Day 8 of Paramashivoham Level 2
April 15, 2020

Amid the current crisis of COVID-19, Paramashivoham Level 2 acts not only to balance the negative momentum the world has been running down but to completely flip the tide and start an era of positive growth. 

Today’s presiding deity is Ardhanarishwara, the form of Paramashiva who is seen as half male, half female; the ultimate symbol of completion with gender identity. 

Ultimately, when we say gender, what we mean is your first, most direct, fundamental identity. Only from here do the identities of name, race, nationality, social community, etc, come forth. Unfortunately, gender identity is seen as such a confusion among most of society- because of the way different perspectives and opinions are force-fed from parents, friends, society, and so on. As a result, the way we even feel about our gender becomes a very shaky foundation- no structure can stand strong when it has holes in its foundation. 

In the Agamas, kids are asked to be celibate for the first 21 years of their lives, and with good reason. It is during this period that the individual conscious identity explores itself, and the different genders. Gender identity, as per Paramashiva, is the alignment in the identities of your physical body, psychological layer, physiological existence, and your will, your consciousness. That is to say, it’s not about making sure they all match, but rather identifying how you relate to each different layer. The permutation combinations of these identities result in the 11 genders, as identified as per Paramashiva in the Agamas. When you align to YOUR gender identity, being and the body really feel completely in tune- the word “grounding” has a whole new meaning, and your very expression becomes that of grace. You will celebrate your own existence

The root of most of society’s confusion, panic, insecurity, fear, really all psychological problems, can be immediately solved if just these truths alone were revealed to the world. The world as a whole would really have a solid, unshakeable foundation. 

There were three main components to today’s program, including the power manifestation sessions and ground-breaking darshans…Completion with gender identity, a session on the sattva tattva, and completion with past lives. 

Sattva tattva can be roughly translated as the unit (or principle) of purity (or divinity). It is worth stating that Sanskrit words such as this can never be fully translated into the English language, as thousands of years of experience and knowledge are embedded in just a few syllables. Our guru, Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, shared the following cognitions that expresses the sattva tattva:

Static matter, dynamic activity, strategic existence… Existence of you, which goes on strategizing, you go on strategizing based on what you perceive as you. 

Static matter, dynamic activity, strategic existence. All three does not have a boundary. Does not have border. The strategic existence which is in you wrongly believes in delusion. The dynamic activity and static matter is not in your control, it is a lie. The belief you are carrying is a big lie told to you, by human beings. 

Static matter, dynamic activity, strategic existence, has no boundary. So if your strategic existence decides something, declares something, dynamic activity AND static matter obeys, literally. Simply. Next statement: you do not need to spend your whole life logically to come to this conclusion if you decide: “Swamiji has come to that conclusion, he will teach me the only right thing, let me declare this is my cognition”, and that declaration is enough for me to help you to manifest the powers related to this truth. When you start manifesting powers, naturally you will understand it is not just Swamiji’s conclusion, it is your own conclusion. 

Watch the full video here: 

Participants were able to directly manifest this sattva tattva through power manifestation..manifesting their simple will, several of which were able to manifest this within a minute of declaring their will! 

The final session, before Swamiji’s direct darshan as the being of Ardhanarishwara, was a completion session with our past lives. Through this, we were able to clear out all the incompletions whose source was seemingly unknown to us- completely preparing hundreds to radiate the space of Ardhanarishwara- the ultimate symbol of completion with gender identity. 

Settling this space on the Bhur Mandala (roughly translated as the physical plane of existence) in this critical period of time is pushing the momentum towards a superconscious breakthrough like no other.

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