KAILASA publishes reports on the International Day of Democracy

Amidst the birthing of new laws in the modern day, for the overall improvement, betterment, and fluid functioning of the society and the people the transparency and the authenticity in the governance system still undergoes evident drawbacks such as but not limited to corruption, money laundering, biased laws, bribing, etc. This drastically slows down the potential growth and breakthrough humanity can reach socially, politically, and economically.

Hinduism has a detailed governance system that functions based on responsibilism. Hinduism introduced and practiced responsible democracy. Responsible democracy represented Hinduism’s major asservations of peace, non-violence (ahimsa), and harmonious co-existence between all beings.

Wars and fights, discrimination, gun violence, injustice, and unlawful crimes are increasing every day due to some people’s indirect disrespect, non-cooperation, and blatant disagreement with the current law and order. This in return acts as fuel giving rise to many crimes being committed followed by authorities giving less attention to the incidents which further incentivizes many to continue with their negative intention of causing harm to people, humanity, and the planet itself. To break this vicious cycle from the root, Hinduism’s responsible democracy has to be adopted and incorporated into every governance system.

KAILASA has worked to restore the values of freedom and democracy on which our nation was founded, as well as to increase people’s capacity to exercise their rights freely across the world. We have a special responsibility to lead at home and internationally as the world’s oldest democracy, not just by the strength of our example, but by the power of our example.

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