Pallava Samrajyam

The Kailaasa Paramparagatha Agni Vamsa Pallava Sarvajnapeetham Samrajyam (spiritual and religious kingdom) in Puducherry was handed over to HDH in Jan 2007, ruling from Eambalam Aadheenam (temple-monastery). As revealed by HDH, it is a place where a two-thousand-year-old temple stood earlier. It was ruled by the Pallavas in the 4th century.

An enlightened being by name Karuvurar had originally created an energy field here by virtue of a Garbha planted forty to fifty feet beneath the ground. The energy field continues to exist as long as the Garbha is there. And the Garbha continues to exist even though the deity and the temple is removed! The Garbha is an energy battery made of solidified mercury mixed with other traditional herbs planted by enlightened beings before they install deities. 8 such Garbhas exist beneath the ground where stands the Eambalam Aadheenam.

It means that eight Garbha Mandirs (sanctum Sanctorum of a temple that house the deity) still exist beneath the ground. The land donor Sri Pandurangan handed over the sacred place to His Divine Holiness and adorned sanyas (joined the monastic order) initiated by His Divine Holiness on 14 August 2017 (seen in picture). HDH revived the Kailaasa Paramparagatha Agni Vamsa Pallava Sarvajnapeetham Samrajyam as an enlightenment ecosystem and henceforth it has been serving people with all components of an enlightenment ecosystem such as enlightened lifestyle, powerful spiritual initiations, free, healthy, sattvic food, authentic yoga, and meditation classes and more spiritual services.

SPH offering worship to the Presiding Deities of the Pallava Samrajyam