Bhava Samadhi Darshan Of

Lord Surya

By Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism
Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam
His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

open for all e-citizens

Get ready to welcome Lord Surya on the special occasion of MAkara sankranti (Pongal)

14 january, 2021

program starts at 3:00 AM IST 

LOrd Surya – the sun god

Bhagavan Surya – an energy representing strong fundamental force heals us of our engrams, brings completion. Lord Surya 


– Represents The Power of Responsibility
– Energy Supplier of all the Planets
– Intense Power of creation and success


Lord Surya, One of the nine Navagrahas. ‘Nava’ means nine. ‘Graha’ means planets. As per Vedic Astrology, these nine deities are independent and intelligent planetary energies that influence our lives.

Grahas are nothing but aspects of God and purpose of these Aspects of God is to bestow the results of Man’s, and other creatures, actions. Grahas. and thus we should not fear them.


benefits of worshipping lord surya

(with shastra pramanas)


ॐ भास्कराय विद्महे महादुत्याथिकराया धीमहि तनमो आदित्य प्रचोदयात

In English

“Om Bhaskaray Vidmahe Martanday Dheemahi Tanah Surya Prachodayat”

Meaning : ‘ Om, Let me meditate on the Sun God, Oh, maker of the day, give me higher intellect, And let Sun God illuminate my mind.’

Benefit : This liberating mantra when chanted every day with full concentration in praise of the Sun God, produces positive energy and divine blessings from the Sun God.

It strengthens one’s body, purifies his mind and uplifts him spiritually. The mantra can provide one with fame and success anywhere and everywhere.


Surya Mantra
In Sanskrit

नमः सूर्याय शान्ताय सर्वरोग निवारिणे

आयु ररोग्य मैस्वैर्यं देहि देवः जगत्पते ||

In English

“Namah Suryaya Shantaya Sarvaroga Nivaarine

Ayu rarogya maisvairyam dehi devah jagatpate”

Meaning: ‘O! Lord Surya, ruler of the universe, you are the remover of all diseases, the repository of peace. I bow to you and please bless your devotees with long life, health, and wealth.’

Benefit :To bask in the divine grace of the Sun God, this Mantra can be chanted. It is known to eradicate diseases from its roots and help develop the physical and mental endurance required to overcome all of life’s obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bhava samadhi darsan?

Bhava Samadhi Dharshan is the Science of Manifesting The Divine. Bhava, when expressed through the body, the physical structure of our body itself changes. Dimension of Paramashiva manifesting in the Nija Avatar for us to experience the same, is Bhava Samadhi Darshan. It is direct experience of causeless bliss.

Bhava Samadhi Darshan is not an event in space and time. Rather, darshan happens at the moment when we are lifted out of space and time.

The Archavatar (Deity) reflects the Consciousness and Manifestation (Being) of the Superconscious energy, but human beings are not mature enough to receive the higher level experiences from the Archavatar directly. 

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Benefits of attending Bhava samadhi darsan
  • Bhava Samadhi Darshan enhances awareness levels, greater creativity and extraordinary abilities start to express through us.
  • Bhava Samadhi Darshan of an avatar can result in the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini, our own highest inner potential energy. 
  • Research in neuroscience has proved that darshan floods the body and brain with Kundalini energy. 
Why bhava samadhi dharshan?

Our very bio-memory awakens to the space of Paramashiva ultimate consciousness during Bhava Samadhi Darshan. – Darshan of an Avatar cleanses the karmas the lifetimes, and creates a deep and lasting transformation in us. – Darshan meditation as a preparation helps us to fall into the space of gratitude – Gratitude enables the reflection of Consciousness on all levels – physical, psychological and ultimately, conscious level and it is during that time

What is Surya Bhava Samadhi Dharshan

Bhagavan Surya is the fire energy representing strong fundamental force heals us of our engrams, brings completion. 

Surya Bhava Samadhi Darshan of the Nija Avatar is the science of manifesting/ awakening various dimensions of Surya (Archavatar), the auspicious components and the powerfulness of those dimensions in us.


Why Surya bhava samadhi Dharshan?

Bhava Samadhi Darshan is a window to the infinite expanse of consciousness, allowing us to glimpse the formless in a way that we can understand.

You will immediately see increased efficiency, sudden sense of relief(since some old pattern and situation repeating in your life ends) .

Often Bhagavan Surya is worshipped by students to break exam fear, establish success in business, new career, or start of any new venture so old engrams are warded off.


How to Participate in Surya Bhava Samadhi Dharshan?

Bhagavan Surya is the fire energy. And Sanatana Hindu Dharma is only living science that mastered this science of connecting with these energies through worship.

You want to thank them? Offer Homa
You want to connect with that energy, learn how they can support you? Offer puja
You want to sing their praise and tell others how they helped you? Offer Archana

Which food to offer as Naivedyam?

Naivedyams for Lord Surya One or more of the Naivedyams should be offered to Surya as Naivedyam.

Ven Pongal
Chakra Pongal

Atma Pramana 

“To teach me astrology, Arunagiri Yogishwara actually brought down the Navagraha (the nine planets). Suddenly, there were bright color orbs in front of us. He used the color that they radiate to teach me the different effect that planet’s energy has on you. When the red color of Jupiter mixed with the Green color of the Moon, there is a certain effect. Like this the different combinations of each planet made up the astrology science.
When I realized they were the actual planets I asked, “Sami, if Surya is here when people look up what will happen?!”
He just said, “Until you learn, I will make sure nobody looks up! Now, you look here.” “

Pratyaksha  Pramana 

Modern research proves that the planets have a direct impact on the human body. Some of the effects are listed below :-


  1. The number of thoughts we have  
  2. Time of experiencing adulthood and puberty
  3. Changes in the menstrual cycle
  4. Timing of the gestation period
  5. Energy level in our body is affected due to the gravitational force of the moon 
  6. Changes in hormonal levels

Why Worship Sri Surya (SUN) | Nithyananda Satsang

Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam
His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (HDH) is the reviver of KAILASA – the great ancient enlightened Hindu civilizational nation. HDH is an Avatar from, and is a Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism. HDH has made science of power manifestation, yoga and temple based universities for humanity. SOVEREIGN ORDER OF KAILASA led by HDH and NITHYANANDA ORDER of monks, nuns and Hindu diaspora are working for global peace and to give super conscious breakthrough to humanity. 

NITHYANANDA HINDU UNIVERSITY (World’s largest) with extended campuses in 150 countries is collecting, organising, preserving, time capsuling, decoding, spreading and reviving 20 Million source books of Hinduism and the 64 sacred arts and sciences like Ayurveda, music, dance, sculpting, astrology, vastu. HDH is the 293rd Guru Maha Sannidanam of Shyamalapeeta Sarvajnapeetham (ancient apex body of Hinduism) and present Emperor of Suryavamsa Surangi Samrajyam. HDH has survived the worst persecution of multiple assassination attempts on person and character by anti-hindu elements.

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