Linga – Paramashiva

Worshipping the Linga

Worshipping the Linga is the second foundational spiritual principle and practice for each and every member of the Sovereign Order of KAILASA. 

The Atma Linga is the miniature of Cosmos and is energized and gifted by the guru, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism who is the personified Cosmic Energy. Atma Linga is our very own ātma, Consciousness. It holds tremendous power to manifest anything we want in our lives. The crystal linga is Paramashiva, the Sri Yantra on the top is Parashakkti, and the Bindu at the center of the Sri Yantra is the Guru.  When we worship our Atma Linga – Paramashiva, Parashakti and Guru – we are directly connecting and tuning to our highest self or ātma. 

The practice of worship is fundamental to every Hindu as it is in according to the principle that, “As long as we are in form, we should worship form” as told by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism.  

Our journeys into the truths of the universe, our spiritual journeys living an enlightened life, begins with Shiva Puja. It starts with connecting with the cosmos itself, Paramashiva himself, everyday morning, and surrendering and all of our incompletions to Him. Puja is your personal time with Paramashiva. It is the time when we blossom with gratitude and devotion. 

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism has explained:

“Paramashiva is Kārana Kārya Mula. Listen. Kārana, the Cause. KĀRYA, the Effect. MULA, the Source.

If a pot is made, clay, potter and the force potter is using on the clay and the knowledge potter has which he applies on that clay – all that put together becomes a pot. Understand. Paramashiva is all this for all of us. Listen carefully. Paramashiva is all this for all of us. He is the material out of which we are made. He is the material out of which we are made. He is the potter who is making us. He is the force which is put on us, for us to stay as we are, and He is the knowledge which is applying the force on us, to stay as we are.”

He is performing the pancha kritya, the five Divine Acts – the Shristi – creation, Sthiti – sustenance, Samhara- destruction, Tirobhava putting into delusion, and Anugraha-liberating from delusion.”

Across KAILASA, in all orders and among all members the initiation into Vishesha Deeksha is the most primary spiritual initiation and induction which the individual goes through. With this begins the spiritual journey.

Over the course of 26 years, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism has initiated the largest number of people into Vishesha Deeksha more than any other Hindu order.