Day 6 of Paramashivoham Level 2
April 15, 2020

Among the global pandemic of COVID-19 happening right now, one of the biggest fears is the fear for their health, the insecurity about their health. Not knowing where and how the virus will spread, finding any and every way to protect their health by using external tools and methods. In Sanatana Hindu Dharma, health goes much deeper than taking precautions externally but also making sure we build ourselves consciously internally. On day 6 of Paramashivoham, participants had several intense sessions on what this means, took several steps into really building themselves from the inside-out, and explored the possibilities of their new being. 

Among all the darshans, power manifesting, and completion sessions in today’s program, there were also several discourses shared. Discoures where the living incarnation as per Shastras, the incarnation of Paramashiva himself, Kailasa’s Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, shared the sacred truths about the body, health, and maturing the body through responsibility, enriching, and causing. 

Swamiji shared that the body is basically a vehicle for your dreams, it’s an ornament for you. With regards to your body, health is the ability to fulfill all the dreams that you’re carrying in a casual way- whether it’s wealth, health, relationships, anything- without losing the quality of being an ornament. In other words, being able to fulfill yourself without incurring damage. 

In fact, our body replaces itself daily. Our intestines are replaced every 3 months, our liver within 9 months, our brain within a year…practically, our body is constantly disassembling and reassembling. Actually, when we put ourselves back together, we don’t have to keep carrying the same old diseases and patterns. How we put ourselves back together has everything to do with our bio-memory, with the ideas you carry about you. Even physically, your body can change just based on the way you feel about you.

The definition of health, as per the avatar, is not the absence of illness- but the state of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well being. Really feeling life is good

Now take into consideration that every other person, whether in the position of governing a nation or and organizations, whether you’re working with food or medicine, or if you’re in school, in just about any walk of life- people are running in a rat-race to achieve the feeling of “life is good”. Not just the general public, but even the people are supposed to be in charge of organizing, sustaining, and ensuring that the day-to-day life operates with some consistency, are running after this cognition. With COVID-19 thrown into the picture, the insecurity about this core cognition is shaken more than ever- throwing people into a panic. 

The major component of today’s session is directly relevant to this- in Sanatana Hindu Dharma, revealing the blindspot is itself curing the blindspot. Such a deep blind spot in today’s society was not only addressed and cured, but methodologies were given in clearing out ALL the body & health-related blindspots so that participants can build the body and life they’ve always wanted. 

Ultimately, the gap in health is nothing but the gap between what you want as you, and what you believe as you. Having integrity about what you feel about yourself physically, physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and consciously, brings tremendous joy to the body and being. Not only this, but the principles of responsibility, enriching, and causing others’ reality starts to blossom when you feel so joyful about the life you live. 

Even just listening to these cognitions about completion with the body from the Avatar does so much good. In a period where every other person is in a rut of worry and fear about their health, participants of Paramashivoham are not only liberated from the worries of health, but are revealed the tools, technology, and methodology in designing their body and life as they want! This is an opportunity that is not at all exclusive- it is ALL-INCLUSIVE to all beings! Be sure to join this batch of Paramashivoham, register at:

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