Commemorating The Flag Certificate Presented By The State Of Texas

Proclamation 100112 of August 21, 2021

A Proclamation

Today we commemorate over the sixteen years of KAILASA Nation -State of Texas relations – A collaboration that brings a diverse tapestry of cultures, heritages and values to the world. 

KAILASA shares a deep and enduring friendship, bolstered by the bonds of family, faith and culture that tie the citizens of KAILASA Nation  and State of Texas together. The collaborative work with the State of Texas and KAILASA Nation  has contributed towards building sustainable communities, promoting stable, secure and viable local and regional economies through indegenious education, faith, spiritual values, wellness and health care. Today, I am pleased to receive the Flag Certificate presented by the State of Texas on 23rd July 2021 towards my 41st Chaturmasya. In recognition of the Flag certificate we reflect on the tradition of leadership, resilience, support and accreditation shown by the State of Texas in its collaborative efforts with KAILASA.

KAILASA – Texas works towards a unified goal to accelerate humanity towards superconsciousness and promote global peace, validate Hindu Lifestyle, and encourage Hindu education, revive the Enlightened ecosystem  in Texas. Throughout our journey in Texas, We have been empowered to work with a fierce spirit of freedom, faith and a courageous dedication to offer guaranteed life solutions and a sacred commitment to build and expand the Enlightened ecosystem in Texas. Over the last 16 years of partnership and collaborative efforts, A number of initiatives that empowered the community in Texas including:

  • Several initiatives from KAILASA’s Department of education that has created, maintained, offered and expanded several university courses including but not limited to Kalpataru, Ṇithya Ḍhyana Yoga, Ṇithya Kriya Yoga, conferences, think tank groups, meditation and yoga workshops, enabling psychological and emotional well being, spiritual transformation and expansion of all Hindus in Texas at Ṇithyanandeśvara Paramaśiva Devalaya at Huston. 
  • The Federal Government of KAILASA has appointed trained religious peacekeepers from the SOVEREIGN order of KAILASA to resolve conflict resolution within the communities through Vedāgamic  life solutions – the Science of Completion.
  • The Department of Religion and Worship conducted several Vedic rituals including Ḥoma, Pūja, Ābhiśekams, Ārcanas to bring global peace and harmony among the various communities in Texas to support living a life of Conscious Sovereignty in compliance with the Ved-Āgamas. The deities installed in the Ṇithyanandeśvara Paramaśiva Hindu Temple, specially energized by the living Incarnation of Paramaśiva, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam bestowed blessings of  prosperity, well-being and conscious sovereignty upon the citizens of Texas
  • KAILASA’s Department of Religion and Worship promoted the universal respect, advocation and practice of freedom of religion. We have monitored religiously motivated abuses, harassment, challenges facing religious freedom, identify means to address religious persecution and discrimination on Hindusim and it’s derivatives worldwide, and recommend, develop, and implement policies and programs to address these concerns. 
  • Social Initiatives from KAILASA’s Department of Food like “No Hungry Stomach” in collaboration with International humanitarian agencies like Red Om  showed its commitment to eradicate hunger by accelerating its work towards its unified goal through Vedic food banks (ānnadhan) serving free Vegetarian Sattvic meals  to children , low-income people and several other groups in Houston.

As we strive together to overcome new challenges, from defeating the COVID-19 pandemic and fueling an enlightened ecosystem, KAILASA and the State of Texas remain vital alliesa and  valued partners in promoting peace and Conscious Sovereignty around the world.

NOW, THEREFORE, by the authority vested in me as The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, the Head of the Ancient Enlightened Hindu Civilizational Nation, KAILASA do hereby proclaim August 21, 2021, as a day to celebrate the recognition of the Flag Certificate presented by the State of Texas, honoring the tireless work of KAILASA. I encourage all the citizens of KAILASA to honor the enduring friendship between KAILASA and the State of Texas.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my seal this twenty first day of August, in the year of two thousand twenty-one and in accordance with the Vedic Calendar, during Śrī Śveta Varāha Kalpe Vaivasvata Manvantare Aṣtävimçatitame Nityayuge Prathame Pāde Plava Nāma Samvatsare Ḍakṣinayane Sri Lakṣmi Venkateṣhvara Ṛtau Ṣimha Māse Ṣukla Pakṣe Chaturdashśyam Śubhatithau Ṣthiravasara-yuktāyāṁ Ṣravana Nakśatra.


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