Cooperation Agreement between two Great Diasporas

For the first time ever, the two Diaspora States, the United States of KAILASA and the State of the African Diaspora have signed a cooperation agreement for the revival of two great Ancient traditions.

The United States of KAILASA represents the Hindu Diaspora that live in more than 150+ Countries. SHRIKAILASA is a Sovereign Nation revived and headed by The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam who is also the Emperor of 19 Ancient Hindu kingdoms, declared the revival and establishment of SHRIKAILASA in accordance with internationally accepted norms, with the right to sovereign self-determination, to fulfil this purpose of preserving the rights of Hindus, who practise the most ancient and most peace-loving tradition in the world, in an announcement that outlined the vision for the State under a time-tested model of Hindu governance and Hindu administration, as a place where Hindus can practise Hinduism authentically and peacefully.

The State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) also known as the Sixth Region of Africa, includes all the people of African Descent who live out of Africa. It was created on July 1, 2018, during the Summit of the African Union. It is led by a Government, a Parliament, a Royal Chamber, a State Department, and all of them work on different programs such as building smart cities, creating agribusiness infrastructure, the SOAD University, restitution of artefacts and human remains, medical complexes, etc. The objective of the State of the African Diaspora is to reinforce Africa through the Diaspora, and the Diaspora through Africa.

Article 1 of this cooperation agreement states: « The United States of KAILASA and the State of the African Diaspora recognize each other, and are ready to cooperate in order to support their people. » The other articles of the agreement mention topics such as IDs, currency, environment, the United Nations, agribusiness, education, health, reparation, restitution and human rights.

The two parties have already started to cooperate. During the Summit on Restitution, held by SOAD on December 7 and 8, the Crown Prince of the United States of KAILASA and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of SHRIKAILASA were invited as honored guests, and they expressed their desire to participate to the campaign on restitution, as many temples or statues from Hindu Kingdoms were also looted during Colonisation.

Also, on December 19th, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Head of State of the United States of KAILASA, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, the Department of Religion and Worship and the SHRIKAILASA Uniting Nations for Global Peace and Religious Harmony invited the Prime Minister of SOAD, Hon. Louis-Georges Tin and the Minister of Historical Legacy, Co-Chair of the Royal Chamber of SOAD,  Queen Tassi Aidji for the 46th Jayanthi Celebrations of the SPH.

On this Auspicious occasion of The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam’s 46th Jayanthi Celebrations, SHRIKAILASA recognized the Friendship and conferred the Honorable Prime Minister of the State of African Diaspora, Hon. Louis-Georges Tin with the KAILASA’s MITRA Award.

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