipulates Public Opinion on Paramahamsa Nithyananda

DNA chooses an opportune time to post an opinion on celibacy and spirituality positioning His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda as an enemy of the human family. An obvious effort to sway public opinion against Him. The article also discounts the Indian Judicial System.

16 April 2010 – Paid media is successfully doing its job of generating and spreading atrocity material on Sanatana Hindu Dharma and its Gurus. As part of the criminal conspiracy against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a ‘scandalous’ fabricated obscene video on Him was created and circulated in mass media. Referring to this and clubbing it maliciously with a child molestation crime related to a Catholic Priest, DNA publishes an opinion piece with the headline, “Keep celibacy and spirituality separate”. 

The atrocity of the media does not end here. The media house is hand in glove with child rapist Vinay Bharadwaj who had raped daughter of a temple priest belonging to Hindu temple of Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Vinay was successfully escaping justice with the help of media. 

If Indian media really had any humanitarian sympathy or empathy it would not take sides with a child rapist glorifying him and victimizing His Divine Holiness and his disciples. 

Later in 2017, one such media house Samaya TV was penalized to a tune of $5 Million by a US court for its  atrocious lies of glorifying child rapist at the cost of justice. Such a characterless media, so inhumane that it would go to any extent even siding with child rapists, even fearless to incur such huge losses in lawsuits, one is left wondering what kind of demons run mainstream media.

Media engages in ‘faulty  generalization‘ purposely to wrongly convey to readers that the news about Paramahamsa Nithyananda is true, which is not the case.

  • Another deliberate attack this article does is the casual dismissal of the Indian Judiciary! The writer states that when Catholic priests are able to get away with such acts in more robust legal systems, one can only imagine how easy it may be for Hindu Gurus to get away with their crimes in a country like India! 

This directly attacks the credibility of the Indian Judicial System. 

atrocity material generation

DNA, 16 April 2010: Keep Celibacy and Spirituality Separate

By defaming His Divine Holiness, the basic Human Rights of freedom and equality and free development of personality (Articles 1 and 22, Universal Declaration of Human Rights) are blatantly violated.


Deccan Chronicle loses credibility with its yellow journalism, publishes blatant lies

Through a blatant defamatory article title, Deccan Chronicle exposes its malicious intention to viciously propagate baseless lies through any extreme means against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

20 April 2010 – What gives Deccan Chronicle the authority to so grossly mislead the people thereby overstepping every single ethic of journalism? Who is behind such a blatantly abusive title? It is a known fact that in the complaint filed against Paramahamsa Nithyananda, there is not even the word ‘rape’ mentioned, nor a single victim named. Deccan Chronicle grossly misuses its outreach. The absurdity of the complaint was that it was accepted without a victim. If there was a supposed “sex racket” in the ashram, shouldn’t there be at least one victim immediately coming forward? Why would the CID keep advertising on television and newspaper asking for a victim, and even promising travel fare for those who came forward! Through this title, it is clear that Deccan Chronicle is on a specific agenda of running a character assassination campaign against Paramahamsa Nithyananda, manipulating the minds of lakhs of vulnerable people, as instigated by Hindu extremist groups.

Not only the title but the whole article is overflowing with lies, to name the most killing ones:

  • Claiming that His Divine Holiness would have sex with devotees, not sparing young men
  • Claiming a Non-disclosure agreement (sex agreement) exists
  • Claiming that His Divine Holiness is promising spiritual powers for a sexual relationship
  • Claiming that the CID has examined over 120 witnesses

All of these are completely false and non-existing! They are cooked up in a Hindu extremists mind to finish His Divine Holiness’ character among masses and instigate the utmost deep hatred in people against His Divine Holiness. 


  • As part of the false rape case trial, His Divine Holiness voluntarily has undergone a potency test. The test results clearly show, as accepted in Court, that His Divine Holiness’ male hormone – testosterone level was only 12.9 nanogram per deciliter compared to a normal male adult having 1200 ng/dl and is therefore not capable of the sexual act.
  • As a Sanyasi (hindu monk) Divine Holiness lives a celibate life and promotes this lifestyle as the royal way to enlightenment

By these blatant lies Paramahamsa Nithyananda is completely dehumanized without any regard for even the fundamental human rights of freedom and free development of personality (articles 1 and 22 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights).


Deccan Chronicle, 20 May 2010:  Crude and obscene lies in the aadheenam (temple monastery)


Obscene Character Assassination of Paramahamsa Nithyananda by DNA

DNA crossed every limit of decency to successfully execute their plans of character assassination of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Their utter insensitivity towards  vulnerable readers has been exposed through such irresponsible and unethical journalism.

22 April 2010 – DNA Newspaper continues its brazen character assassination against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Extremely derogatory titles are used to create public hate against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda in a tactic called “programmed confusion”. It is shocking to read the title “the sex-tainted Nithya”, which is extremely obscene. By repeatedly using such hate speech, the strategy is to emotionally program the readers’ minds and character assassinate His Divine Holiness.

FALSE CLAIM: The article alleges several distorted and manipulated statements. It says Paramahamsa Nithyananda was “absconding” and uses headlines like ‘game over for sex tainted Swami…….” which is a direct attack on his dignity.  

FACT: His Divine Holiness 

had made a clear statement that he was in Kumbh Mela for spiritual purposes, and even gave numerous interviews throughout his trip which were telecasted on National television channels! 

This type of character assassination is done to manipulate the public hate on Paramahamsa Nithyananda to destroy Him and His mission. These lies publicized in the media is a violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as recognized by the United Nations, specifically, violates Article 11, the right to be innocent until proven guilty and Article 22 which is the right to have security of dignity.

.it's a bowling birthday party (1)DNA, 22 April 2010: DNA comments on the illegal arrest of His Divine Holiness


Media attacks with groundless perverted lies

The Times of India publishes contrived stories about Paramahamsa Nithyananda regarding a fake non-disclosure agreement, accusing Him of being in an illicit relationship with His devotees and intimidating them with agreement. By blatantly abusing the sanctity of the Guru-disciple relationship, the foundation of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, they promote religious discrimination against Hindus.

23 April 2010 – Caught in the wave of the media persecution targeting His Divine Holiness, The Times of India joins the bandwagon in publishing false, baseless, and fake news breaking all the five core principles of journalism – namely, truth & accuracy, independence, fairness & impartiality, humanity and Accountability. Talking about a fake agreement accusing His Divine Holiness of being in multiple illicit relationships with His devotees is purely false and baseless. It is a direct attack to tarnish the character of His Divine Holiness. Isolating Him away from His followers is to execute  persecution on Him and His followers. 

FALSE CLAIM: Existence of Non-disclosure agreement about Tantric practices between Paramahamsa Nithyananda and those who volunteer for his programs. 


  • The non-disclosure agreement is nonexistent
  • Only two people in the whole world who claim to have signed this agreement is convicted child rapist, Vinay Bharadwaj and false rape accuser Arathi Rao
  • They conveniently show a cropped shot of the agreement which does not even feature anyone’s signature to shock the public with fictitious evidence.
  • Nowhere is any signature found on the so-called “agreement” by His Divine Holiness or any real person
23 April 2010_Godman flock signs sex pact

Times of India, 23rd April 2010: The Times of India strategic fabrication of documents signed for attending a program

After quotating the fictitious document, the article goes to the extent of making up lies claiming their source as the CID.  

FALSE CLAIM: “Most of those who enrolled for this program were women.” 

FACT: The programs recruiting women for this purpose was non-existing as well as the non-disclosure agreement which they claim to have signed 

FALSE CLAIM: “CID Sleuths had watched a CD with more than 35 video clippings of Nityananda in compromising positions with at least five women….”

FACT: No such CD ever existed or exists till date. Lenin Karruppan, who was the man who morphed the first and only video, even made a statement to Deccan Herald that that he did not have any such footage. 

Despite the obvious fallaciousness of this contract, Times of India newspaper intentionally pass obscene details from it to clout the opinion of their millions of its daily readers.

Continuously bombarding them with black propaganda against His Divine Holiness, they are influencing them to not only have a prejudice against Him but prompting a cognitive bias against all Hindu Gurus.  

Subjecting His Divine Holiness and His followers to not be able to practice their beliefs, religion and worship, thus violating Article 18 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).


Bangalore Mirror Dehumanizes His Divine Holiness on the Front Page 

The Bangalore Mirror used headlines like Club Class to Cattle Class creating a hate perception in the public that all religion practices in the ashram are associated with sexual perversion. 

This article makes baseless, unverified, inauthentic claims on Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In 2010, a fake video of Paramahamsa Nithyananda was aired in the Sun TV and multiple other media houses and was continuously being aired as a part of the character assassination attempt on Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The fake video has been proven to be false by several renowned forensic labs. Why are all these points being ignored by Bangalore Mirror? Such media headlines all contribute to  the elimination strategy to annihilate Him invoking mass social boycott. 

By titling articles as such, the media relate His Divine Holiness to “cattle” class with the purpose of degrading. This is a denigrating statement to Hindu ashrams that they are brothels. 

The article makes atrocious false claims excelling in mythmaking stories:

  • FALSE CLAIM: Paramahamsa Nithyananda took charter flights across the country when He travelled, then ridicules him for travelling in an economy flight during his illegal arrest. 

FACT: Untrue, he did not ever travel by charter flights, nor is this information relevant news in any way. 

  • FALSE CLAIM: Paramahamsa Nithyananda being linked to the IPL Controversy happening at the time. He surrendered so that he could avoid cropping up in media reports to avoid being linked with the IPL controversy. They even go so far as to say his own devotees tipped off the police about his location to protect any more media controversies.

            FACT: Completely false claim, big lies presented to force people to believe. 

  • The non-disclosure agreement, which the reporter is referring to, is non-existent. There are only two people in the whole world who claimed to have signed this: (1) the first person was the fake rape accuser, Aarthi Rao (1) the second, the fake rape accuser, Vinay Bharadwaj who was a convicted four-time child rapist, imprisoned for 4.5 years. Both of these people were thoroughly discredited by various court verified evidences from the United States for their false allegations and fined over one million dollars each for their crimes.
  • It is important to question: why would somebody commit a crime and purposefully leave a piece of evidence which would incriminate them? Who would benefit from the NDA if it existed? Only the false rape accusers – so they forged some documents and publicized it in the media to destroy His Divine Holiness and the entire mission, and what He stands for.
  • FALSE CLAIM: 30 clippings were found showing Paramahamsa Nithyananda with several other female devotees

FACT: No such CD or tape was ever found till date. There is no clipping as this never happened. 

This is a blatant violation of Article 1 and 22 of the Universal declaration of Rights, the right to equality in freedom and the right to social security. 

sadist pleasure

Bangalore Mirror, 23 April 2010: Bangalore Mirror makes derogatory and false comments about Paramahamsa Nithyananda and the activities in the ashram.


Bangalore Mirror Publicizes Lies About Nonexistent Non Disclosure Agreement

An article with baseless allegations is published in Bangalore Mirror. It makes blatant claims of serious nature without any evidence, clearly attacking His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

The Bangalore Mirror publicizes malicious lies of serious nature against Paramahamsa Nithyananda in their article published on 23rd April 2010 in an effort to execute relentless persecution in the media and assassinate the character of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The article talks about two main things:

  1. An agreement named Non-Disclosure Agreement, supposedly signed by volunteers at the Nithyananda Ashram (monastery) in Bengaluru.
  2. Central Investigation Department sources giving a statement that there are videos of Paramahamsa Nithyananda with different girls


  • Both are blatant lies.
  • There was no agreement named Non-Disclosure Agreement as this media house is claiming. It is a lie. 
  • There was one fake video manufactured in an attempt to attack Paramahamsa Nithyananda. That video has already been proven bogus and false by Top Forensic Experts of USA by 60 technical analysis points with numerous technical evidences. 

A series of lies were created just to destroy the character of Paramahamsa Nithyananda as a spiritual guru and incite mass hatred against Him.

The baseless allegations made in the article violate human rights as per the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, specifically in Article 11, the right to innocent until proven guilty.

Lies, Lies and More Lies

Bangalore Mirror, 23 April 2010: Online article publicizes lies maliciously


Media Cruelty Campaign: Turns Life Attack into dehumanizing mockery

Media’s cruel intentions are exposed when national television channels such as NDTV and TV 9 constantly aired the few seconds scene of a disrespectfully thrown slipper on Him

April 21 2010:


There was a direct assassination attack on His Divine Holiness on April 23rd 2010 when He arrived in the Bengaluru airport. There was unprecedented huge mob inside the restricted area. Among witnesses and those watching on TV across the globe, paranoia distressed all those who were close to His Divine Holiness as He had no security whatsoever.  The moment His Divine Holiness reached the terminal, the policeman surrounded Him in a square formation, as if taking a first class criminal to His execution

In a pre-planned conspiracy, even while surrounded by scores of police, just before His Divine Holiness was going to be escorted in the car, a lethal acid egg was thrown at Him directly. He managed to escape the hit and just after that, a slipper was thrown at Him to physically assault and publicly disgrace Him. 


In a world where the civilized society aspires to be non-violent and respects the dignity of a human being, in a country where Hindu saints were always revered with all humility, there also exist the dark cruel side of Indian Media Czars who encash on the refusal and dehumanization of a great spiritual leader, who is revered and worshipped by millions worldwide. 

  • To deprive and abuse the basic human dignity of His Divine Holiness and his community and follower – by showing the visuals of the disrespectful act of physical abusal.
  • to frame and program the public image of His Divine Holiness in a scorned and shameful image to program public hate and incite mob lynching attack on  Paramahamsa Nithyananda and the sacred ideology associated with Him such as Hindu monkhood. Public will then to programmed to naturally disrespect and assault any Hindu monk or a spiritual leader! 
  • by unabashedly tilting the video as, “Chappal (slipper) Offering for ‘Sex’ Swami”  NDTV does two things: 
  • Grossly disrespects and violates the dignity of a Humanitarian who is revered by millions, by mocking at the act of worshipping spiritual Masters.
  • Labels with pervert hate speech such as as “Sex” Swami to trigger even more public hate and alienate him from human family, and thus justify the hidden agenda to eliminate Him smoothy. 

With this combination, the TV Channels such as NDTV, TV9 and newspapers such as DNA, blatantly encourage the inhumane treatment against Paramahamsa Nithyananda though it is an outright violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (article 5). By doing this, the third degree torture that His Divine Holiness endured by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) when He was in judicial custody was justified in the minds of those who inflicted this treatment on Him. 

DNA, 23 April 2010: DNA dehumanizes His Divine Holiness by constantly airing the shameful footage


Bangalore Mirror Plots Several FALSE Allegations in its Smear Campaign

The CID officials accuse Paramahamsa Nithyananda of unsubstantiated charges of illegally accepting foreign donations and other such claims while the media collude to defame Him with these false allegations.

25 April 2010 – The persistent and repeated telecast of fabricated media propaganda against Paramahamsa Nithyananda dug deep into the psyche of the public leading to his arrest without any evidence of a crime. The pleas of the emotionally drawn and helpless devotees fell on deaf ears of the authorities. Knowing very well that they would not be able to hold him under arrest for long, the CID officials of Karnataka went on a murderous spree to book other false charges against him.


  • FALSE CLAIM: The first blatant false claim – proper permissions were not received by authorities when dealing with foreign currency and foreign properties. 

FACT: This claim is an absolute lie. There is no proof of this claim. All of the properties and ashrams built by Paramahamsa Nithyananda are accounted for and registered legally with the respective permissions. Till date, there is no evidence for such a claim. 

  • There was no heat or charges faced by His Divine Holiness over any extra dollars as the article title falsely claims. This is a direct attack to frame and harass His Divine Holiness in constant false allegations. 
  • FACT: The FIR by Vidya Vishwanathan that the article mentions is not real. There is no such FIR which has ever been registered or taken in evidence by any authority.
  • FALSE CLAIM: The police is clearly quotes that there is no evidence against Paramahamsa Nithyananda and the are not confident of nailing Him in these cases. So, they need to invoke FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) and he cannot escape as there is sufficient evidence against him.  
  • FACT: There has been no violation of foreign rules and there is no evidence found till date. All donations and ashram activities are fully in compliance with all rules and regulations with high integrity. 

Thus, the media claim exposes their utter big lies and conspiracy to trap His Divine Holiness. Police and media, when not finding any evidence to convict His Divine Holiness, would conspire to ‘nail’ Him by invoking FEMA rules? This is the direct agenda to somehow book and convict Him in any case and not allow him any bail – thereby isolate and exterminate him inciting huge public hate. 

Media Colludes with Authorities to Isolate and Detain His Divine Holiness in Prison

The attack came from all sides with higher intensity. They came up with bizarre stories of violating the Endangered Species Act, exporting sandalwood illegally, and in this case, illegally accepting foreign donations. While the CID alleged false accusation against Him to keep Him illegally detained, the media simultaneously published these fake stories to defame Him, to depict Him as a criminal in many angles and indefinitely extend the illegal imprisonment. 

With a 1.5 lakh daily readership, Deccan Herald is empowered to severely attack the public image and isolate His Divine Holiness a threat to society. 

Multi-Pronged Attack through Countless False Charges

The CID, the media, and the Hindu extremist nexus colluded together to propagate false allegations against Paramahamsa Nithyananda. By incriminating Him in the public eye, they ostracized Him as a dangerous criminal. They removed all forms of His support and made Him vulnerable to their relentless persecution. When He was subjected to their ruthless physical, media, and legal attacks, the public turned a blind eye to Him, perceiving the attacks were justified. 


Deccan Herald, 25 April 2010: Debi Prasad Sarangi, DH reporter, reports on the illegal arrest with more lies and false allegations 


Deccan Chronicle runs x-rated fake content to destroy character

Deccan Chronicle article deliberately programs people to opine that His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is guilty of a crime, which does not even have a victim.

25 April 2010 – In an defamatory article titled, ‘Swami yet to spill beans’, it makes a number of ungrounded false baseless claims mentioning the usage of ‘Sexual Tantric Practices’, ‘Discreet Tantra Sessions’ and ‘Non Disclosure Agreement.’ These words, along with the title of the article, are deliberately being used to sensationalize the ongoing attacks to manipulate the public perception that His Divine Holiness is already guilty, but has yet to break His silence.

The article assumes His Divine Holiness as guilty until proven innocent in the following ways:  

  • Reporting that His Divine Holiness is, “yet to divulge any information on his sexual tantric practices”
    • stating that the sexual tantric practices are “his” without any verified proof that this was His practice  
    • In fact, there is no proof of their claims 
  • Reporting that, “officials are yet to ask him about the non-disclosure agreement signed by his select devotees for tantrik experiments”
    • Though the non-disclosure agreement is non-existent and was not signed by His Divine Holiness or any real person 
    • The two people who claimed that they did sign such an agreement is Vinay Bharadwaj, who is a convicted child rapist and imprisoned in one of the highest security prisons in the United States with the likes of murderers like Ted Bundy.

When media houses that have large readership as Deccan Chronicle carry such a bias, they effectively carry non-erasable programming of people’s opinions. Therefore, their 1.45 million readers are programmed to be prejudiced against Humanitarian Spiritual  leaders and their followers. This type of stigmatization legitimizes religious discrimination and hate speech against Hindus, and in this case, is used to justify the unlawful arrest of His Divine Holiness, all while violating the Human Rights Act of No Arbitrary Arrests (article 9).

Deccan Chronicle, 25 April 2010: Deccan Chronicle, online media, publishes a fictitious interview


Inhuman atrocity through Perpetual Character Assassination

Bangalore Mirror’s sleazy articles contribute to the massive cultural genocide against Hindu saints and the age-old legacy of Sanyasis (Hindu monks). A gross abusal and character assassination on His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. It is a brutal inhuman atrocity to tarnish the spiritual legitimacy of His Divine Holiness and instigating  media lynching attack.

26 April 2010 – 

  • His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a born celibate monk and spiritual head of the largest order of Hindu monks (called Sannyas Sampradaya) of the Mahanirvani Akhada, the largest apex body of Sanatana Hindu Dharma (Hinduism) with 10 million celibate monks. 

This yellow journal newspaper directly assassinates the dignity of the sacred sannyas tradition. 

  • By the usage of terms ‘sex, swami and scandals… etc..’ along with the use of obscene sexual images and caricatures, it outrightly attacks the Hindu spiritual leader who is leading millions of celibate monks. 

This kind of atrocious material creates faulty generalizations. Now, millions have been programmed to conclude that all Hindu saints are scandalous and sexual. Continuously publishing terms like ‘Fun-in Saffron’, ‘Saffron-Terror’, these media houses have majorly contributed to the enormous ethnic cleansing of practicing Hindus, in the largest cultural genocide.

Masterminded by the Hindu extremist elements, such yellow journal media houses have  continuously created mass public hatred and paranoia to launch a series of violent assassination on the life of His Divine Holiness, until the desired result of forcing isolation and termination is achieved.


Bangalore Mirror, 26 April 2010: Using inappropriate pictures and caricatures Bangalore Mirror hurts the religious sentiments of millions of followers of His Divine Holiness

Deccan Chronicle, 10 May 2010: Dehumanizing and discriminating by lumping his Divine Holiness with other rape cases.

By denigrating the image of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, they present Him as being guilty though there is absolutely no evidence against Him till date. This is a direct violation of His basic human rights of being innocent until proven guilty as per Article 11 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN.  


Sadistic Reporter from Bangalore Mirror Violates Basic Human Rights

Bangalore Mirror mockingly reports His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s need to be hospitalized.

On 28th April 2010, Bangalore Mirror published an article on the incident of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda being hospitalized after various police atrocities were made to keep him unlawfully imprisoned. 


The inhumane circumstances suppressed by the media led to a number of serious and dangerous health concerns for His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The merciless environment led to severe chest pains for Him, to the point where He had no choice but to be hospitalized while under the illegal custody. 

  • FALSE CLAIM: They make a statement – “the swami’s hopes of staying in the hospital..”

FACT: This is a completely cooked up false story.

  • FALSE CLAIM: The article claims that after a private talk with his lawyer, Paramahamsa Nithyananda complained of chest pain – making it seem as though it was a clever ruse planned by His lawyer and Him. 

FACT: It was a medical condition that needed to be addressed. There was no motive otherwise.  

His Divine Holiness has been denied of a number of basic human rights as per the Human Rights Acts including the Right to Justice (Article 8, 10),  no Arbitrary Arrests (Article 9) and Right to Life & Security. 

Bangalore Mirror, 28 April 2010: After a frightening trip to the hospital, Bangalore Mirror pokes fun at His Divine Holiness


Bangalore Mirror Fabricates Lies about Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Without properly researching or taking responsibility for their readers, Bangalore Mirror lies blatantly about His Divine Holiness to program confusion into their audience. There was no basis for even 1 woman which was initially claimed.

  • CID claimed it got CDs and hard discs from Ashram during raid which portrayed His Divine Holiness with five more women; 
  • it was a blatant lie to extend His illegal custody. Their details were neither given in media nor to His Divine Holiness for interrogation.
  • Article claims that FSL confirmed the authenticity of these CDs and Hard Discs. Without sharing reports, the claim of authenticity of the video was made. Also, nobody know which videos were shared with FSL. 
  • On the basis of such  baseless claims Judiciary extended the illegal custody of His Divine Holiness.
  • This article exposes the nexus of Judiciary, media and police against His Divine Holiness, through which the media fabricated  many hundreds of articles and run the biggest propaganda of character assassination. They ensured that ‘Nithyananda’ means ‘Sex Swami’; means ‘100s of obscene CDs…” to discredit and incite huge mob attacks.

Meanwhile, by publishing such defaming articles they corrupted the minds of at least 1.5 lakh readers aimed at systematically portraying His Divine Holiness as a criminal and isolate Him from public, which is violation of article 7 of UN human rights, the right to not be subjected to discrimination. 


Bangalore Mirror, 29 April 2010: Bangalore Mirror spreads more hate propaganda against Paramahamsa Nithyananda, claiming He is involved in more illicit affairs.


Inhuman Torture in illegal custody – CCTV Video Leaked Suspiciously from Police, Purposely Supplied to Media 

In 2010, His Divine Holiness was illegally arrested after a fabricated obscene video was released. The intention was to assassinate His character and His life. His Divine Holiness underwent third degree torture at the hand of Karnataka Police to force a false confession. The entire episode was captured by CCTV cameras and a part of the footage was purposefully leaked in the media.


  1. His Divine Holiness was illegally arrested with one and only one purpose – to assassinate Him.
  2. A direct assassination at the hand of the Police would have had a serious social-political-legal backlash. It would make His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda “a hero” even in the eyes of the most well programmed enemy, His worst critics. The Police-Media nexus of conspirators could not take that risk. They needed a Silent Assassination of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, along with programmed public hatred and persecution on Him. Following were the methods: 
Assassination MethodJustification / Cover up Media story
Mob lynching in crowded place
Take His Divine Holiness in a public place where a huge crowd (with assassins implanted amongst them) gathers around Him. One of those assassins would actually kill Him and vanish into the anonymity provided by the huge crowd. 
Character AssassinationThe murder by a specially appointed assassin would be presented as a case of lynching by a furious upset mob. A mob composed of devotees who were hurt. Then Police and conspirators would put the blame on a chosen scapegoat (who could be devotee). The mob which was made of conspirator’s own people would naturally give a statement putting blame on the scapegoat and wipe their hands completely off the incidence. That scapegoat might fight a legal battle lasting for two or three decades while the society completely forgets this incidence.
Torture leading to suicideThe police tortured His Divine Holiness in following ways (1) no food, no water for eight days (2) use of shrill scratching loud sounds of tile cutting machine running continuously for more than 8 hours (3) use of ice and cold water to wet the floor where he sleeps (4) use of poisonous food with excessive salt and giving water if and only if He agreed on false confession. However much to their dismay His Divine Holiness endured a week without food and water (5) use of heavy strobe lights which fluctuated and are known to cause neurological and psychological breakdown and epileptic fits. Most techniques used did not involve direct physical involvement because they leave evidence on the victim which can even be shown in the court of law, for example marks of being beaten on skin.False confession and suicideThe police would justify and cover the entire happening by claiming that His Divine Holiness confessed and acknowledged to all allegations and eventually committed suicide owning to the guilt. It is to engineer this false confession that the CID leaked as part of the interrogation tapes and Times Now and other News channels aired the audioless tape on which they placed their own subtitles which were “falsely presented as a confession of crime.”
PoisoningThe police poisoned using two methods – food and air. His Divine Holiness saw a rat eating the food and dieing which was sufficient for Him to know that He needed to avoid that food. Second method they used was poisonous dust to cause asphyxiation. His Divine Holiness was left helpless to cover His mouth and wait for the next day  to come, not knowing if He would be able to come out or the torture would continue for many many days.Guilt leading to suicideThe police-media planned a cover up story. The took away His Divine Holiness’ rudraksha mala (worship rosary beads) which was extremely sacred to Him. The rudraksha rosary beads were given to Him by His masters. He carried it throughout His days of spiritual wandering days when He begged and lived. The police snatched away the sacred mala and claimed that His Divine Holiness was trying to use it for committing suicide. They knew that His Divine Holiness would go to any extent including pleading in the court of law for the mala. This action they would use to claim that His Divine Holiness was trying to commit suicide and inspite of they trying to save Him, He wanted to die to save Himself from the guilt of having committed the crimes. This was CID’s cunning plans to kill Him and show it as a suicide.
EncounterThe two encounter methods the police employed for assassination was, claiming that the victim (of encounter) was actually attacking a policeman or another prisoner and in self-defence the other killed him (the victim of encounter). The police gave the threat of encounter to His Divine Holiness several times during illegal arrest period.Over the course of 8 days, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) threatened His Divine Holiness three to four times of using the “encounter” method on Him. Self defenceIt would be claimed that the other person (could  be a policeman or another prisoner with whom the police would barter a easy bail) killed His Divine Holiness in self defence.  Please visit this page for the list of encounter killing by police in India – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encounter_killings_by_police#In_India 
Injecting ChemicalsThe police planned on using narco injections to inject neurotoxins and cause a neurological and psychological breakdown. Sodium pentothal and other chemicals are injected in the body and the person is connected to a polygraph machine and interrogated. Continuous usage of such narco chemicals are known to cause a permanent damage in the cognitive functioning of the victim. These tests are banned by the Supreme Court of India and also by UN Human Rights Council. These tests are not even attempted on terrorists because of fear of violating Human Rights. The injections of sodium pentothal were planned to be mixed with other lethal unknown poisons truth.Natural deathThe plan was to attribute the death to asthma or heart attack. 
Please visit this page for the list of encounter killing by police in India – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encounter_killings_by_police#In_India 
  1. As already explained above it is for use in “False confession and suicide” assassination justification strategy that this false news was published. Times Now and other news channels used their massive public outreach to implant the idea into the minds of millions that the His Divine Holiness had confessed – which was not true! It was a justification for the planned assassination which was to follow.

The Contents of the false confession video tape leaked by manipulating clips of the interrogation video:

Following are the several media coverages about the CID leaked videos of the Illegal Custody and the interrogation of His Divine Holiness, which was deliberately shown on mainstream media.

Fake news report from Times Now: intrusion on privacy and breach of a fair trial by the State Police

[Times Now video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VF2OCiDicY ]

#TimeStampVideo Narration of Times NowTruth
100:00,030Times Now has accessed exclusively theIt is true that Times now got the footage. But they did not mention what Times Now had done was criminal and against law. Like various section of Evidence Act 1892, Section 204 – destruction of evidence etc. Because of Times Now and others the footage where torture of His Holiness was attempted has been edited and the audio is absent.
200:02,790tape the video in fact showing the
300:04,580interrogations of Nithyananda
400:07,560the tainted Swami accused of beingTimes Now lied. Times Now suppressed the fact that there was no witness, evidence, or complainant. Where is the question of crime and taint?
500:09,809involved in a sex scandal.
600:11,820Well these confessions are now on video.Times Now pre-programmed the viewer to see the preceding part of the video as a confession. Whereas if we actually see the content, it is just allegations made by Times Now, there is no confession anywhere in the video, even if whatever Times Now is saying is believed completely. This shows the capacity of Times Now to lie and spread it virally.
700:14,780The first confession is a question whichThe video has no audio!!! How in the world did Times Now claims to know what was being asked? The audio was actually removed. Times Now colluded with CID and placed their own story and narration to justify police encounter during imprisonment of His Divine Holiness.
800:18,000the CID asks him. They ask him, whether it
900:20,340is him in the video. 
1000:22,590Nithyananda answers saying that, “I know that theUtter lies! This is something the channel just cooked up to Character Assassinate His Divine Holiness. It should be recalled that Times Now is the same channel which earlier morphed and skewed the facial dimensions of His Divine Holiness in an interview to project him in bad criminal light. Further they edited His video and showed it as a confession. This is the second time
when Times Now is engaged in video tampering for creating false evidence.(in violation of Section 191 & 192 of Indian Penal Code – creation of false evidence). It shows it was never a mistake but their vested interest in assassination of His Divine Holiness.
1100:24,990woman is an actress. I can’t recognize
1200:26,640anyone else. I was in a state of trance
1300:29,099at that time. I don’t remember anything.
1400:31,470The second confession and the secondWhat the channel is saying here is completely cooked up. There is allegedly a question which CID is asking. And Times Now is alleging an answer was given. Even if taken on face value, there is no substance of any kind of “confession” material coming out of this. This is an example of programmed confusion strategy  used by the media for it’s justification propaganda. Their only purpose is to exterminate His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and his disciples.
1500:33,840question by the CID is on money
1600:36,090laundering charges asking, “Why are the idols
1700:38,579made here and sold with American invoices?”
1800:40,710In his reply Nithyananda says, “It wasThe contents are cooked up by Times Now. It is ridiculous to believe how the channel can publish so many lies for a video with audio. Even if the content is taken on the face value, there is no substance of any confession material of any expose coming out. The only expose is that the video has no audio and channel is running it’s own narration.
1900:43,350all made here and sold there. The money
2000:45,510directly goes to the trust. And there is
2100:47,190no money laundering.” The CID also The video has no audio and channel is running it’s own narration.One of the conspirators, Douglas Mackellar had created fake documents and tried to file a false lawsuit in the US, on His Divine Holiness. However the fake documents were so badly faked that not only the police did not ever register a case, the FBI warned him not to ever come back. At this point the channel is trying to leverage on Douglas’ false claims. http://nithyanandatruth.org/conspirators/douglas-mackallor/ 
2200:49,410quizzes him on the thirty
2300:50,940nine crore rupees which is in the trust.
2400:53,460The Swami replies that it’s all come from donations.
2500:56,309And this is the crucialTimes Now continued to use the fact that they had conveniently provided the viewer with a video which had no audio. They uttered some atrocious lies to justify the murder of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and to also suppress all human rights violation and murder attempts done on Him. His Divine Holiness was kept in police custody from 21 April 2010 to 30 April 2010, grilled and tortured with: Heavy lightsUndue ‘Noise’ levels Water mixed with Ice on bare floorForced starvation and dehydration – No food or water for 8 days. CID tried to barter false confession in exchange of drinkable water.Induced Asphyxiation  – form of torture to choke to death without even using hands, His Divine Holiness was made to breathe dust that choked His eyes, ears, nose and throat airways. His Divine Holiness experienced the symptoms of asphyxiation, which was tears running from the eyes, a constant running nose and inability to breathe.Deprivation of Religious RightsDenied right to meet lawyerThreatened to kill with “Encounters”
2600:59,219confession in fact. Remember this video tape
2701:01,350exclusively accessed by Times
2801:03,390Now. In this they asked him as Nithyananda
2901:06,869about a non-disclosure agreement
3001:08,850signed on tantric sex.
3101:10,950Remember Times Now had brought you the story of that
3201:13,350non-disclosure agreements to that 
3301:15,420Nithyananda replies, “I know there was some
3401:16,950agreement in place, My devotees of done.
3501:19,020I don’t have any details. This was purely
3601:21,180meant for devotees in America.”

53 days Illegal Police Custody – Third Degree Inhumane Torture

His Divine Holiness was kept in police custody from 21 April 2010 to 30 April 2010, grilled and tortured with: 

  • Heavy lights
  • Undue ‘Noise’ levels 
  • Water mixed with Ice on bare floor
  • Forced starvation and dehydration – No food or water for 8 days. CID tried to barter false confession in exchange of drinkable water.
  • Induced Asphyxiation  – form of torture to choke to death without even using hands, His Divine Holiness was made to breathe dust that choked His eyes, ears, nose and throat airways. His Divine Holiness experienced the symptoms of asphyxiation, which was tears running from the eyes, a constant running nose and inability to breathe.
  • Deprivation of Religious Rights
  • Denied right to meet lawyer
  • Threatened to kill with “Encounters”

He was made to sleep on a floor which was done wet  with ice water. Not allowed to sleep by the continuous shrill sound of cutting tiles. 

A “Staged Criminal Investigation Department Interrogation” or a “Staged Encounter”? 

Even after eight days of third degree interrogation, CID (criminal investigation department) was not able to force false confession out of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

The cunning plan of Criminal Investigation Department was to stage an interrogation, which would feed into another Justification Propaganda, where His Divine Holiness is forced to ‘confess the lies dictated by them, and they would leak the video.

  • The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) hired an agency to design a clean interrogation room specifically for their purpose of illegally leaking it out. 
  • INTERROGATION ROOM MADE WITH HIDDEN VIEW ROOM:  In the work order given to the agency by CID, it was told to design two rooms: an interrogation room and a viewing room. While it is clear the interrogation room is for His Divine Holiness and the police, the viewing room is not seen in the footage. Why? What was the need to hide it? If there was such a room made, who was in it? Were the conspirators in it, directing the interrogation with their vested interest questions? Because by now it was evident that the nexus involved virtually all the elements – the politicians, the police, the Criminal Investigation Department, the media and the Hindu extremist militant terrorist groups, each for its own vested interests.     

The work order was the proof that CID had plans to torture him to make a false confession of crime so that they could destroy him.

The CID interrogation room had been specially created, with a special secretive work order. In the work order for the interrogation room, it was described that there should be enough space for 17 cops, how the light is to be “really harsh” and the “room should look real drab” and how “freaky matrix movie look” had to be avoided. 


The Media had grossly violated the Indian judiciary laws as per the various section of Evidence Act 1892, Section 204 – destruction of evidence etc. 

Right after 3rd May 2010, news channels repeatedly telecasted the interrogation confidential video in the media. What were the consequences of the illegality done by the police? 

The CID (criminal investigation department) had claimed that His Divine Holiness was not cooperating with the investigation which was used to buy more time to detain Him in illegal custody and torture Him further. 

The Times of India_May 15 2010_Pg 6_CID nabs theif of swami video

Newspaper coverage on the CID interrogation does not cover any of the torture that His Divine Holiness was given. 

The New Indian Express_ May 15 2010_ Pg 3_ Nithyanandas interrogation clips leaked

The thieves who were framed by the Criminal Investigation Department faced custody for crimes they never did. 

15 May 2010_DNA_Pg 4_Hunt for man after video on Nithyananda's interrogation is stolen

Two men who worked for the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) were framed for stealing the CID interrogation and leaking it to the media. The torture  that His Divine Holiness went through was never told to the world. 


The New Indian Express Delivers Poisonous Liberal Views against Sanatana Hindu Dharma

After months of obscene coverage against His Divine Holiness, The New Indian Express categorically declares the intended result: the il-legitimization of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. 

06 May 2010: A yellow journalist of The New Indian Express writes an article dehumanizing His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. It is not a coincidence to see several atrocious articles against His Divine Holiness come out on The Indian Express. It must be recalled that The Indian Express is not just another newspaper. Yellow journalist Vasanth Kannabiran uses a perverted confused faulty generalization to incite hatred and justification of inhumane treatment and human rights violation of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

FactWhat was written in news articleWhat it wants reader to believe – faulty generalization
Lord Hanuman is highly revered deity in Sanatana Hindu DharmaLord Hanuman wears underwearThe author justifies it’s atrocious content claiming that because of the fabricated footage of His Divine Holiness, society will stop respecting Hanuman and Ganesh due to faulty generalization. Therefore treatment of His Divine Holiness worse than a terrorist is justified.
Lord Ganesha, the worshipped Hindu deity son of Lord ShivaLord Ganesha wears pantyhose
A fabricated obscene video was made to attack His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa NithyanandaVasanth Kannabiran compares His Divine Holiness to terrorist and cricket match fixer.

In reference to the fake video released on March 2, 2010, the Kannabiran begins the article by questioning, “Why should swamis be forced to be celibate? Were Nithyananda’s human rights to pursue sexual activity with a consenting adult and his right to privacy not being violated?” 

The yellow journalist Kannabiran diverts the attention of the reader from noticing Human Rights Violation of His Divine Holiness by torture in prison to claiming that His Divine Nithyananda’s only human rights which was violated was right to have engage sex by consent. It tries to play down the entire happening and dismiss it as a case of “Ganesha wearing pantyhose.” 

Without any hindrance, the author questions the practice and innermost workings of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, the oldest existing religion on planet Earth. Without any effort to learn and express the correct terminology and science behind the practice, New Indian Express reporter throws misleading doubts against His Divine Holiness and what He stands for. 


–  His Divine Holiness has been a celibate since childhood.
– Celibacy is a part of the practice of brahmacharya, which means, “live like God” beyond the hormonal needs. 

The author introduces His Divine  Holiness as someone who assumes, “the garb of sanyasis which implies both celibacy and renunciation of worldly values and then proceed to abuse women” With these exact words, the author makes drastic generalizations based on completely false claims  

  • Saying that His Divine Holiness abused several women and several rape accusers.
  • Citing a fictitious non-existent disclosure agreement that was never signed by His Divine Holiness or any real person dead or alive.
  • Making false claims that His Divine Holiness evaded taxes – which was a rumor completely fabricated by the media.

Finally, as a take-away from the entire article Kannabiran states, “We need to understand that greed, violence, hate and insecurity that cloud our minds cannot be dispelled by these creatures who sell god as a commodity to be conjured up by a few magic tricks”

  • Stating, “He could be a IPL chief or terrorist” thus painting His Divine Holiness as a public enemy, thus justifying His third degree torture in prison
  • Creating images such as “Hanuman in underwear and Ganesha in pantyhose” simply to make her point is unnecessary gross abusal. 
  • Kannabiran thoroughly dehumanizes His Divine Holiness and his hard work for the spiritual and material enrichment of humanity, by diminishing Him as a “creature” and His work as a “magic trick”. 
  • Categorically warning the readers against practicing Sanatana Hindu Dharma by making writing her statement as a “need”. 

In this subtle and poisonous way, The New Indian Express created destructive faulty generalizations which continue to incite attacks against His Divine Holiness. Allowing such abuse and fear-mongering to go unchecked is a violation of constitutional rights. No logic or reason comes in the picture. The intolerance this type of media breeds is something to be afraid of. This is a dangerously explosive society we are willingly participating in when we fail to stand up against media attacks like this.  This is a clear violation of Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under the United Nations – all persons are innocent until proven guilty; to crucify a man publicly without evidence is beyond morally wrong. This also violates Articles 2 and 7, which secures that all humans have equal rights under the law, regardless of race, religion or belief; yet this outlined right has been stripped from Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

The New Indian Express_May 06 2010_Pg 9_Sex saints and stereotypes_Bangalore

New Indian Express, 6 May 2010: After months of obscene coverage, the New Indian Express dehumanizes His Divine Holiness 


DNA Yellow Journal in a criminal Media-Police Nexus, manufactures false statements 

In a desperate attempt to persecute His Divine Holiness, the police denies His Divine Holiness the basic religious rights of carrying His sacred rudraksha. While the Media assassinates His character calling him a normal man shouldering their claim by an unnamed, uncredible investigator or by some CID source. This Media-Police Nexus operated with criminal agenda to eliminate His Divine Holiness from human history.  

6 May 2010 


  • FALSE CLAIM: The articles makes unwarranted statements such as, “Meanwhile, investigators said that Nithyananda was a normal man…”, headline as “the tainted swami is a man, after all……” 

FACT: There are no investigators. What is the basis to define a ‘normal man’? This obscene statement is baseless. 

  • FALSE CLAIM: He has confessed that he experiences sexual urges once in while. During such times, he adopts a yoga posture ……… a CID source said. 


  • There is no confession from His Divine Holiness about His gender or sexuality. This is completely false. From his childhood, His Divine Holiness is a born celibate monk, is an irrefutable truth established from His spiritual traditions and also proven medically and scientifically. 
  • Psychological examination results show unresponsiveness to sexual urge, no sexual activity during his lifetime, no history of masturbation, no wet dreams or erections. So, where is the question of sexual urges? Why will a candid reader just trust the unnamed uncredible ‘investigator’ and believe the lies to defame the purity of His Divine Holiness?  
  • As a leader among Hindu Monks, His Divine Holiness has been elected as the spiritual leader (MahaMandaleshwar) for MahaNirvani Akhada (the oldest apex body of Sanatana Hindu Dharma) leading 10 million celibate monks. It is even medically proven that his whole male reproductive system has been unused for decades. (Refer: potency test reports) 

So, conclusively, the media making such unwarranted lies using the name of Police, proves the criminal Media-police nexus to persecute His Divine Holiness, who go to any extent of lies and cunning killings with the pen or power, unduly misusing the media and government power and authority given to them. 

  • FALSE CLAIM: In an extreme desperate measure to persecute His Divine Holiness, DNA attacks His spiritual strength showing Him as weak and demoralized. They claim, “why the Swami’s rosary seizes, sources said that the Godman has said he felt “demoralised” after being shown as a criminal. “The chain”  was strong enough to strangulate himself, they said. 


  • RIGHT TO PRACTICE RELIGION: His Divine Holiness is born in the sacred Adi Shaiva lineage of Sadashiva and as a Hindu spiritual leader and Monk, he is officiated to practice His religious rights and thus, carries his sacred items such as the Rudraksha Mala (rosary). 
  • In not a single instance, has His Divine Holiness shown any signs of losing calm and composure throughout the inhuman persecution. In fact, he has been His natural self, healing and blessing humanity and demonstrated His highest spiritual attributes of being beyond the lower human emotions, of non-violence, of living the spiritual truths, uncompromisingly. (He chose not to eat anything than eat the impure non-veg food given to him. He upheld his truth even while forced into false confessions through third degree tortures).   

One look at His powerful body language is enough to prove this. 

Throughout the illegal custody whenever His Divine Holiness was in public, His bright smile that beams forth from His eyes, tall shoulders proving the spiritual strength, and powerful persona is visible to any onlooker. Will a weak, demoralized person have this body language after such massive 50 life-attack attempts, inhumane treatments and relentless persecutions? A “normal person” will be depressed, media shy and expressing a body language of shame, hurt, deprivation and isolation. So, the false claim of ‘suicidal’ tendency is refuted! 

His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda during the illegal arrest smiles and strides forward in divine confidence
File photo: His Divine Holiness during the illegal arrest, shines forth with His bright benevolent smile, as the tensed police force look on. 
  • If the Police is so responsible for protecting the life of His Divine Holiness, then why did they enforce a third degree inhuman torture on Him to literally kill him? 
  • SPIRITUAL STRENGTH FOR MILLIONS: How can a person who is the source of spiritual strength and solace for millions of people feel ‘demoralized’ to the extent to strangulate himself? There are upteen testimonials of His Divine Holiness healing and giving breakthrough to several thousands. His spiritual strength and a lifetime of intense training have been evident to millions who awaited His one darshan (vision) and blessing.? The truth is that after his illegal arrest, His spiritual strength brought thousands of people to help them remove their own physical and emotional disorders. If a person is traumatized by ‘being shown as a criminal,’ will  he even go back to public life and give  spiritual breakthrough to many thousands worldwide? 

The Media-Police nexus contrived to deny the basic human rights of His Divine Holiness to freely practice his religious rights  to psychologically torture Him at the pretext of this ‘suicidal’ paranoia as a justification propaganda to – isolate and confuse his own followers, so as to destroy Him first by taking away His most sacred spiritual practices.   

Media-Police nexus is violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to independent and impartial fair trials before accusation (article 10) and for the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion,” (article 18). 

Screenshot from 2018-07-15 17-29-17

DNA, 6 May 2010: Without a medical test or any substantiated evidence, DNA Newspaper made false claims. It is an example of criminal Media-Police Nexus.


Stigmatization of Hindu Monks – Generalizing them as unchaste and law offenders 

Indian Express proves its antagonistic propaganda in the disguise of liberal National views, while fueled by the Extremist Hindu groups. It not only published hate material exclusively attacking Paramahamsa Nithyananda, it also attacks Sanatana Hindu Dharma and its sacred tradition of monks. It makes faulty generalizations that all monks are cheats and frauds. Unduly using the power to program human opinions, they infiltrate Hindu practitioners to turn them indifferent or agnostic towards the revered Sanyas traditions. 

11 May 2010 


  • Hindu monks who adorn the Saffron-robed are revered in the Hindu culture for the highest spiritual values they uphold, living the purest lifestyle of non-violence and renunciation. However, media houses are creating a large amount of atrocity material against them. 
  • FALSE STATEMENT: The article starts with “Nithyananda’s sexcapades have sullied the reputation of the saffron robe in Karnataka…..”  and dirty hate speech of ‘‘sex-ananda…” et. strategically fronting the name of ‘Nithyananda’ to sexualize His name program public hate against Him to rebuke anything sacred in Sanatana Hindu Dharma.  

FACT: His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the glory of the saffron robe that is most ancient order of Hindu Monks. He is leading Monk who is leading over 10 million Hindu monks.

  • A sex scandal made out of fake video was used to programme people against Paramahamsa Nithyananda who is a yogi beyond gender. Later, same video was proven false by US forensic experts.
  • The fight over power roles regarding Swami Pranavananda was completely unsubstantiated distorted event, blown up disproportionately in the news.  
  • Unreasonable comparison is done between two Hindu monks without substantiation again leading vulnerable readers into faulty generalization.

The only stories about Sanatana Hindu Dharma getting published are negative, abusive, and far-fetched. Media has made a mockery of our revered sacred monks and our values, but the atrocity material generated has reached a peak where the only term associated with a monk or guru is ‘fraud’ or ‘self-proclaimed godman’. The media-police nexus as the instruments Extremist Hindu Militant Groups have single-handedly degraded and destroyed the most ancient spiritual tradition in the world.

Indian Express, through its articulate abusal is violating UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 10), the right to independent and impartial fair trials before accusation.  

Jaya (4)

Indian Express, 11 May 2010: Continuing to generalize and homogenize all Hindus and then destroying minorities


Media maliciously sustains ‘criminal face’ to His Divine Holiness overriding even judiciary 

The Fact 

The bail order for His Divine Holiness clearly says that owing to the magnitude and dimension of the investigation of the case, and the stage of investigation the case is in,  the court does not feel it appropriate to grant bail to His Divine Holiness. (extract of court order is enclosed below)

The media twist 

The ‘magnitude and dimension’ is because of the way the false case has been built up, with a heavy volume of allegations, which makes it heavily investigation-prone.

  • But the article is deliberately taking the name of the prosecution and telling, that if His Divine Holiness is let out, He may influence the victims! And further, the title of the article has itself been maliciously coined as if it is a CONCLUSION that ‘if He is let out, He will influence victims!’ Even when the judiciary did not mention a word about being concerned that He may influence victims, the media is deliberately portraying His Divine Holiness as a criminal who may tamper with witnesses, titling the article itself with this made-up line! 
  • In reality, there were no victims at that stage. When CID was questioned by the court about not having any named victims in the case, they frantically made a plea to the public in newspapers for a victim to depose. no victims came forward as it is a fake case. After keeping Him in prison illegally for 53 days without a victim, the courts ordered Paramahamsa Nithyananda to be released.

It is clear that the main motive behind such spiteful headlines is 

  1. To delay the bail granting for His Divine Holiness to keep him physically isolated. 
  2. To deem Him guilty in the minds of all its readers, even before the judiciary has started any solid investigation of the case.

The nexus between the media,  police, judiciary and Hindu extremists is more than obvious in this article. By posting such fallacies, Deccan Chronicle aims to make Paramahamsa Nithyananda a public enemy who should be boycotted and eliminated.

Deccan Chronicle, 6 May 2010: Distortion of court’s statement 

The ‘court bail’ petition – the court reject the bail petition of His Divine Holiness


Media turns Mafia – Attacks Female Monks, programs family against daughters  

When the religious persecution against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda went public, the female Sanyasi (Hindu monks) was forced to go home to their families. Brainwashed by the media, they threatened her to give up her choice to live as a Sanyasi.

Nakkheeran Magazine, 30 June 2010: Devoted to Nithyananda, girls petition CoP against parents

30 June 2010:  In the year 2010, religious persecution of Paramahamsa Nithyananda forced many of the residents of the Aadheenam to return back to their homes.The Aadheenam (temple monastery complex) was being attacked on a daily basis, where the living quarters of residents were being burnt, the monks were being brutally beaten, and the women were being raped. In this environment, several of the residents has no choice but to return to their families, until things settled down at the Aadheenam. 

Ma Nithya Preetananda Swami, who was a Sanyasini-in-training at the time, called her mother to inform her that she was returning home. Her mother had enough trust in Paramahamsa Nithyananda, that she told Preeta Swami to stay back at the Aadheenam if she wished to. However, the situation in Aadheenam had worsened. The living areas were burnt and there was no food for anyone. For the safety purpose,  Ma Preeta and her sister, also a Sanyasini-in-training, returned home temporarily. 

When Ma Preeta Swami reached her home, her family gave their unconditional support and gave freedom to go back to the Aadheenam whenever she wished to. They extended their support for her at this difficult time and prayed that Paramahamsa Nithyananda should come out of this attack on Him and His organisation soon. 

Media Programs Family Members into Threatening their Daughter

As the days passed by, the relentless and continuous media attack on Paramahamsa Nithyananda started to show its effect on Ma Preeta Swami’s family. They began to question their belief in Paramahamsa Nithyananda, slowly falling for the media’s diversion tactics. On one side, Ma Preeta kept emphasising on the brutal attacks being done to the innocent residents of the Aadheenam, and the murderous life attempts on His Divine Holiness. On the other side, the media kept plugging in false stories into the minds of their viewers, portraying His Divine Holiness as a devilish and malicious sex offender. 

Ma Preeta Swami recalls,

‘When Swamiji was illegally arrested, I saw the news on the TV. I wasn’t able to express any emotions in front of my family. I went to the restroom and cried without anyone’s knowledge.’

Nakkheeran Magazine – Blackmailed her family with life threats

The systematised isolation being done to His Divine Holiness began happening to Ma Preeta Swami and her sister as well. Blackmail and threats came from major media houses to stop her from supporting His Divine Holiness in his innocence. 

One day, when Ma Preeta’s uncle returned from his workplace, she noticed that he looked sad. She asked him what had happened. He answered that one of the ex-devotees of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, named Ramesh, had threatened and blackmailed him.

Ramesh had said,

Do not support or follow Swamiji. If you continue to support him, we will publish a defamatory article about your daughters (referring to Preeta Swami and her sister).’

Preeta Swami boldly said,

‘Don’t worry about us. Just be there for Swamiji. He will protect us.’

However, the very next day, Nakkheeran published a defamatory article about Ma Preeta and her sister. Once it was published, their family was extremely upset. At this point, her entire family’s stance on them returning to the Aadheenam had changed. They informed Ma Preeta Swami and her sister that they were absolutely banned from ever going back to the Aadheenam or to Paramahamsa Nithyananda again. 

Nakkeeran_ 3_6 July 2010_Pg 39
Nakkeeran_ 3_6 July 2010_Pg 1_Wrapper Front
Nakkheeran_3_6 July 2010_Pg 29_Editorial page
Nakkeeran_ 3_6 July 2010_Pg 38

Media Attacks Force the Two Sisters to Fight Parents Legally

When the first defamatory article was published in Nakheeran Magazine, Ma Preeta Swami was in Chennai. After this, she visited Kanyakumari (Temple town in South India) for a family function, and there she was accosted by local thugs, who said to her:

‘Oh, you can be with your Swamiji, then why can’t you stay with us too!’

Unable to stand this abuse, she and her sister decided to immediately head back to Chennai, while their parents decided to be in Kanyakumari for a few more weeks. 

Once back in Chennai, her parents started to call them continuously and demand what they were planning to do with their lives now that they cannot return back to the Aadheenam. Her parents were following the news published in newspapers and on TV continuously and becoming paranoid about their daughters. Their father told them:

“You both have to come to Kanyakumari, otherwise I will give a complaint to police, saying Swamiji kidnapped my daughters! I will send you two to prison and say that Swamiji kidnapped you!”

Ma Nithya Preetananda Swami reflects over this and shares,

“When my father was saying this, I knew clearly that he would do it. Our family was well known in our local community and whatever my parents would say, people would believe. The Police would do anything my father told them to. My father had a plan to put me in prison for six months. He wanted to put me in fear so that I would not go back to the Aadheenam again.”

She decided to give a police complaint against her parents. They decided to live outside of their homes. Finally, they managed to draft their complaint letter. She recollects a few words from the original complaint draft,

‘We are legally major. My parents are forcing me to get married. I’m not interested, please protect me from them. I am a Brahmacharini of the Nithyananda Order and I wish to go back to the ashram. If my father gives any complaint against Swamiji, please do not accept it.’

Ma Nithya Preetananda Swami and her sister packed all their belongings that day and escaped from their hostel to go to the lawyer’s office. They knew that as soon as their parents found out, they would rush back from Kanyakumari and take action against the two sisters. 

Meanwhile, my other family members found out that our bags were not in the hostel room, so they called my parents to Kanyakumari and informed them. My parents immediately came to Chennai. I immediately called my mother and told her that since my sister was working a night shift, we would return home late. However, knowing this is a lie, my mother said that she would wait till the following morning. If we did not returned, they planned on going to the police.”  

The lawyer told Ma Preeta and her sister to stay in his office till the next day. Ma Nithya Preetananda Swami continues: 

“We agreed and the next morning, we went to the commissioner’s office and gave our complaint to him. He was the same person to whom Lenin Karuppan (one of the conspirators against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda) gave his complaint against Swamiji to. Unknowingly, I gave my complaint to the same commissioner.’

The Sub-Inspector was sympathetic at first, until he read His Divine Holiness  name on the complaint. He began to shout

‘Are you mad? Your Swamiji is a womanizer and you want to go to him? If your father will give a complaint to me, I will put you in prison’.

Ma Preeta became angry and told him:

When some stupid guy is giving you a CD, you believe him but when I am telling you directly that Swamiji is not like that, why are you not believing me? And now you are even threatening me?”

The Sub-Inspector told Ma Preeta that he had recorded everything that was said and that they would imprison her for what she told the commissioner. When she left his office, the press was already there. 

The next morning, the episode was published in all newspapers and magazines in Tamil Nadu. The title of the article was ‘Nithyananda’s disciple gave a complaint to the commissioner, making it seem as though they filed a complaint against His Divine Holiness.

Hounded by the Media, Not Allowed to Live in Peace

Their father gave a complaint to the police against His Divine Holiness regarding the two sisters.

“We went to Mylapore police station and we explained what was really happening. We were constantly hounded by the media for interviews. They followed our every step. With the help of devotees, we made it back to the Aadheenam safely, and continue our choice to live as Sanyasis.”

Relentless Attacks by Yellow Journalistic Tabloid

After this, Nakkheeran published another article about them, saying they returned to the Aadheenam out of fear. 

False statements given in the Nakkheeran article  :

  1. Out of fear they both went to Swamiji when Swamiji called them back. 
  2. Swamiji kidnapped the two daughters of  Sivabalan.
  3. Swamiji had hypnotized the two daughters, that’s why they still want to go back to ashram.
Nakkeeran_ 23_26 Mar 2010_Pg 1_Wrapper Front
Nakkeeran_ 23_26 Mar 2010_Pg 8

Nakkeeran_ 23_26 Mar 2010_Pg 7

Page (77)
Page (78)
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Page (83)

Ma Nithya Preetananda’s police complaint

Role of The Media

During pre-independence era, the role of the media was the voice of the unheard. But now, we see the Indian media engage in extortion, blackmail, paid-news, and attacking the monks by manipulating and misrepresenting the entire incidence and blaming the very people who were brutally attacked. In the case of Ma Nithya Preetananda Swami, as per the laws laid out by the United Nations, the police authorities denied her right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law (Article 6) and the media directly violated that no one shall be subject to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation (Article 12).


Making Mockery of Hindu practices: Tactic to Spread Hindu-phobia

Bangalore Mirror is actively spreading Hindu-phobia among Hindus by mocking Hindu traditions and debasing them.

24 July 2010 – The media houses, namely Bangalore Mirror is intent on spreading the Hindu-phobia across all the nations where Hindus are the majority. They mock everything that is associated with Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Debasing the Hindu rituals and age-old traditions that have been proven scientifically to be effective seems to be an active job of these media houses. They completely fade out the benefits received by billions of people worldwide by practising these traditions and blow up a fabricated story completely demeaning them. Shockingly, they seem to do this only to Sanatana Hindu Dharma, perhaps funded by Hindu Extremists.

Cultural Genocide

Mainstream media ridicules the beliefs and rituals of billions of practising Hindus. Downplaying the scientifically proven benefits of these rituals and creating fabricated stories around them is what it does to divert them. It is a concentrated and systematic effort to eradicate Hindus from their homeland – Bharat (India)

On 24th July 2010, 

  • Bangalore Mirror has published an article making fun of the age-old tradition of Hindus taking snan (holy dip) in the sacred waters of Vaidya Sarovar (sacred water body revered by millions) in the Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam. Even the description of the sacredness of the Vaidya Sarovar by Paramahamsa Nithyananda is ridiculed.
hindu phobia'

Bangalore Mirror, 24 July 2010: Bangalore Mirror mocks sacred practice of taking bath under Ananda Linga ( 21 foot linga made out of medicinal herbs in Bidadi)

Subjecting an entire race – to go against their original beliefs by ridiculing them is the focused effort made by the media to divert them from their own religion. Cleansing and cultural genocide is being tirelessly done to Sanatana Hindu Dharma to completely eradicate an entire religion itself. This act is a violation of  Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which states  everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.


Attack on Sacred Guru-disciple Relationship: Hindu Cultural Genocide Propaganda by Media

Indian Express, as part of the large hate propaganda toward His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda spreads utter lies about Him. They have attacked the Guru-disciple relationship with their false stories.9 Dec 2010_Nithyananda inflicted physical abuse on disciples

Indian Express 9 December 2010: IE misrepresents what is going on inside the aadheenam, spreading lies about spiritual lifestyle

9 Dec 2010 – Practising Hindus have become a minority in India and, those who are part of the Guru-shishya parampara (Guru-disciple tradition) are even lesser in number, making Sanatana Hindu Dharma foreign to Hindus themselves. Many Indians lack the understanding or interest in their own traditions. In the absence of counter narrative to media propaganda, when media makes egregious claims about Hindu traditions, people are inclined to believe them.

When Indian Express published this absurd article about His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda abusing His disciples, Hindus should have been up in arms about this misrepresentation of the sacred Guru-disciple relationship. However, because they do not even understand it themselves, they believe only what they read and hear. 

Sanatana Hindu Dharma has three pillars which has kept different sects alive for more than 10,000 years:

  1. Guru disciple lineage ( parampara )
    Example – Kashmiri Shaivism (on verge of extinction)
  2. Gurukul Education System
    Example – Nayi (Extinct Indian surgeon community)
  3. Temple based civilization
    Example – Priest community of various ancient temples (on verge of extinction)
Effect of destruction of the Gurukul Education system With destruction of Gurukuls, the vocation based communities disappeared. It resulted in a major socio-economic implosion. For example collapse of Gurukul Education system resulted in a collapse of healthcare facilities in India during the last two centuries. W Adam for example in his report (year 1830) describes the Thana of Nattore in the district of Rajshahi – The population was 1,20,928; it had 485 villages had 123 native general medical practitioners, 205 village doctors, 21 smallpox inoculators, 297 women-midwives In modern India, in 1973, the Kartar Singh Committee of the Government of India had recommended that there should be 1 midwife (Auxiliary nurse midwife – ANM) available per 10,000-12,000 people.For Thana of Nattore as surveyed by W Adam, the ratio was amazingly 1 midwife per 408. This is 2456% more than what the government is recommending in the modern era. This shows that the availability of health care specialists was amazing. In modern era the child mortality rate in India is extraordinarily high, at 48 per 1000, for year 2015. The reason for high infant mortality rate is destruction of the medical education system as part of destruction of Gurukul education system.
Effect of meditation on homicide and crime rate
In 1960, Maharishi Yogi predicted that one percent of a population practicing his meditation would produce measurable improvements in the quality of life for the whole population. This phenomenon was first documented in scientific research in 1976 when it was found that when 1% of a community practiced Transcendental Meditation, the crime rate was reduced by 16% on average. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/05/24/AR2010052402210.html 

The destruction of guru-disciple tradition and temples is likely to result in increased in legal and illegal drug consumption, increased crime rate and suicide rate.

Indian Express, completely distorts the sacred guru-disciple relationship by saying that Paramahamsa Nithyananda abuses His devotees. The intention it to spread distrust and hatred towards Hindu Gurus, directly leading to a Hindu society which can be easily controlled by the Hindu extremists militant groups.

Cultural Genocide

In Sanatana Hindu Dharma, Guru-disciple relationship is the most sacred, as it is the primary mechanism to transfer great spiritual truths and traditions. By condemning this relationship, they are effectively promoting religious discrimination leading to cultural genocide of this tradition. They are violating the rights of His Divine Holiness and His to practice their belief system, thus violating Article 18 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by the UN.


Conspirator Poses as Victim in a Ploy to Attack His Divine Holiness

Lenin Karuppan, the implant of Hindu extremist groups claims that a group of 15-20 female sanyasis (monks) were a threat to His life at a press conference, creating more justification propaganda against His Divine Holiness. The truth shows a cunning ploy to accuse and assassinate.

10 Dec 2010 – Disciples and devotees of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda heard that the conspirator Lenin Karuppan, was holding a press meet in Bangalore. While this article claims numerous blatant lies, these are the facts: 


  • A press meet can be attended by anybody. Disciples of His Holiness went to the press meet to hear what is being told to the press first hand instead of reading it in the papers later.  
  • CLAIM: The article states that the press conference was interrupted by 15-20 devotees, which included women and that Lenin stated that this incident, “proves there was a threat to his life” and “he is not safe….”


  • A group of 15 female monks with one or two men were stopped from even entering the press conference and yet Lenin accuses that his life was threatened by this. 
  • When they arrived at the gates of the press club, they were denied entry. Without a bit of resistance, they turned around and started quietly walking back. How can a group of peaceful female monks (sanyasis) be a life threat to this Lenin? In fact, the police handled them very stiffly and forced them to leave for no reason!  

The disciples walking into the Press Meet is deliberately portrayed as some attack! Innocent readers who are clueless about what actually happened will be programmed to believe this lie and demonize His Divine Holiness and His disciples, while conveniently ignoring the real life attacks done against His Divine Holiness. 

The article elaborates further on the lies that Lenin has claimed against His Divine Holiness:  

  • FALSE CLAIM: Article claims that Lenin alleges that His Divine Holiness used to beat his disciples with a stick. 

FACT: This never happened. In an spiritual organization that attracts thousands of followers every year from all over the world, there has not been any case of violence or inhuman activity ever spoken of. In a world of social media and instant communications, how can any uncivil activity stay hidden where several thousand people congregate? Only Lenin out of many thousands has accused this in years; while rest of the world celebrates visiting and residing at the  Aaadhenam (temple monastery). People have only shared their experiences of healing and transformation done by His Divine Holiness. 

  • FALSE CLAIM: Lenin claimed that these cases were filed against him to psychologically attack him to make him withdraw the case he filed against His Divine Holiness. 

FACT: Today, Lenin is a convicted rapist, habitual offender and money scammer while his case against His Divine Holiness remains utterly unsubstantiated. 

This was a Justification Propaganda to assassinate the character of His Divine Holiness further by demeaning His disciples. For a supposedly credible newspaper to publish such deceitful articles is the evidence of their co-conspiracy with criminals like convicted rapist, Lenin. They attacked the dignity of His Divine Holiness and his disciples as declared in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by United Nations. 

Deccan chronicle, 9th December 2010: The conspirator Lenin puts baseless claims on His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and His devotees


The Indian Express Instigates Cultural Genocide of Hindus Fabricating Lies En Masse

The New Indian Express publishes the untrue, unverified and defamatory interview of pedophile, Vinay Bharadwaj and habitual sex offender Lenin Karuppan and glorifies criminals.

10 December 2010 – The New Indian Express, a popular news media outlet in South India, with more than 3 lakhs of circulation daily, is actively at work on a justification propaganda campaign against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Setting all media ethics aside in a nexus with extremist Hindu militants, this media house published an article presenting a one-sided story from the child rapist, Vinay Bharadwaj. Vinay Bharadwaj fabricated a false story accusing of unnatural sex just to cover up his felonies, namely the child rape of a devotee’s child in Seattle.   

The article presents large assumptions which are refuted by the following facts: 

  • FALSE CLAIM: The criminal case against Vinay Bharadwaj after he filed his civil case against His Divine Holiness as a way to stop or slow his redemption AND it was a made up case.
    • FACT: Only in 2011, when he filed his first amended statement, and later in 2012 March, did he concoct the story of rape which is well after the court proceedings for the criminal case against him were well under way with evidence of 200+ phone calls at night with the minor.
2010 MarchVinay Bharadwaj filed the false civil case against His Divine Holiness in March 2010, with a witness statement that made absolutely no mention of rape or sodomy.
2010 December 10On this day the newspaper article came out alleging that Vinay changes his statements.
2012 March 26Vinay Bharadwaj changed his statement on this date by submission of a deposition. Before this date he never claimed sodomy. This is much after making such claims in the newspaper
2012 SeptemberIn September 2012, The Washington State Courthouse recognized:    
“From 2008 through 2009, the defendant (Vinay Bharadwaj) misused his position and sexually molested and abused at least one minor child at the Seattle Temple. The defendant (Vinay Bharadwaj) learned that the minor child would not keep secret of what he had done to her despite his manipulative attempts to silence her and that the family of the minor child was ready to bring him justice, and the defendant started to lay the groundwork for a defense and developed false accusations against Sri Nithyananda Swami and his mission which are none other than the plaintiffs.”
2012 September 24US court in Seattle sentences Vinay Bharadwaj for 4 years 9 months prison for THREE felony counts of child sexual abuse – child sexual molestation of the second degree, and one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes.
2014 December On December 9th 2014, He was sentenced in US for the above said crime, fined by the US Court to pay $500,000 in damages for the false case against Paramahamsa Nithyananda. 

FALSE CLAIM: The article goes further to say,  Vinay was threatened and kicked out of the organization after word of the rumors he spread with Arathi Rao. 

  • FACT: in August 2009, Vinay was fired due to committing the crime of inappropriate physical relationship with a minor. 
  • Following is a agreement letter signed and agreed by Vinay in which he accepts the false allegations he did and thereby was told to not represent the mission. 
    • Vinjay had made very serious and untrue false allegations against the Nithyananda Mission, which he acknowledged and accepted. 
    • Vinay acknowledged that despite being told, he was removed from Seattle in large part due to his contact with a minor child and despite his earlier agreement, he continued to have contact with her. 
    • As a consequence of his improper activities, it was determined that he cannot represent the mission and do the teachings of the mission. 
    • By signing the letter, Vinay acknowledged the falsity of slanderous, defamatory and false claims that he made against the Mission and its Leaders. He agreed that he will not disparage or criticize the Mission to its affiliates or subsidiaries, leaders, devotees  or volunteers, etc. 


New Indian Express, 10 December 2010: Hiding the information that Vinay Bharadwaj is under investigation for raping a minor girl child, New Indian Express publishes all lies, as facts about His Divine Holiness and on the same page, there is another article reporting the press meet conducted by Lenin. 

FALSE CLAIM: The article alleges that few women aadheenavasis (residents of the monastery) disrupted a press meet of Lenin.

FACT: The peaceful female sanyasis (hindu monks) were not even allowed into a public press meet and barred from entering by the police. They could therefore not cause any dramatic interruption. It is the Police-media nexus that projected false news in media over a petty incidents, making it seem like a disruption or life-attack on the sex offender, Lenin. How can a group of monks, unarmed and in public press meet attack anyone? Why did the Police not even allow them inside the Press Meet, which anyone can attend? 

fake news

Glorifying the conspirators who have filed cases against His Divine Holiness, and refusing to publish the true facts, the bias of the media is clearly visible. Publishing such fake and baseless propaganda just with agenda to character assassinate His Divine Holiness to then silently assassinate Him, the media supported a child molester convicted in US court  and a dacoit who has been jailed on multiple counts of deceit. 

Insensitive to the large international gathering of devotees of His Divine Holiness and the impact of such negative news on the psyche of His followers subjecting them to gross violation of Article 18 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which states everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. 


Two Mainstream Media Giants present opposing stories, manipulating words of His Divine Holiness 

Two major print mainstream media giants, The Times of India and The Hindu present completely different news stories – manipulating and misrepresenting the words of His Divine Holiness to character assassinate Him. Former one says,”Yes, It was me in the Video”, The latter says , “It wasn’t me in the video”. 

2 February 2011 

The Times of India

  • FALSE CLAIM: “Yes, it was me in the video!”


  • This is a lie. His Divine Holiness never said or confessed that it was him in the video. In fact, it must be noted that it is this TIMES NOW Television (which is part of the Times Group) that ran a criminal agenda to defame His Divine Holiness. While Times Now had promised a live telecast, it aired the recorded interview  with its own superimposed false texts, reaching completely fabricated content to the many millions on national mainstream media. Times Now was apparently connected directly to Hindumisic extremists .
  • It was not until the interview was filmed and broadcasted across national television, that the diabolical intentions of Times Now were known.
  • This was misrepresented as a completely fabricated line that it was Him in the video which cunningly overshadowed His words and made the viewer pre-suppose that He is confessing. 

The Times of India has a large circulation of 2.7 million people daily, having a strong influence on the opinions of masses. Irreparable damage was done to the social reputation of His Divine Holiness with this article. This is a direct violation of Article 12 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which protects every person from attacks on their honour and reputation. 

The Hindu

  • FALSE CLAIM:  His Divine Holiness is “playing the minority card”.
  • FACTS: 
  • When asked about why anyone would target him, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explained that he is the head of a minority religious group, which differs from mainstream Sanatana Hindu Dharma (Hinduism) – which is a cause for persecution. 
  • However, this statement is portrayed as “playing the minority card” – where it is implied that the minority status is being exploited by Paramahamsa Nithyananda to excuse Himself from the allegations against Him.

This proves that ‘The Hindu’ is has vested interests in assassinating His character. His Divine Holiness is reputed as a powerful Hindu spiritual leader. This article attacked His image and hurt the religious sentiments of millions who follow and revere him.

The Hindu has a circulation base of 1.2 million copies and is the second most circulated newspaper after Times of India, nationwide. In South India, it is has the largest circulation base. The damage done to the social image of His Divine Holiness is vividly reflected in the outreach ‘The Hindu’ has. 

Both these article are the proof of orchestrated attacks on Paramahamsa Nithyananda, executed by the mainstream media in collusion with Hindu Extremist militant groups to assassinate His character, promoting public hatred against Him. 

The Hindu_2 Feb 2011_Pg 4_That wasnt me in the video Nithyananda_Bangalore

The Hindu, 2 February 2011; Times of India, 2 February 2011: Two different News headlines from two print media giants has exposed the yellow journalism existing in mainstream media.


Extortion Crimes: Filmmakers of ‘Satyananda’ film do criminal & mocking distortion of persecution on His Divine Holiness

In the satirical film “Satyananda”, corrupt film producer Madan Patel and actor Sri Ravi Chetan sexualized the sacred image of His Divine Holiness and blackmailed officials representing His Divine Holiness for an extortion fee of Rs. 4 crore (40 million US dollars). A huge piece of justification propaganda in portraying Hindu sanyasis (monks) as exploitative and misrepresenting His Divine Holiness as a maniacal public enemy. 

5 April 2011 – Satyananda is a film released in 2011, with a plot revolving around the release of a video of a Hindu celibate monk drugging and raping a woman. The film is criminal distortion of the persecution on His Divine of Holiness, erasing the amount of violence, pain, blackmail, extortion, torture and murder attempts that actually happened in the span of one year against Paramahamsa Nithyananda. It instead becomes a huge piece of justification propaganda, in portraying Hindu sanyasis (monks) as exploitative and misrepresenting His Divine Holiness as a maniacal public enemy. 

The disciples of His Divine Holiness filed a complaint in order to stop the release of the film. In the complaint, a demand for immediate action to stop the release of the film was made as it contained false information which would damage the image and character of Paramahamsa Nithyananda in effect, impacting the faith and belief of millions of followers all over the world. One morphed video caused an insane amount of hatred and violence toward His Divine Holiness. 

In an attempt to discuss and come to a diplomatic conclusion, 3 monastery residents arranged a meeting with producer Madan Patel and his brother. In a video that was taken during the discussion, the extortion was clearly recorded – Madan Patel blatantly blackmails the residents that if an extortion fee of 4 Crores is not paid, they would release all the fabricated content against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

A photo taken from video of the meeting where extortion for money took place against His Divine Holiness with the inhuman filmmakers behind the defamatory film, Satyananda. 

Video: https://www.facebook.com/499911590466582/videos/509415786182829/

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT========================================
Aadheenam Side : No now you are talking about how ……. Become Your investment ??  I mean  if you are raise to proves on it , without asking us our side of the story and what do you expect us to  repayWhy are we have to repay how ever you are talking about …………..
Extortionist Side : You are not understanding …. Nithyananda ….. we don’t want to talk about the old, whatever the new you tell we can talk. 
Aadheenam Side: You know how much is happening in the court even latest today the telugu film over there is going to release  is what the statement they made. We are finding the contempt of the court , so this is your …… you are telling one thing here and telling one thing over there,  then how are we ……?
Extortionist Side : What I am telling ….If i finish that , i know how to talk then I  will talk as per that Antha velaiya enaku koduth urunga …….
Aadheenam Side: That’s what we want to talk This is your intention. What do you want?Tell us what you want..we don’t want the first part of thisThere are a few thing….. 
Extortionist Side : I wanted any one of you to ….What I have done I will show it to you from which one can remove also I will show you that
Aadheenam Side: What you need?
Extortionist Side: And the next thing what I want is – will show what I want to show what i will shoot … that also I will tell you the script  after that shoot also you can do the things, share it and show you before releasing the picture you can say – yes. 
Aadheenam Side: : For that what you want 
Extortionist Side: Ask him ….
Aadheenam Side:  We don’t know what you want / now you can tell. 
You are the authority, you are the ……one contact, everytime 
Your Expenses … Expenditure…….Yes sir, That’s what I am asking, what is your demand ???
Extortionist Side: What I discussed with my brother we want to again show positive and ….
We want  4 crores.
Aadheenam Side:  4 crores ??So if we don’t pay for crores  you will release this work Isn’t it ???No I am asking I just want to know because we don’t have that kind of money We are very straight organisation we don’t have black … nothing 
Aadheenam Side : Now only we came to know some of the money is reviving us  are …..  suppose we are not in the position to pay ….. To you .  Should we suffer by your feat ????? that’s what we……. 
How do you want to react to this?
Extortionist Side : Question ???Good to hear, Suffer ?? I myself will suffer First .. I will tell small incident 
A mother is carrying the child with basket, then suddenly flood came, that time mother carrying the child above her head,  after she puts down the basket with child near mother feet, then mother stands above the shield ….. Like that the position now 
Aadheenam Side: So you will throw away the truth whatever the guys you say 
Extortionist Side : That is not about the truth , that is … they are realising not me 
I understand about the story, you don’t mind the truth by getting back …
That is not about the truth , …… that’s what …. That is in there hand ,…..
Aadheenam Side : I understand your difficult , position now ,whatever you told .. and background now as a few people ….
See if you don’t pay then we don’t have money you don’t mind even the truth that’s what you want to tell now.

When the police was contacted to report the attempted extortion, it was not filed. Judiciary made hardly any effort to stop the release of the film. Finally, it was released in various languages across India. Clearly it was a planned and systematic persecution to isolate Him and to significantly incite public hatred and mob attacks.


Sathya Sai Baba’s Death Ridiculed by NDTV. Abuses Hurled at Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Brutal attack by NDTV, a media house, with a malicious news item about His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s visit to Puttaparthi to offer His respects to the late Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba (the great hindu incarnation revered by millions). It was yet another character assassination on His Divine Holiness; to physically and psychologically isolate Him from His own spiritual contemporaries.

27 April 2011 – There is no limit to the abuses hurled at Paramahamsa Nithyananda, as media insulted and abused Him, even while offering His respects to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba out of His devotion and close spiritual association. 

The loss of such an Avatar, who entered into MahaSamadhi (ultimate liberation) on 24th April 2011, was keenly felt all over the world, and Paramahamsa Nithyananda had every right to offer His respects and love to him.


Even prior to starting His organisation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda had ended His 9-year long parivrajaka (spiritual wandering) with a visit to Puttaparthi. In that visit, Sri Sathya Sai Baba had insisted to give sacred golden padukas (sandals) to His Divine Holiness which were actually made for Sathya Sai Baba himself. Later, on 12th June 2004, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba personally sent and gifted three divine items to His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda, formally coronating him as The Avatar (reincarnation) as per Sanatana Hindu Dharma. This is the closeness and divine relationship that they shared for years.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had coronated His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda with the rare divine items – Swarna Padukas, two sacred sandals made of gold and Kirita – the divine crown made of gold, which formally symbolizes and officiates His Holiness as the Avatar – the direct physical manifestation of superconsciousness. The President of the Shri Sathya Sai Trust, along with a group of devotees of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba had visited the Bengaluru Aadheenam, Nithyananda Peetham on 12th June 2014 and reverentially performed homa, the ceremonial sacred fire ritual and Paduka Puja, the offering to the sacred sandals, and made these divine offerings of Swarna Padukas and Kirita.

Following are the pictures taken on 12th June 2004 on this divine occasion of coronation of the Avatar at Bengaluru Aadheenam, Nithyananda Peetham by the devotees of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba: 

Photo Inlay 1, 2: June 12, 2004: Pattabhishekam, the formal coronation ceremony as ‘The Avatar’ through the sacred ritualistic bath offered onto Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji by the representatives of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba.

Photo inlay 3: Hindu Priests who accompanied the representatives of Shri Sathya Sai Trust and his devotees, to perform the fire rituals as per the traditional Vedagamic process. 

Photo inlay 4, 5 : The President of the Sri Sathya Sai Trust and his wife, offer Paada Puja  (the traditional worship of sacred feet of the Avatar) to Paramahamsa Nithyananda on the Swarna Padukas. Paramahamsa Nithyananda offered the Kirita, the sacred crown as gifted by Shri Sathya Sai Baba, during the coronation ceremony.  

Photo inlay 6: Paramahamsa Nithyananda blessing the President of the Sri Sathya Sai Trust, his wife, the devotees and the Hindu priests. 

Photo inlay 7: The President of the Sri Sathya Sai Trust seen with Sathya Sai Baba

Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba and his spiritual organization have offered the highest spiritual recognition to His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. This leaves no question of hostile reception of His Divine Holiness or not allowing him access during the last rites ceremony as falsely stated by NDTV. 

The abominable lies that NDTV news spread such as – “he wasn’t allowed through VVIP entrance..”, “Baba’s family members ignored his presence…”, “He even pleaded with the family members to allow him to enter through the VVIP entrance, but they did not agree..” is totally false. The whole occasion is used to belittle Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Even in death, Hindu Gurus do not get the respect they deserve, nor the privacy to visit a close spiritual leader who has passed on. 

NDTV deliberately attacks the character of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, crossing the line of basic journalism ethics by using hate speech, disrespecting both the spiritual leaders revered by millions worldwide. 

This is clear media mafia propaganda by extremist Hindu groups to eliminate Hindu Gurus, the upholders of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

NDTV, 27 April 2011: Cold reception for Swami Nithyananda at Puttaparthi

Clarifications made to all the press during the occasion of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s last rites 

The following clarification was sent by Nithyananda Peetham on April 26 2011 to the media. Following is the email evidence and photograph: 


Please find below the press report, photos and links to the video of Paramahamsa Nithyananda paying his

respects to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Puttaparthi.


Paramahamsa Nithyananda today visited Puttaparthi and paid his last respects to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Baba, who entered into Mahasamadhi on 24th April 2011. He was received by the senior members of the organization.

Speaking to the media on the occasion, Paramahamsa Nithyananda recalled the exceptional spiritual and humanitarian services rendered by Baba to the world. “(Baba’s) contribution to the Vedic tradition is unimaginable. He is God incarnate. We offer our humble respects to him. Though Baba is not in the earthly frame, his presence will always protect his people. We pray to him that he blesses all his devotees to continue the service and his mission,” said Nithyananda.

A Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam spokesperson also added that certain sensationalist media had tried to create a controversy around Nithyananda’s visit. “It is unfortunate that even at a time like this, certain media are trying to pitch one spiritual organization against another, but fortunately they are not successful. Nobody can destroy our sacred Vedic tradition.”

Video clip of TV5 interview with Paramahamsa Nithyananda





Active Harassment: Media Mafia deliberates religious persecution through abusive mockery

The yellow journalism of DNA Newspaper uses abusive cartoons and hate speech to hurt sacred sentiments of the devotees and well wishers of His Divine Holiness. New ways of yellow journalism are used  to alienate, confuse and isolate His Divine Holiness from His human family. 


Breaking all journalistic regulatory norms, DNA Newspaper attacks His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Sensationalizing false and derogatory news, they work consistently to assassinate the public image of His Divine Holiness, with single agenda to kill Him and His followers. The caricature depicts Him in a derogatory way causing unrequired anguish and pain to His followers. 

The illustration in the article dated 15 june 2011, in DNA journal clearly abuses the sacred sentiments of thousands who hold His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda as their guide, Guru and God. The features, the expression, the very image captured itself is abusive. 

DNA, the yellow journal owns up for none of its content, hiding behind the police and  lawyer comments. As proclaimed by the universal declaration of human rights (article 1), this is a case of gross violation of human rights of dignity;  right to life, liberty and security (article 3) and also freedom of belief, worship and practice religion (article 18) for both His Divine Holiness and His followers.


Scientific Recordings for well being rebuked as  a ‘con, comedy and repulsive show’ Mainstream Media

When the media was invited by His Divine Holiness on the sacred day of Guru Purnima (Hindu festival that reveres spiritual master) to witness the live scientific recording and research of  ‘Activation of parts of the human brain through initiation into the ancient spiritual technique of kundalini awakening and Levitation’ (anti-gravity), they misrepresented it as a ‘con, comedy and repulsive show’ . 

15 July 2011 – 

A  team of qualified doctors, practitioners and professionals in medical research, in the area of neurofeedback and QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography) conducted Scientific studies on the Kundalini Awakening initiation process of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda at Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam. This is the first of many researches done on the phenomenon of Kundalini awakening, and manifesting the superpowers of Sadashiva (superconsciousness).

While the LIVE scientific experiments were done by the researchers on July 13th, 14th, and 15th, with the invited presence of several media houses, renowned  researchers and doctors such as Dr. Krishna Rao and Dr. Kanak Pandey explained about their findings and read the readings of the live experiment on the 15th of July. The researchers as well as His Divine Holiness Himself made themselves available for the media to answer their questions. 

The corrupt and inhuman mainstream media houses such as the Kannada news channel Suvarna TV, Aaj Tak (Hindi) News Channel, TV9 News Channels, which telecasted this event in multiple regional languages – 

  • Made a gross mockery of this scientific research and a hate comedy piece out of it. 
  • Did huge abusal to the whole scientific research and scientific faculty.
  • Further they featured only the women visuals with dramatic sounds to sexualize the whole experiment using obscene narratives. For the audience this video news piece directly associated to all the other atrocity material in which His Divine Holiness is falsely sexualized.
  • Showing the women while levitating, is programming public with sexual activity, which furthermore defames and instigates hate in people against His Divine Holiness and Hindu Gurus in general. 

Aaj Tak, a popular Indian channel in Hindi language, took this opportunity only to defame His Divine Holiness further. The character assassination continues this way, further desentizing the public for His Divine Holiness and His tremendous good work for humanity. 

Blurred image of Aaj Tak News Channel how they made  a mockery of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Link below:

Video Transcript: Aaj Tak focused mainly on women experiencing kundalini awakening and made mockery of it.

(In these videos from INDIA TV and TV 9 nothing is told about the research and its findings, only the women are shown in an abusive way while levitating during the scientific experiment)

Furthermore, to portray a celibate living Guru in association with sex, totally kills His character. Through this the UN Human Rights of freedom and human dignity (Articles 1 and 22) were again deeply violated. 


The following is the actual purpose and outcome of the scientific study that was conducted. Its is ultimate irony that the media which was invited to cover the great scientific study to share the findings for the wellbeing of the society mocked and rebuked it, instead of sharing it truthfully for the betterment of the  world. 

Awakening by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The Kundalini energy is our inherent peak potential energy lying dormant inside us which when awakened through powerful spiritual initiation processes as described in our ancient Vedic methods, evolves human beings to move towards Higher Consciousness. The study was conducted by research doctor and leading scientist Dr. Krishna Rao and Kanak Pandey, a neurofeedback specialist and practicing psychologist for the last 27 years. Kanak Pandey has been practicing exclusively in neurofeedback and QEEG for 10 years.

Background of the Technique

The Scientific methods used to quantify the above study were employed first by NASA while training fighter pilots and is now used worldwide to read brain wave signals and to interpret and help treat various brain/mental disorders as well.

Equipment Used for this research

The QEEG equipment is a sophisticated equipment approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and conforms to the CE Standards, is being used to record the brain waves.  All data is being recorded on the Nexus 32 QEEG machine which is approved for the study.  This equipment was operated by a team of trained technicians under the supervision of Dr. Kanak Pandey following all study standards.

In the Presence of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the Kundalini Awakening Initiation was studied and recorded.  While those who were experiencing the Kundalini Awakening in Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s presence needed no proof as they were experiencing it in their own body, mind and consciousness, this study scientifically demonstrated the Awakening of the Kundalini Energy upon initiation by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, thus bridging Science and Spirituality.

Live Experiments on July 15th

While the experiments were being done to the satisfaction of the researchers on July 13th, 14th, and 15th, the experiment were conducted live in front of media houses as both Dr. Krishna Rao and Dr. Kanak Pandey explained about their findings as well as read the readings of the live experiment on the 15th of July. The researchers also made themselves available to answer questions from the media before and after the experiment. His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda Himself threw open the forum to all questions related to the process from any person from media.


The actual observations were astounding and prominent. Dr. Kanak Pandey stated that in all her years of practising, she had never seen brain wave activity like in these experiments of Kundalini Awakening in the Presence of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Although the researchers were available all the time for clarification, the media misrepresented the entire study and experiments.

Due to the importance of this research which was done by FDA standards, it was requested by the doctors that a regulatory body should look into this matter and rectify the reporting of this data.  It was not understood by media how important this research is to mankind and the potential to help not only towards the CONSCIOUS growth for one’s own enlightenment, but also cure many brain/mental disorders in people. The media literally robbed the people of the wonderful opportunity of powerful ancient Vedic initiation process to uplift themselves.

It is also worth noting that other research projects in relation to energy activation, meditation and yoga at Nithyananda Peetham have been approved by the Ohio State Medical School in the United States, and that serious research is in progress using well established scientific protocols.

The results as well as the certificates of the researchers are produced below

Dr. Krishna Rao’s Statement on the study of the Kundalini Awakening process by His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Here is the Statement of Dr. KanakPandey on the Scientific study on the Kundalini Awakening Process by His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Baseline Results (of brain activity) of an Ashramite (resident at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam) who participated in the Kundalini Awakening initiation process:

Baseline reading

Results of an Ashramite during Kundalini Activation when the subject (ashramite) expressed levitation

Here are the results of an Inner Awakening program participant who participated in the initiation process:

Baseline result of the Inner Awakening Participant

Results of an Inner Awakening participant during Kundalini Activation when the subject expressed levitation

brain results of an inner awakening participant during kundalini awakening in the presence of paramahamsa nithyananda - during levitation and activation


Slander and Defamation Through Hate Speech – Firstpost 

In a defamatory piece on Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s recent appointment as the 293rd  pontiff of the ancient Madurai Aadheenam, Firstpost writes with the clear intention to assassinate His character.

4 May 2012 – A seemingly cultured and liberal newspaper like FirstPost has the power to enable mass hatred and violence against a public figure by blatantly lying. This sinister game has been played by every media house in India for the past decade or so. The World Economic Forum recognizes that Indian media is one of the most corrupt in the world. There have been innumerable instances where we have seen proof that they have been bribed by some vested interest parties in order to systematically perform ethnic cleansing of Hindus in a clandestine manner. 

This article is another solid proof of the sinister ways used to malign character of reputable public figures by the media, incite hatred against and cause tremendous amount of violence against His Divine Holiness and His followers for years . India and citizens of India got their freedom seventy one years ago but are still enslaved in the hands of the media barons.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has dedicated his entire life for humanity, for healing people, for reviving our ancient texts, for initiating seekers. Using satirical language and baseless claims Paramahamsa NIthyananda’s hard work over years is questioned and disrespected. The media’s publication is a direct violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as recognized by the United Nations, in Article 1, the right to be born free with equal dignity and rights.

atrocity material generation (17)


Suvarna TV enables false rape accuser Aarthi Rao –  to put a face to ‘unnamed’ victim 

Aarthi Rao, one of the instruments used in the persecution against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, appears for the first time on Indian Television, falsely claiming herself to be the rape victim.

Even after the illegal arrest and relentless persecution, His Divine Holiness to serve the humanity untiringly. Despite the the massive attempts of the extremist Hindu to destroy Him, His humanitarian efforts had made a number of notable breakthroughs demonstrated His lifetime dedication to fulfill His mission. The following are the breakthroughs: 

  • a London-based magazine ‘Watkins’ as one amongst the 100 Most Spiritually Influential People in the World. 
  • Scientific evidence showing the phenomenon of materialization was published.  
  • His Divine Holiness began connecting to the world via two-way video conferencing, making Himself  available to millions in 350 Satsang (meditation) centres across the world.

Media Used as Primary Tool to Program Judiciary and Public Against Paramahamsa Nithyananda  

Seeing that the false case against Paramahamsa Nithyananda was dwindling fast and was about to be quashed in the courts for the lack of any victim, the conspirators behind the persecution, produced a ‘face’ of the false rape accuser Aarthi Rao, who herself has pre-existing 4 STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). To broadcast her sinister lies, they colluded with the media mafia, particularly Suvarna 24×7 News Channel, a Kannada television channel. 

This media channel played the biggest role in months to come in abetting Aarthi Rao’s false accusations against Paramahamsa Nithyananda and garnering public sympathy towards herself, while increasing public hatred towards Paramahamsa Nithyananda. This enabled the perpetrators to work with Suvarna TV to organize a massive attack against His Divine Holiness in His own aadheenam (temple monastery) during a press meet in 2012.  

After the interview with Suvarna Television which was telecast first, Aarthi Rao appeared in many subsequent interviews, including NDTV and Samana TV in order to sensationalize her lies and dramatize them further. NDTV and Samana TV, whose main host is Ranganath Bharadwaj, are also media houses who were interested in the destruction of His Divine Holiness and His mission.

Suvarna Channel nexus with Extreme Hindu Militants  – Justification Propaganda Tactics Begin

WIth the strategy of Kalyan Raman, Aarthi Rao and Lenin Karuppan created a massive amount of atrocity material with Suvarna 24×7 News Television Channel,  to  give final blow to the character of His Divine Holiness. Although factually, only a witness in the case and hence legally not allowed to talk about the sub judice case, Aarthi Rao appears on Suvarna TV, and falsely claims she was the one who was abused and raped by Paramahamsa Nithyananda over 40 times!

Programming of Public by the Interviewee 

The media programmed the public by designing the false rape accuser’s interviews to invoke public sympathy with the following things 

  • The demeanor: rigid, weak 
  • Appearance: a simple indian traditional woman with strained victimized expression, with face often hidden or shown to dramatize. 
  • Tone of voice: speaking low and with pauses 
  • content of speech: taboo content, uncensored 

Suvarna TV airs meticulously-planned sessions with false accuser Aarthi Rao. All other media silent on issue. 

Aarathi Rao’s blatant lies were split across several days of planned interviews by Chief editor of Crime Division,  Ajith Hanumakkanavar. During this time, Suvarna even invited public phone-in and panel discussions on this subject. When Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s devotees called Suvarna TV, they were not allowed to participate in the phone-in. Significantly, no other press in electronic media picked up or ran this story. It was an exclusive tie-up. The interview video was telecast continuously for over 9 hours a day and re-telecast for several days afterwards in the most malicious tie-up.

Court Complaints on Suvarna News

On 13 March 2013, Paramahamsa Nithyananda  filed a defamation suit against Suvarna 24×7 at the JMFC, Ramanagara. Suvarna Channel along with Ms. Aarthi Rao, the rape accuser who is a witness in the false rape case against His Divine Holiness, have been waging a relentless vengeful slander and abuse campaign against Him.

On 9th March 2013, Mr. A.C. Narendran, a devotee of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, filed a complaint at the High Grounds Police Station in Cr. No. 0081/2013, against the continuous vengeful onslaught of Suvarna TV on Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The most recent one being an open, blatant show of violence on a panel discussion where the panelist wielding a chopper openly issued a threat to life to Paramahamsa Nithyananda and His followers. 


When the case was almost dead, losing traction in the media and in the judiciary and the evidence was piling up proving the innocence of His Divine Holiness, it was necessary to raise the scale of media attack against Him. The media successfully invoked public sympathy for Aarthi Rao and utter disgust for Paramahamsa Nithyananda, thus enabling another grave life attempt against His Divine Holiness which  happened in June 2012. 


Defaming a disciple Hindu Monk – Yellow Journalism at its worst, One India

In yet another plan to assassinate the character of His Divine Holiness, One India – a yellow journal online news outlet, has dragged  His name catching a monastic disciple, Sri Nithya Shantimayananda Swami (to create atrocious fabricated headlines instigating public hate and controversy; while hurting the sacred religious sentiments of Hindu Guru-disciple tradition.

One India, 4 July 2012: 

  • FALSE CLAIM: The article headline screams, “Nithyananda illegally detains boy in ashram?” calling a hotel management graduate a boy. 


  • There is no boy who has been detained. Santhosh is an adult, well into his 30’s, who made his own decision to live in the Aadheenam (temple-monastery complex) as an initiated Hindu monk. So, there is no illegal detainment. 
  • How can an adult hotel management graduate be called a ‘boy’? (This is done by the media to falsely program the public about some illegal activity committed by His Divine Holiness.)
  • FALSE CLAIM: “the couple moved the Karnataka court accusing Nithyananda of detaining their son Santhosh since 2009 and not allowing him to meet him…”


Below is the letter written by Santosh (Sri Nithya Shantimayananda Swami) to police,  who himself refuted the false claim that he is illegally detained by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He says that media has brainwashed his parents against Him and done irreparable damage to His relationship with His pre-monastic family for their vested interest.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 5.21.56 PM

Irresponsible and unjust yellow journalism unchecked in India has been playing with immense power and crowd manipulating billions of perceptions. Due to hectic lifestyles and low attention spans, people are programmed to lap up whatever is slammed on them by the media.

Through this character assassination, they denied the human dignity and rights as declared in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by United Nations.

atrocity material generation (16) 


Suvarna TV Made My Life Hell!

“Suvarna TV poisoned the minds of my family, and turned my own parents against me.” 

Sri Shantimayananda Swami, a monastic disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, shares his heart-wrenching story about the misery caused by Kannada news channel, Suvarna TV. By assassinating Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s character, Suvarna TV brainwashed His own disciples to file a case against Him.

Following are the personal accounts of Sri Shantimaya Swami:

My Introduction:

I am Sri Nithya Shantimayananda Swami, a Sanyasi (Hindu monk) of the Nithyananda Order. From year 2009, I am living under the guidance of my Master, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. I am from a Brahmin family, belonging to Smartha community in Karnataka. I am a graduate and have worked abroad for 6 years. What I went through during the attack, and what I am going through till date, I shall try and express in this article:

In March 2010, the fake video was released. This was done to destroy Paramahamsa Nithyananda and His mission. I continued to live in aadheenam (monastery). I was shaken to my core, but continued my path under my master’s guidance. My parents were happy to see me stay supportive of my master (video clips are available). That is how I was brought up by my family. Attacks continued in physical and emotional level via media, assassins, etc. till date.

June 7th 2012, The Media Attack:

Suvarna TV anchor, Ajith Hanumakkanavar, tried to serve a summons in a peaceful press meet called by us at our Bidadi aadheenam. It is an illegal act to serve summons by a media person. I could not understand what was happening. We avoided him going near our Master because we do not know what was hidden in that fat envelope. He created ruckus, brought some thugs, and bet  innocent monks. I was shocked and did not know what to do. In the aadheenam (monastery), we lived a peaceful life meditating, serving people, healing people, taking care of the temple, etc. It was a cultural shock. I had never experienced this in my life before and had never even thought about media this way. I always thought media meant a sincere people working for welfare of society. I expected them to be polished, educated, well mannered.

VIDEO: Shantimaya Swami’s Father was brainwashed by Suvarna Television Network to give statements against His Divine Holiness.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si9pv7_FeOc&feature=youtu.be

June 10th 2012: 

“I lost my parents……Suvarna TV is responsible for all this. Suvarna TV had abused me, tortured me, and destroyed 10 years of my life” says the victim of media crime, Sri Shantimaya Swami

“Suvarna TV brings my innocent father to their studio and poisons his innocent inner space since he was uneducated. They forced him to put a Habeas Corpus petition on my Guru saying, I am kept in ashram by force against my will. Suvarna TV is only responsible for his pain. They destroyed our life for their personal gain. They destroyed my happy relationship between my father and me. They destroyed his faith on Gurus, religion, Gods, and spiritual path. I lost my father, my loving mother, and all my relatives. How much I loved them for 35 years of my life!

I do not know when I will get them back and how they are. This damage cannot be repaired. Day and night I pray for their happiness. I want them to be healthy and happy. They made my strong mother cry in the media and made her not to talk to me. They destroyed my loving relationship with my sister also. They changed my relatives’ mind. They built a big wall between us.

In last 10 years of attack, only once I went home — that is for my grandmother’s funeral. Even during the funeral, my parents did not talk to me.

This was not how I grew up. My parents took care of me so much. I was the most pampered in my whole family. I know now my parents will suffer physically and emotionally with the torture they are being put through. Suvarna TV is responsible for all this. I know my parents are in deep pain, lost their health, wealth, and everything.

Why did they have to make my parents cry in their tv channel for so many days? And repeatedly show the same thing again and again. This shocked me. I went into depression. They used my family as an emotional puppet for their personal gains. I was shattered to see my father crying on TV. He was like a tiger all his life till this Suvarna TV came into our life.

It was such a sickening experience to go through for both me and my parents. I had to take the help of a psychiatrist to settle down.

Suvarna TV abused me, tortured me, and destroyed 10 years of my life. Even now, it still haunts me in the back of my head. Because of constant compassion and care of my Guru, I am surviving and trying to stand up. I am still waiting to get justice for my life, my family, and my Master.

I do not know if it will happen in this lifetime.”

~ Sri Nithya Shantimayananda Swami

This brutal attack against Paramahamsa Nithyananda and His disciples by Suvarna TV is a direct violation of Article 12 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which protects a person from attacks upon his honour and reputation. 


Media Crimes on Hindu extremist threatens to kill Paramahamsa Nithyananda on national television

Suvarna News television panelist, Vagish Prasad wields weapon during panel discussion, issuing life-threat to His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Police Case was filed by beleaguered devotee. Shocking accounts of Media Mafia’s criminal onslaught. This video broadcast is nothing short of committing a broad daylight crime amidst millions threatening the life of a Spiritual Leader, worshipped and revered by millions worldwide.

9 March 2013 – Suvarna news television and its employees are notorious for regularly inciting mob hatred in Karnataka towards His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. By massive public penetration, systematic barbarous attacks have been instigated to eliminate Paramahamsa Nithyananda and destroy Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

In March 2013, some Hindu Extremist Terrorist groups caused tension between the Lingayat community and His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. There were financial motives behind creating this issue, which was revealed by the sting operation against Rishi Kumar. He was hired by Suvarna channel to speak against Paramahamsa Nithyananda on television to create unnecessary conflict.

In continuation of this, Suvarna News Television of South India on a continuous vengeful onslaught, had panelists blatantly threaten and abuse Paramahamsa Nithyananda on a panel discussion. Well known for their Hindu extremists terrorist views, they verbally attacked Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a spiritual leader of a minority of Hindu group, who has a world-wide devotee base. They intentionally wanted to create a division between Paramahamsa Nithyananda (and His followers) and the rest of the Hindu community.  Suvarna News TV went so far as to allow their speaker, Vagish Prasad, to wield a deadly sickle against Him issuing a life threat openly on the channel watched by millions of people. Their sole intention was to incite mob violence against Him in an attempt to mob lynch Him.


Vagish Prasad, a panelist in the Suvarna TV shows, wielding a chopper openly issued a threat to life to Paramahamsa Nithyananda and His followers. This program was aired continuously by the accused TV channel Suvarna News 24×7.  

vagesh bhat with sword cropped
Panel Suvarna TV

Above is the infamous video clip that vividly captures Suvarna Television’s criminal onslaught which makes it media terror house, way beyond the basic factual media house running for public interest. 

Video Link:


POLICE COMPLAINT FILED by beleaguered devotee

In response to this, On March 9th 2013, Mr. A.C. Narendran, a devotee of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda,  filed a complaint against Suvarna 24×7 Kannada News television channel.

High Grounds Police Station in Cr. No. 0081/2013, registered complaint against Suvarna TV and it’s panelists. The complaint and FIR are attached below.

N__suvarna vagish prasad_10 march 2013 - vagish prasad fir_Suvarna News FIR 10 Mar 2013
N__suvarna vagish prasad_10 march 2013 - vagish prasad fir_Suvarna News FIR 10 Mar 2013 2
N__suvarna vagish prasad_10 march 2013 - vagish prasad fir_Suvarna News FIR 10 Mar 2013 3

In April 2013, Mr. Pankaj Dubey, a devotee of Paramahamsa Nithyananda and a Varanasi lawyer at the VII Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Varanasi, also filed a complaint against Suvarna 24×7 Kannada News television channel registered under Case No. 461/2013.


Complaint against Suvarna News 24×7 Kannada News Channel including the transcript of the life-threatening statement in TV studio of Vagesh Prasad (General Secretary of VeeraShaiva MahaSabha)


Following are the documents that prove that Vagesh Prasad is the General Secretary of VeeraShaiva MahaSabha

vagish prasad elected general secy veerashaiva mahasabha

2010 Article stating that Vagesh is Gen. Secretary of Mahasabha


MEDIA TERRORISTS: Crime Stories of Samaya Television Nexus with Extremist Militants – telecasted life attacks on Monks & Monastery

January 13, 14 2014: 


Samaya Television telecast false accusations against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and His followers to character assassinate and a strategic plan to generate public hate and indifference. 

  • FALSE CLAIM: was that His Divine Holiness is causing linguistic violence, ‘insulting Kannadigas’ (residents of Karnataka state), and instigating the owner of a Haridwar Hotel (where He and His organization members were residing for a meditation program) to stop Kannadigas (the residentials of Karnataka state) from entering into the hotel. 

FACT: No one was stopped from entering the hotel. No Kannadiga was stopped. Completely baseless accusation. (the hotel general manager video and statement is enclosed further below)

  • This linguistically provoked propaganda was the pretext to justify an attack on His Divine Holiness and kill him by manipulating Kannadigas to incite hate violence.

The premeditated attack was led by one Mr. Ranganath Bharadwaj, against whom several cases have been filed by the Nithyananda Aadheenam (monastery) and followers of Paramahamsa Nithyananda for defamation and breach of peace. 

  • It is learned from reliable sources that Mr. Ranganath Bharadwaj is the relative  of Mr. Vinay Bharadwaj, who was sentenced to 4.75 years imprisonment for multiple counts of sexual assault of a minor girl in the USA. 
  • Prior to Vinay’s arrest in the US, Mr. Ranganath Bharadwaj had tried to broadcast Vinay Bharadwaj on the Suvarna TV channel to allege that Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s ashram was responsible for instigating this – Vinay Bharadwaj’s incarceration.
  • Ranganath formerly served as a reporter on Suvarna TV. Unfortunately, prior to Vinay’s statement being televised on Suvarna TV, the USA courts found him guilty of sexual assault of a girl child. Vinay Bharadwaj went on multiple appeals, the final appeal outcome was that the US Court has turned down ALL of his appeals and had actually ordered him to pay all of the lawyers’ fees as well.
  • Since Ranganatha’s plan was aborted due to Vinay’s arrest, he went ahead to instigate a baseless case of linguistic violence in Karnataka against Paramahamsa Nithyananda. 

Samaya Television incites Linguistic violence against His Divine Holiness

  • Infuriated by the arrest of his nephew, he lashed out by sending a group of militant terrorists to beat up the a single Sanyasi (hindu monk) living at the Aadheenam (temple monastery) in Uttarahalli – severely injuring him, breaking his bones and vandalizing the property. This came as a shock to the neighbors as they knew the Sannyasi to be well known of calm and helpful nature – enriching them by teaching yoga and meditation. Taking law into his own hands, Ranganatha made several life-taking criminal attempts to malign and destroy Paramahamsa Nithyananda but to no avail.
bhaktimaya swami-1 (1)

Sri Nithya Bhakthimaya Swami, who got brutally injured in a life attack in Uttarahalli Aadheenam, Bangalore


VIDEO LINK: https://www.facebook.com/justificationpropaganda/videos/246084362870674/

Samaya Television Networks broadcasting the life attack done by a local  Hindu Extremist  Militant Group Navnirman Sena on Uttarahalli Aadheenam. Later, the leader of the same group was called by Samaya TV for a panel discussion where openly declared his criminal act.


This violent attack on the Nithyananda Peetham, Uttarahalli Aadheenam, and Sri Nithya Bhaktimayananda Swami, violated the UN Human Right Laws including the Right to Life & Security (Article 3), Right to Privacy (Article 12) and No Discrimination (Articles 2, 7).


The Samaya Television panel that were hired on the TV channel to discuss this (false) allegation comprised of extremist Hindu militant terrorists with vested interests and were proven in the court of law to be criminal elements, including the likes of Karnataka Navnirman Sena’s Bhimashankar Patil, Madan Patel, etc.

Mr. Bhima Shankar Patil himself is not only accused in a number of criminal cases but was also beaten up badly few months back in Bijapur for defrauding and cheating hundreds of people, promising them homes for their families. He was also being pursued by the police and arrested for a number of other illegal crimes.

Mr. Madan Patel, in the same way, was expelled from the BSR party during the recent elections for selling the party tickets and making money. He even made a defamatory movie on Paramahamsa Nithyananda titled ‘Satyananda’ and when faced with a stay of proceedings by the Karnataka courts, he tried to blackmail the ashram authorities and devotees of Paramahamsa Nithyananda demanding a sum of Rs. 6 crores from them. The ashram authorities denied this illegal extortion demand. The recording of the same is also available on CD.

Bhima Shankar Patil’s CRIMINAL interview on SAMAYA television, voicing his intention to kill His Divine Holiness:

VIDEO LINK: https://www.facebook.com/justificationpropaganda/videos/254406105371833/



  • The Hindu Extremist activist openly tells his criminal acts in the TV interview that – ‘Today our activists have gone and destroyed it (aadheenam in Bengaluru)…..” ; “Tomorrow we will attack them also. For any reason, Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena will not allow Nithyananda to start or run any Dhyanapeeta mutt in Karnataka. Until he leaves Karnataka our fight will continue.”



TV ANCHOR: Unable to tolerate Nithyananda’s activities Kannada activists expressed their anger against Nithyananda. Nithyananda has a meditation center in Uttarahalli. This meditation center was attacked by Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena. This meditation center is located in Uttarahalli, Vandalam Nagar. This meditation has been attacked by Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena. We are seeing in the visuals how Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena activists are attacking this meditation center located at Vandalam Nagar Uttarahalli, breaking the things there..their anger has reached its heights because they are not able to tolerate Nithyananda’s activities anymore.This attack was led by Bhima Shankar Patil of Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena. Bhima Shankar Patil is on the phone with us now:Anchor: Patilji how many of you took part in this attack and what is the next action you are going to take?” Patil: When the chief minister ordered for an investigation I had told that action has to be taken regarding his activities within 24 hours and a decision has to be made. The time in up. This mutt, they started 4 months ago by building a compound wall and putting his picture and board saying Nithyananda Dhyanapeetham. Today our activists have gone and destroyed it. Just like this, he has opened Dhyanapeetam in 6 other places in Bangalore it seems. We got information about 2 places. Tomorrow we will attack them also. For any reason, Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena will not allow Nithyananda to start or run any Dhyanapeetam mutt in Karnataka. Until he leaves Karnataka our fight will continue. Anchor: So you have taken law in your own hands. Patil: No, I didn’t say that we are taking law into our own hands. He is doing everything against the law only. There are so many legal cases against him. Still, he is hiding and going around saying I am in Haridwar, Kedar, Kashi etc. So that’s the reason why we are not doing anything by taking law into our hands. How can we agree if he just puts one shed at some unofficial place and says this is Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. We are Kannadigas. Next to it there are houses, decent people are living. Tomorrow if he starts the same activities as in Bidadi how will the neighbors accept that? Again there the atmosphere will get spoilt. That atmosphere should not get spoilt. Our Karnataka people; Kannadigas should not have any difficulty. That is the reason why we took this decision. We didn’t take law in our hands. We are committed to law. we are trying to get our hands on the papers of that land. Maybe by tomorrow when we get the papers of that site Once we get it we will make a bigger more furious fight in that place.
Anchor: Bhimashankar Patilji, there are many ways in which you can express your opposition towards him. You can take out a peaceful protest. If you are attacking you should have got tahsildar, DC and informed the police officials and along with them you should have gone.Patil: When it comes to Nithyananda we do not trust any official or any politician. Even though Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena has been fighting against the illegal activities of Nithyananda, till today not even one official has been able to take a strong decision… because there is political pressure is there and Nithyananda has strong political clout. He has this evil mind of managing anything we will not be able to get him out like that. I told before also that Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena will do a peaceful protest, but if action not taken we will have to create a revolution. We have taken the first step. Whatever happens, Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena people are ready to face it. Anchor: Now you are attacking..there is one disciple there. Pushing him and being violent towards him, how correct is that Bhimashankar Patilji? Patil: Please don’t get it wrong. While the attack was going on our activists have not been violent towards anyone. Nithyananda’s photo has been brought down and torn, the compound wall has been broken. Other than this nothing has been done. We have not attacked or been violent towards anyone.Today we have taken an unshakable decision that whatever happens it’s ok, even if they hang us it’s ok but from now on Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena will attack Nithyananda’s ashrams, we will surrender.. we have not attacked any person physically. our intention is to get Nithyananda out of Karnataka. Anchor: Ok Patilji, so is the next attack on Nithyananda Bidadi ashram then? Patil: That is also on the queue. There are other 2 ashrams that Nithyananda has in Bangalore. After we are done with those 2 we will definitely attack Bidadi ashram also. Even if he brings police officials or army itself Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena will still attack Bidadi ashram. Anchor: You said there are 2 more ashrams, where is it located Patilji? Patil: I will bring that to your attention tomorrow evening or day after tomorrow. Anchor: So there is a possibility that you will attack those places also? Patil: Not just a possibility, for sure we will attack. Nithyananda for any reason should not be on Karnataka land. It’s starting only today. When it will end I don’t know. Today we have started, we will continue until he leaves Karnataka. Anchor: Ok Bhimashankar Patilji. Thank you for talking to Samaya news. * END OF TRANSCRIPT *

Statement of Haridwar Hotel Management – clarifying that no one from Karnataka was stopped or withheld from entering the Hotel at Haridwar

Here is the testimonial from the General Manager of Hotel Sarovar, Sri Brijesh Gupta, who publicly expressed his shock at this false accusation by Samaya channel (seen in the below photograph). In his statement he said,


VIDEO LINK: https://www.facebook.com/justificationpropaganda/videos/250147979130979/

“It is very disheartening to know the statement which is made by the said channel. Swamiji (Paramahamsa Nithyananda) and his message are all-inclusive and welcoming and uniting everyone. I don’t know how the channel is showing this, but if they are showing this, it is a very wrong allegation against Swamiji. And if they want to come (to the hotel) and see whether anyone is stopping them, they can see! They can come and check if they have any doubts about it…I personally, as the General Manager of the hotel, Brijesh Gupta, would like to state that the channel is making such a statement that is very wrong and very disheartening. No such statement has been made either by Swamiji or any of his interpreters to the hotel. His program and satsang have been open for all. And I can see local people also coming and calling and they’re attending the program. So there are no boundaries for anyone. We are not stopping anyone, neither hotel nor satsang people. I have had the good fortune of attending a few satsangs personally and I have felt very enriched…It’s our pleasure to have Swamiji and have such a world class spiritual program in our premises. So that spirituality in this premises again brings the goodness of this hotel, a good future for this hotel and for the people of Haridwar and the place of Haridwar. Swamiji and his message is all inclusive and welcoming. Uniting everyone which is not that dividing and we aren’t stopping anyone. I don’t know how this channel is showing this, but still. If it is shown by some channel which is very wrong, a wrong indication to Swamiji.”


Pained by these false and malicious accusations, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda also responded with a statement, 

“I wanted to make it very clear to the people of Karnataka – I love Karnataka and I love people of Karnataka. Neither I, nor my representatives, made any of these kinds of statements. We don’t have any barriers based on religion, language, nothing. We’re open to all human beings. We’re open to everyone.

After the attack, the administrator of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam ashram in Bidadi, Shri Sairam Muthuswamy, presented a pleading letter to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, clarifying the facts and appealing to take the necessary action to stop all of the violence & harassment.

Letter to the Chief Minister from the administrator of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam: 
“This is a blatant violation of the law and is being instigated by vested interests led by one Mr. Ranganath Bharadwaj, against whom several cases have been filed by Nithyananda ashram and followers, for breach of peace and defamation. It is learned from reliable sources that Mr. Ranganath Bharadwaj is the relative of Mr. Vinay Bharadwaj, who is in jail in the USA after being sentenced to 4.75 years imprisonment for multiple counts of sexual assault on a minor girl. It is to be noted that Mr. Ranganath Bharadwaj had also tried to bring this Vinay Bharadwaj on the Suvarna TV channel that he was a reporter of formerly, alleging that Nithyananda ashram is responsible for instigating Vinay Bharadwaj’s incarceration. This is when the truth is that US police and Court did their investigation and found him guilty of serious offenses of sexual assault and after Mr. Vinay Bharadwaj went on multiple appeals, the final appeal outcome being that the US Court has turned down all appeals and even ordered him to pay all the lawyer fees.
Nithyananda ashram and Paramahamsa Nithyananda have always and will continue to love the people of Karnataka. They are grateful to the soil and salt of Karnataka and highly respect the holy land of Karnataka that has been hosting spirituality and enlightened Masters since thousands of years. The ashram has always been and will always be open to people of not only Karnataka, but also the whole of India and the world, as the very purpose for its existence is to serve the people and provide them with spiritual solutions for a happy and successful life. The ashram has no barriers of religion, language or anything. So the ashram welcomes all the people of Karnataka and the rest of India, except mischief-mongers like Mr. Ranganath Bharadwaj and his associates.
We request your kind offices to please note the above and take strong action against these unscrupulous elements for attempting to breach the peace in the State of Karnataka.”
This entire heinous event was the result of unprecedented attacks on the spiritual leader leading to a number of Human Rights Violations such as the No Discrimination Act (Article 2,7), Right to Justice (Article 8, 10) and the basic right of Innocent Until Proven Guilty (Article 11).


Life Attack in the Disguise of Potency Test – Deadly Media-Police Nexus Exposed

Even after a torturous attempt to murder by the lethal medical tests, media-police nexus continue denying the human right and threaten the life of His Divine Holiness. This article exposes the criminalistic assassination attempt on the life of His Divine Holiness through the potency test and how media and police portray an innocent being as guilty. 

September 11, 2014: 

  • FALSE CLAIM: The media states that the “Potency test conducted on Nithyananda is incomplete as he has reportedly ducked a part of the test.”

FACT: The potency test was taken on 8 September 2014 and His Divine Holiness cooperated completely with the test, even though He has to undergo intense pain.  There was no part of the test which was not done. On the contrary, He was forced to watch porn and take a lethal injection – which is gross violation of human rights. 

  • FALSE CLAIM: It mentions that,” Nithyananda used clever tactics…..” as a last resort and that “He made use of a less-known provision that requires the consent of patient to take an injection that induces erection.”


  • This statement proves the utter insensitivity and criminal intentions of the Media and its nexus with the perpetrators. The whole medical test was a direct attack on the life of His Divine Holiness to kill Him! Where is the question of a ‘clever tactic’ when the very life of a person is at the stake of doctors and police, who are all out to kill them through forced lethal injection. 

Here are the facts of what happened during the medical test. 

  • The doctors forced His Divine Holiness to take the invasive test where an injection would be given to excite a sexual response to prove he is potent. The injection was actually a lethal one meant to implement the diabolical motives of the police. This injection is known to have side effects which would cause intense chest pain and put the individual at huge risk for heart attacks.
  • His Divine Holiness refused to take it to save his life, the basic human right! This refusal is cunningly shown by the media as legal right to avoid the test, which is not the case! 
  • During the medical test conducted by the police, they abused his religious vocation of  monk, by illegally allowing women doctors during his medical test. 
  • They illegally showed pornography before him in an attempt to arouse him sexually as his body was clearly showing no libido or sexual response.
  • His complaint to the police was not acted upon. 
  • FALSE CLAIM: “Police said they will invoke Section 53 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which empowers them to use force to persuade Nithyananda to undergo the complete procedure…”


  • No second test was taken, as the impotency was proven. 
  • This direct statement from the police to force His Divine Holiness is completely inhumane. When His Divine Holiness had fully cooperated with the test and undergone the risk of life-attack on Him through the lethal injection, then what point does the police have for another test? 
  • Potency Test was Pointless and Abusive – If potency tests results confirm potency, then it wouldn’t be conclusive evidence of crime. If potency tests results were negative, it wouldn’t acquit the accused of the crime. What was the point ?

It was an unprecedented inhumane torture, directly violating article 5 of Universal declaration of Human Rights which states that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. It also violated Article 10 which states that everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

11 September 2014: Daily Mail, example of the criminal Media-Police Nexus, disguised life attack on His Divine Holiness as potency test. Justification propaganda created in media to falsely label Him as criminal who did not cooperate for test.


Hate Speech: Times of India Hurls Gender Abusal on Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Media abuses His Divine Holiness’ impotency, which is medically proven and is a physiological effect of his purity and yogic body beyond lower hormones. Media trial continues to inhumanely character assassinate the Hindu Saint. Disregarding the real statements and evidence of His Divine Holiness and his medical reports, they throw gender abusals to incite mob violence and public hate to deliberately harm Him. 

14 September 2014 – The Times of India flashes the atrocious headline, “I Am Not A Man” as an absurd statement claimed by His Divine Holiness, abusing his character without seeing the medical evidence and statements from His Divine Holiness and the spiritual context. They constantly use terms like ‘Godman’ to make a grim mockery, denying Him His basic dignity. 

What the Media Falsely Said:

  • ‘I am not a man: Swami Nithyananda’.
  • “.. a CD that has 36 video clips with at least 5 different women. The CID has sent the CD to Hyderabad”
  • ” she was one of the women who signed the disclosure agreement…”


  • Medical Potency tests results prove that His Divine Holiness is ‘impotent,’ which means that He has low levels of testosterone. This has nothing to do with being transgender. In reality, it is the ultimate spiritual state of living beyond gender as a celibate. 
  • The media unabashedly talks about the gender on the passport. The fact is the male gender is a physical attribute, but the physiology of His Divine Holiness is a yogic body beyond gender. As revealed in the Hindu scriptures, this is the science of evolved species, which is beyond hormones and India has had thousands of evolved Yogis who have these attributes.
  • There is no CD with 36 video clips. This is a blatant lie with unwarranted and unnamed sources, projected as ‘reporting’ – classic third grade yellow journalism. Till date, no such CDs exists or have come out. The Times of India violates the basic journalistic ethics by not investigating the story but presenting false fake news as fact.
  • The claim about a non disclosure agreement is totally baseless: They have reported gossip with absolutely no evidence, proof, or statements.

Times of India, 14 September 2014: Times of India misrepresents the reality of the medical test done on His Divine Holiness

What media never said:

Potency tests, released on October 1, 2014, reveal how Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s claims of impotency were true.

Potency Test reports low testosterone hypogandanism of Paramahamsa Nithyananda


I am not a man Swami Nithyananda - News Oneindia

One India, 30th April 2010: Presstitute Twisting the truth – A Sanyasi who is beyond gender, mocked for his claim of Brahmacharya

Medical tests establish Paramahamsa Nithyananda as Beyond Sexuality

Clarifications made to all the press regarding the false and blatant lies being spread by media about the medical tests results of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. 

On September 14, 2014, the Public Relations Team of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam sent a press release to all the press clarifying about the false and blatant lies being spread by the media regarding the medical test results of His Divine Holiness. Yet, the press never reported or published this clarification anywhere in their media.

Following is the email evidence and the email photo: 

8 September 2014

As per court directions medical test is successfully being conducted. Legal action is being taken against false and blatant lies being spread by certain media with vested interests about the results of the tests.

We wish to clarify this and request honest ethical media to take this into account and take a strong stand against the media sections who are spreading lies in the name of journalism and bringing shame on the whole fraternity and profession.


His Divine Holiness team sends a clear message to media to stop lies on medical tests conducted on Him.

It was direct attack on the dignity of His Divine Holiness. He was denied basic human rights as per the Universal declaration of Human rights to have human dignity (article 1).


Yogi Beyond Gender – Misrepresented and Abused By Corrupt Media

In another deceitful article by Deccan Chronicle, it was claimed that the potency test taken by His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda “proved” that He is a man. This gender shaming defamation forces crowd manipulation to ridicule His Divine Holiness.

27 November 2014 – In one of the most highly misquoted interviews, Paramahamsa Nithyananda stated that he neither considers himself a man nor a woman, for he is beyond the identity of gender. This comment went viral, the media harping on this one line for months together. 

As usual, Deccan Chronicle having a readership of over 10.8 lakh people, has manipulated and worded their title in such a way that millions of people will judge Paramahamsa Nithyananda and gender shame Him, which is now being disproved. 


  • His Divine Holiness is above and beyond gender and hormones – a highly evolved yogic physiology, which is respected and revered in the great Sanatana Hindu Dharma. 
  • While Paramahamsa Nithyananda has a male body, He does not identify himself as either male or female as He lives in a spiritual state that is beyond gender.
  • As part of the false rape case trial, His Divine Holiness voluntarily has undergone a potency test. The test results clearly show, as accepted in Court, that His Divine Holiness’ male hormone – testosterone level was only 12.9 nanogram per deciliter compared to a normal male adult having 1200 ng/dl and is therefore not capable of the sexual act. His physiology is of a 6 year old kid. 
  • As a Sanyasi (hindu monk) Divine Holiness lives a celibate life and promotes this lifestyle as the royal way to enlightenment

Deccan Chronicle, 27 November 2014: Yogi beyond gender: misquoted, misrepresented and abused by media

Today’s society is already suffering from gender-related sexual problems, all because they are unable to connect to the subtle concept of gender as per Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Maligning this statement made by Paramahamsa Nithyananda only takes people further away from great truths about their own bodies and minds; the truths which has power to  liberate them from the bindings of a fixed idea of gender. 

This damage is too grave for society, done without remorse by corrupt media forces who are working to further ostracize His Divine Holiness from society, swaying the public opinion. The media and the extremist Hindu militant terrorist groups are hand in glove  violating Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s Human Rights continuously by lodging attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks (Article 12).


‘News Minute’ publishes an outdated article on the falsified “sex contract” 

Media puts forward false article to mislead common people creating an image of ‘Sex Swami’ for His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.  

The News Minute, 28th August 2017: The News Minute reporter makes outdated, false claims against His Divine Holiness.

FALSE CLAIM: The survivors of sexual assaults in ‘Swami’ Nithyananda’s ashram have spoken out about non-disclosure agreements and sex contracts. The chargesheet of the rape case against Nithyananda reveals that sexual exploitation was masked in the guise of a ‘Learning from the Master’ programme. 


  • No such non-disclosure agreement exists. 
  • The entire itinerary of His Divine Holiness is available on nithyananda.org website as far back as 2004. There was never any program called “Learning from the Master”. 
  • Out of the millions of devotees that follow the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda today, only two people who are criminals claim to have signed this contract. 

1.) Vinay Bharadwaj, the convicted child rapist who spent 5 years in the highest security prison in the United States after which he was deported from the U.S and not allowed to return forever

2.) Aarthi Rao, the false rape accuser who has 4 STDs which were not considered once when she became a witness for the false rape case against His Divine Holiness 

  • Out of millions of devotees TheNewsMinute claim as though there are numerous people who have come forward…Such is the way of yellow tabloidism – which follows no line of facts and truth.
  • This article is coming out seven years after the non-existent non-disclosure agreement failed to appear as evidence in the court as it was completely fabricated.  

FALSE CLAIM: Affidavits and counter affidavits have been filed to delay the case. Though the complaint of rape was registered in 2009, the victim has been pushed from pillar to post, with justice delayed for eight long years 


  • The affidavits which prove that a rape case against His Divine Holiness DOES NOT EXIST. Documents have been put forward as proof of  this. They are the following: 
  1. 4 United States based lab reports showing that the video released on 2 March 2010 to defame His Divine Holiness was indeed morphed 
  2. Arathi Rao’s medical records, showing that she has 4 incurable STDs which can be evn transmitted through skin contact
  3. Potency test conducted on His Divine Holiness which show that he is 100% STD free and that he has the testosterone level equivalent of a 5 year old child, which makes Him incapable of the acts that Arathi Rao alleges
  4. Doctors’ affidavits stating that based on the potency test and Arathi Rao’s medical records, it would be impossible for His Divine Holiness to commit such an act which she is claiming 


The article fabricates the victim’s suffering over a rape which does not reveal the gory violence, extreme brutality and life-attempts against His Divine Holiness that have happened countlessly in the last eight years.  

FACT: The 8 year delay is mainly caused by innumerable failures to appear in court on the matter of her false rape allegation against His Divine Holiness. 

This article is a direct by-product of a current character assassination where two of the chief co-conspirators in the false charges against Paramahamsa Nithyananda of rape, unnatural sex and cheating, in connivance with sensation-hungry media, function to meticulously destroy His Divine Holiness and His Hindu organisation. 

Through this character assassination, human dignity to His Divine Holiness and other Hindu Gurus have been denied as declared in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by United Nations.


Obscene headlines from Outlook Magazine that aim to character assassinate

Outlook Magazine encashes on the title, “Tantric Rites in Bed” and fictitious story in order to assassinate the character of His Divine Holiness as a spiritual Guru. 

FALSE CLAIM: Nithyananda, in 2009, had the other victim and rest of the ashram inmates to sign pre-dated non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) under which the disciples are expected to have tantric sex.  

The news reported is completely false. False allegations directed to destroy the public image of His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, incite hatred and justify the subsequent mob lynching attacks against Him.  The Outlook news reporter conveniently ignored the following court-verified facts: 


  • No such non-disclosure agreement exists 
  • Out of the millions of devotees that follow the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda today, only two people claim to have signed this contract. 

1. Vinay Bharadwaj, the convicted child rapist who spent 5 years in the highest security prison in the United States after which he was deported from the U.S and not allowed to return forever

2. Arathi Rao, the false rape accuser who has 4 STDs which were not      considered once when she became a witness for the false rape case against His Divine Holiness 

  • This article is coming out 7 years after the non-existent non-disclosure agreement failed to appear as evidence in the court as it was completely fabricated 

The article continues making more fabricated claims in order to build its story. 

FALSE CLAIM: Eventually, following a Supreme Court dir­ective, Nithi underwent a test. A Bangalore hospital certified that he was not impotent and mentioned in its report that he did not cooperate when more tests were required, he adds. 


  • In 2010, His Divine Holiness told the CID to do a potency test done on Him to show that He is not capable of any sexual act. However, the CID was not interested in attaining any facts and only in colluding with the media to create even more atrocious material against Him.  
  • The report published by Victoria Hospital clearly shows that His Divine Holiness has extremely low levels of testosterone which make him incapable of any sexual act. The doctors acknowledge this in the report. 
  • In order to force His Divine Holiness to have an erection, which was not produced even after showing Him illegal blue films, the doctors forced Him to take an injection which His Divine Holiness did not consent because the symptoms included cardiac arrest. Despite this, the injection was illegally administered. His Divine Holiness experienced severe pain and near fatal blood pressure. The unmonitored amounts of the injection was found to be a attempt to murder Him.  

Further the article FALSELY CLAIMS:  “After protests from the public and the state’s own HR&CE department, he was removed from the post after five months” 


  • His Divine Holiness was appointed as 293rd Guru Maha Sannidhanam (Pontiff) of Madurai Aadheenam on April 27 2012.  
  • As per the regulations put in place for the appointment of this position, it cannot be removed once appointment has been given.  

After so much of repeated lying the reporter dares to pose ridiculous questions, such as, “If he is innocent why is he delaying the trial?”. They even claim the fake, obscene video was proven real by unspecified labs. 


  • Though the evidence is piling up showing that His Divine Holiness is indeed a victim of a huge conspiracy, because of repeated failures to show up in court by the so called victim, there has been a huge delay in the court proceedings. 
  • Four highly credential U.S. forensic laboratories proved by 60 technical points that the video was fabricated and provided affidavits.  


When even the CID officials and Indian courts are still working to get to the bottom of the conspiracy against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, newspapers and television channels are running a media trial screaming with obscene titles trying to program people’s minds with false news about Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

In a violation of Human Rights as per the UN Declaration of Rights, specifically Article 1, the right to equality in dignity and rights, the mainstream media colluded with extremist Hindu-terrorist groups in the ultimate plot to murder His Divine Holiness. 


Presstitutes Exposed – Fabricated Obscene Video never submitted at CFSL Labs (Central Forensic Sciences Labs) for Analysis

Official Information from Directorate of Forensic Sciences – New Delhi (Documentary evidences) gave a SHOCKING revelation that the scandalous fake video on His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda was never even submitted at any of the Central Forensic Sciences Labs – CFSL – in India for Examination/Analysis. It has exposed and consolidated the role of Paid Media in the organised Media Trial against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

On 22nd November 2017, All National and regional News Media had broadcasted a sensational defamatory false news that the “Controversial Sex Scandal Video portraying  Nithyananda and Actress Ranjitha in a compromising position is true” and that “The Central forensic Labs (CFSL) of Delhi and Hyderabad had conformed in the Video Analysis Reports”.

This defamatory and false news was also spread via Print media and Social Media Networks virally as a planned attack on His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

To expose the false media trial, an RTI (Right to Information Act) application was applied to the ‘Directorate of Forensic Sciences – New Delhi’ on 23 Nov 2017, seeking information regarding the Analysis reports of Controversial Sex Scandal Video, portraying Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Actress Ranjitha. 

The questions asked via RTI was:

  1. Has any video been sent to the CFSL for analysis for any Investigation process which portrays Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Actress Ranjitha?
  2. If Yes, which Department and/or Personnel requested for the analysis report and when was the request made?
  3. Have the Analysis of that Video been completed and report sent to the Personnel/Concerned Authority? If yes When was it sent?
  4. If the Report is available for public view please send the Digitally Signed soft copy or True Certified Copy of the Report.
  5. If the Report is Subjudice and not meant for Public viewing then how the TV media had access to the Information. The media never mentioned/showed any proof of document, for the information they had broadcasted. They only mentioned the source of information as Central Forensic Science Labs – Delhi (CFSL). Is the Information given by the Media houses True and Authentic?
  1. The Directorate of Forensic Sciences Lab – New Delhi had forwarded the above said RTI Application to the Central Public Information Officers (CPIO) of CFSL Labs of Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhopal, Pune and also CFSL CBI – New Delhi, to give appropriate Information.

The Reply/Information from each CFSL Lab is given below:

  1. 27 November 2017 CFSL Pune: – “No information is available in this office for your queries numbering 1 to 5”
  2. 04 December 2017 CFSL Kolkata: – “No Information is available in this Laboratory”
  3. 06 December 2017 CFSL Chandigarh: – “No such case has been received in this Laboratory for Examination. And no such information is available in Material Form”.
  4. 12 December 2017 CFSL Bhopal: – “No Information is available in material form”
  5. 06 December 2017 CFSL Guwahati: – “In this regard the requisite Information with respect to this laboratory is NIL”
  6. 03 January 2018 CFSL Hyderabad:- “This Laboratory does not have any Information related to the questionnaire. Hence the information may please to be treated as NIL”
  7. 05 January 2018 CFSL CBI – New Delhi:- The CPIO of CFSL CBI – New Delhi had asked for the FIR details if they had to provide any information. After the FIR details was provided the following reply was given by the CFSL CBI – New Delhi; “This is to inform you that no record or request for the forensic examination in the respect of the FIR numbers stated by you was received in CFSL CBI New Delhi.”

Below is the RTI application submitted with pertinent questions asked.

rti application on fake news about cfsl report

Reply from New Delhi CBI CFSL

Reply from Hyderabad CFSL

Reply from Hyderabad CFSL

Reply from Pune CFSL

Reply from Kolkata CFSL

Reply from Guwahati CFSL

Reply from Bhopal CFSL

Reply from Chandigarh CFSL


The Official Reply/Information from the Directorate of Forensic Sciences – New Delhi, via various CFSL Labs including the CFSL-Hyderabad and CFSL CBI-New Delhi categorically proves the following truth,

  1. No video portraying His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and the Actress had been submitted in any of the CFSL Labs throughout India. It proves the whole false ‘Paid Media trial’.
  2. The Hyderabad and Delhi Labs had also confirmed that no such information is available in their Labs. This proves that the fake and defamatory news broadcasted by the media mafia, is a conspiracy to assassinate against Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
  3. Also, this proves that the planned attack against Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Sanatana Hindu Dharma was done by Extremist Hindu Militant Elements backed by the unethical and corrupt ‘Paid Media houses’. The official documents from CFSL Labs have once again proved and exposed the conspiracy of False Paid Media Trial against His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

This revelation exposes the cunning criminal agenda of Paid Media Houses and the existence of international Extremist Hindu Militant forces whose vested interest is to destabilize Sanatana Hindu Dharma and eliminate His Divine Holiness.

Video TranscriptQuestion: Swamiji you made a very big statement saying that the CD which was released was morphed but  it was tested from the very reputed agency FSL in Hyderabad in Hyderabad, they say that CD is genuine
Swamiji: Can I answer two things, first chain of custody the no FSL lan can speak the authenticity of any video without having the clear understanding about the chain of custody when it was shot where it was kept see You can answer,yes
I would like to say a few things about the video. First of all many of you might be relying upon a CFSL report and we saying that if CFSL laboratory is confirming that this is authentic, this means authentic but unfortunately the CFSL laboratory should never have even touched this video because the video has a date on it.
That date happens to be 25th of December 2009 and the CFSL  received the video some time in May and the Chennai police receive the video on 4th of March 2010. Between 25th December 2009 and 4th March 2010,nobody knows the whereabouts of this video and for any video to be called evidence there is something known as a chain of custody. A laboratory should be in the position to pinpoint where this video was  between 25th of December 2009 and the 4th of March 2010. The laboratory simply has no such information because nobody in the world knows where this video was doing what in that period.CFSL should have never touched this but having actually touched the video having actually given a certain report many things actually come into doubt. First and foremost what is the basis for CFSL  to say that this is genuine because this is digital video you are dealing with digital video to speak of .Number one this is not analogue, number two-the authenticity of a distilled video is always open to doubt and question. It is only approximate and nobody can be certain, not even CFSL  is certain and it would be inappropriate for anybody outside of CFSL to say that yes this is true. And also lawyers and forensic scientist in the United States are now going through this video they don’t have the entire video with them, they have actually the clippings of the video and they are startled actually to find out that in India that thing like this is believed by the masses and they are saying that they will give an affidavit very shortly to say that video is only morphed.They are saying that the quantum of light actually generated by the video is the exact quantum that is necessary to morph the video and to create a reasonable doubt to the naked eye.So there are several inconsistencies that they have pointed out and unfortunately I cannot give you the exact inconsistency. But I will give you a reference,there is a timestamp in the video that time stamp says 8 o’clock in the morning but the video has an alarm clock,alarm clock says 11 o’clock in the morning.Now when video timestamp becomes 8 o’clock, if I go from 8 o’clock to 8:15 what do you think the alarm clock in the video should be displaying? 11:15 but unfortunately it does not display 11:15, it displays 3:30. Number 2, there is a network that is being shown, there is a television that is playing inside the video, there is a particular network actually that is playing on the television and the forensic scientist in the United States are now saying that they have ascertained that, that particular network never telecast that particular program on that day. But what they are all baffled with is that is the choice of the day 25th of December 2009 maybe we all miss the significance of that day because this is an arbitrary date, for a person who would morph actually any one of the 365 days in the year would be valid why on earth that they choose 25th of December 2009 or for that matter 25th of December. The lawyers, forensic scientists in the US are actually baffled they just don’t understand, why 25th of December- all the dates in the world.  Because they believe 25th of December is a sacred day for them. That’s the birthday of Lord Jesus the Christ and there are furthermore inconsistencies. The video specifically, the charge sheet lists out the maker and manufacturer of the video. And the scientists in the United States they have been able to find out the speed at which the video shoots,it is something like 30 frames per second. And they say for a speed like this there is a table fan that is captured inside the video and they basically have calculated the speed of the blade within the table fan and they are saying when the video shoots at 30 frames per second and when a still is taken out of that video, the Blade should appear in a certain way but the blade is appearing in the exact,opposite way and these are the things that will be given later in the form of an affidavit for all those who would want to believe that the video is genuine. The video is not genuine and the video represents an extraordinary digital manipulation. Because it is, if we want to believe yes they took 2 months, one might want to wonder, what was the video doing in those two months, In those 2 months and there are 7-8 other inconsistencies unfortunately I am not been authorised to divulge those inconsistencies at this point of time. But I just wish to tell you this, Hollywood would be delighted because it is believed that the people in the US are saying the video represents finest Hollywood work and all Hollywood labs would be delighted once basically they realise that people believe this is true, this is real that is all. Thank you.


News Minute Distorts and misrepresents the legal counsel of His Divine Holiness

In the false rape case foisted on His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the false accuser Aarthi Rao changed her stand from ‘rape’ to ‘consensual sex’, the moment her statements were discredited by the US courts where she filed a similar false case against His Divine Holiness. Medical tests done on His Divine Holiness have clearly proven His impotency. 

17 March 2018: 

FALSE CLAIM: In this News Minute article, it shows as if the Counsel to His Divine Holiness made a statement deterring from the earlier statement of impotency to saying it is ‘consensual sex’! It claims, ‘Nithyananda changes tune in rape case…’


  • His Divine Holiness has not changed His statements throughout the case. He has stated from day one of this false case that he is innocent. 

“In November 2014, the CID finally submitted the results of the potency test to the Ramanagara sessions court where it was proved that Nithyananda’s claims of impotency was false…..”

FACT: This is a complete lie. The potency test results clearly prove the ‘impotency’ of His Divine Holiness: 

  • That he is impotent; Testosterone hormone levels at 12.5 ng/dl are extremely low
  • That male hormone level is that of a child
  • That the male reproductive system itself has been unused for decades
  • Psychological examination results show unresponsive to sexual urge, had no sexual activity during his lifetime, no history of masturbation, no wet dreams or erections. 
  • World renowned doctors and medical experts have given their affidavits proving the clear impotency of His Divine Holiness. (Affidavit enclosed of Dr Robert De Lorento, MD)
  • The fact of the matter is, the false rape accuser Aarthi Rao is the one who changed her words multiple times, finally alleging it was ‘consensual’, when she was not able to get any evidence or traction on her bogus claims of rape. However, News Minute brazenly twists the story and spreads lies about His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda even quoting the 

Attached is the letter from the advocate of His Divine Holiness, Mr. J. Elayaraj, who mentions that: 

  • It is complete misrepresentation of facts. 
  • The counsel never made a statement that there was a ‘consensual’ relation between the accused and the false rape victim Aarthi Rao. 
  • This was perversely distorted by the vested interests media to create a sensational news item to gain cheap publicity. 

When people are continuously bombarded with such false information, they are programmed to conclude that Gurus are a threat to society and start harbouring animosity towards them, plaguing the public sentiment against all Hindu Gurus, legitimising religious persecution. This character assassination, a violation of the freedom and freedom to develop personality (Article 1 and 22 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights), is set up and persistently applied in such a way that it is bound to lead to physical assassination, which is the most extreme violation of human right of life and security (article 3 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

Affidavit clarifying that the statement of the counsel of His Divine Holiness was distorted by the media by J Elayraja, Advocate.

lawyer statement

Affidavit from Robert Di Lorento on 17 December, 2014 which states that Paramahamsa Nithyananda is impotent as per potency test which is clear evidence that He did not commit rape or unnatural sex.


17 March 2018; News Minute distorted the statement of the counsel of His Divine Holiness and misrepresented the facts.

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