Conspirators Face Justice for Their Crimes: Sridhar Will Not Get Bail—The Fall of Hindumisia

February 15, 2024 – Earlier this week, the Indian Court in Ramanagara issued a third non-bailable arrest warrant (NBW) against Lenin, one of the primary conspirators against THE SUPREME PONTIFF OF HINDUISM (SPH), BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM, and KAILASA, while his co-conspirator attorney Sridhar is already in jail. These malevolent actors orchestrated the creation of a deepfake video, triggering relentless persecution of THE SPH and KAILASA.

Today, on February 15, 2024, the series of legal victories for KAILASA’s Hindus continues as the Honorable Ramanagara Court rejected Sridhar’s bail application. Lenin and Sridhar are charged by the Court with rape, extortion, and criminal intimidation. For the past 14 years, they have tried to evade and deceive justice but are now caught in the law’s grasp for their crimes.

The two associates are the orchestrators of the forgery of the malicious deepfake video against THE SPH and key conspirators in the bold attempt to extort a staggering sum of 100 crore INR, equivalent to over 12 million USD, from KAILASA. Though today only two of the prime conspirators, namely Lenin and Sridhar, are being brought to justice, the conspiracy against THE SPH and Hindus of KAILASA involved a much larger group of Hindumisic terrorists, militants and mafia elements, who have operated in a highly sophisticated, well-coordinated, and well-organized manner for several decades.

In 2010, after the wide dissemination of the deepfake video created by Lenin, Sridhar, and other co-conspirators, more than fifty temples of KAILASA were simultaneously attacked, set ablaze, and forcibly shut across several districts and states of India. During these attacks, in multiple instances, the media was found to be present with their camera crew for live coverage even before the attack had started, providing clear evidence that the attacks were pre-planned and well-orchestrated.

Over the last century, especially in the past few decades, the Hindumisic terrorists have attacked and brutally dismantled several vulnerable minority ancient Hindu traditions using media disinformation propaganda, militant terrorist attacks, and lawfare. However, in a positive turn of events and cosmic justice, the Hindumisic terrorist syndicates are now being put under trial and brought to justice. The current series of legal victories for KAILASA are crucial accomplishments obtained after years of hardships and sacrifices by THE SPH and the Hindus of KAILASA.

The ongoing series of events sets a precedent for combating Hindumisic terrorists, deepfake, anti-Hindu hate speech, and misinformation and upholding the rights of minority and vulnerable Hindu traditions.

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