Fundamental Principles

Spiritual Principles

The Sovereign Order of KAILASA is the oldest and largest Hindu religious order, existing from time immemorial since it was established by Paramashiva Himself.

Therefore, the religious character of the Sovereign Order of KAILASA coexists with its full sovereignty. The religious and governing structure are not mutually exclusive but rather in peaceful harmonious coexistence. As the supreme head, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism simultaneously oversees the sovereign entity of KAILASA as well as the religious traditions and authenticity of the religious order. The 73 orders under the 19 kingdoms of the Sovereign Order of KAILASA are guided and supervised by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism through an ancient structure which has been in place for thousands of years.

The spiritual core of the Sovereign of KAILASA can be observed from the declarations made before the Guru paaduka puja, chanted with deep sacred sentiment by every member of the order every day and before any ritual.

The following are the religious declarations made by every member of the order:

1)  I authentically cognize which is internally processed, understand and declare the truth that cosmic energy exists.

2) I authentically cognize which is internally processed, understand and declare the truth that The SPH Swamiji, Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva, and Nithyanandeshwari Parashakti, Guru Paduka and Atma Linga are the Chinmaya Vigrahas – embodiment and representation of that very cosmic energy.

3) I authentically cognize which is internally processed, understand and declare the truth that whatever I offer during the Pada Puja to The SPH Swamiji and the Paramashiva puja to Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva and Nithyanandeshwari Parashakti will reach the cosmic source of energy directly.

4) I authentically cognize which is internally process, understand and declare the truth of – “Sohamasmi” – that even when I worship I am Him.

Guru, Linga, Sangha

Having this at the core, the spiritual foundation is made up of three components: Guru, Linga and Sangha. In the words of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism: 

“Parashakti is the source energy from which all of us came, in which all of us exist, in which all of us radiate, in which all of us will dissolve. The source energy is Parashakti. Understand. Three method the Parashakti can be infused into your life. Every way Parashakti is infused in your life, She manifests as you want. You want wealth, you want enlightenment, you want powers, you want health, you want eternal life, anything you want, the energy, the Shakti which manifest in your life as Iccha Shakti, Jnana Shakti, Kriya Shakti. She manifests, Parashakti manifests in you as what you want. Understand. There are three ways the Shakti can be infused into you. Vedas and Agamas say very beautifully three ways – Guru….Guru can just initiate you and awaken your kundalini. Just by initiation, Guru can give Shaktipata and Shaktinipata. Smarana matrena – just by remembrance – Iccha matrena – just by out of His will, free will, He can give the Shaktipata, Shaktinipata and awaken your kundalini shakti in you, initiate you, awaken the Parashakti in you. Second, Linga. Understand. First, Guru. Guru can awaken the Parashakti, just like that in you.

Second, Linga. Atma linga is given to you to hold the energy continuously inside you. I tell you, whenever you have Atma Linga in your breathing space, you are absolutely protected. Protect yourself from the devil, evil, negative, rakshasas, demonic elements. Please understand. Protect yourself from all the demonic elements, evil elements, rakshasas elements, in every level. In every level protect yourself. Having Atma Linga with you 24 hrs is the ultimate protection and it will continue to keep the Parashakti in you active, alive. Understand.

Atma Linga protects and keeps the Parashakti, Cosmic source energy – even that word ‘Cosmic source energy’ English word is not equivalent – I am roughly translating – Parashakti will be kept alive and active in you continuously through Atma Linga. Understand. Protect yourself from all negative energies, all negativities. Do not allow any poison. In the Shiva Deeksha, Samaya Deeksha, first thing Paramashiva tells: “Don’t allow Shiva aparadha – Guru aparadha, means do not allow Shiva abusal, Guru abusal in your life.” He says beautifully,” Shiva abusal, Guru abusal is a poison.” Don’t even allow that poison in your eyes or ears. Kandumuttu ketumuttu (கண்டுமுட்டு கேட்டுமுட்டு). Even you see them, the abusers, even if you hear, it is dangerous poison. Protect yourself all the demonic forces. Keep Atma Linga with you always. Let it be in your breathing space always and protect yourself from all the demonic forces. Do not allow any Nithyananda abusers, Sangha, Nithyananda sangha abusers, in your life, whether in social media or in real life. Do not see them, do not listen to them, do not see that poison, do not listen to that poison. Don’t even think you can enrich them or argue with them. No!

No poisoner or abuser is interested in enriching, getting enriched or even logical argument. They are interested in dumping their poison in you. Understand. You already have too many negative patterns. The abusers, demons, devils are very brilliant to trigger the negative patterns. Even one or two of your negative patterns is triggered, the distrust wakes up. Trust is a tremendous treasure. It can be broken just like that. You would have worked and made beautiful million dollar worth, very romantic beautiful home, just one ball fire is enough. The abusers will just put one ball of fire – over! And they will try to challenge you, “ If a ball of fire can burn a home, how can that be called as home.” you don’t know the logic. How destruction can be caused. Destroyers, abusers, they know how to trigger the patterns in you and destroy, make you part of the demons. Understand. Human being is a possibility. Representatives of Kailaasa makes you Paramashiva. I am continuously working you to make you experience Paramashiva. Demons, devils, rakshasas work continuously to make you experience demonic, devil qualities and they are trying to enroll you for hell. Understand. I am enrolling you for Kailaasa – they are enrolling for hell. You decide what you want!

Having Atma Linga will completely protect you always from negative energies and make you manifest more and more powers – Parashakti. Make you manifest more and more Parashakti. Third, Sangha. Understand. These three – Guru, Linga, Sangha. Guru – just by initiation, by will He can awaken your Parashakti. Linga, continuously hold the awakened energy in you continuously and protects you. Sangha will make you expand more and more. I tell you, what you want to achieve, surround yourself with the same kind of people. People with the same ambition and the same goal. If you want to become a great weight lifter, have that kind of friends, surround yourself with the lifters. If you want to become successful runner, surround yourself with that kind of people and runners. If you want to be successful in some sports or game, surround yourself with that kind of people. If you want to be successful in body building, surround yourself with the gymers.

So understand – Guru, Linga, Sangha. Sangha is the beautiful group of people, who also have the same ideas, goals, ambitions. Nithyananda Sangha is literally My own extension, for all of you to experience Kailaasa. Understand. As long as somebody is integrated to Nithyananda Guru and Linga – they are part of Sangha. Surround yourself with the Sangha. Right understanding, whether in your real life or virtual life or social media. Guru, Linga, Sangha – all these three can awaken Parashakti in you. Download Nlighten App today. Install Nlighten App and Nlighten Up today. Nlighten App and Nlighten Up both. Nlighten App will continuously keep you in touch with Guru. Spend as much time as you can studying, internalising powerful cognition from Me. understand. I tell you, if you know every incident in My life, how the powerful cognitions have manifested, you will immediately manifest that same powerful cognition in you. When you hear the story, how Arunagiri Yogishwara made Me realise “Saami Onnuda”, you will experience “Saami Onnuda”. Understand. When you hear the story of how I experienced Arunagiri Yogishwara – “Saami Onnuda” – you will experience the same “ Saami Onnuda”

Public address and satsang by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism on 13 October 2019