Hon’ble COURT REJECTS the ANTICIPATORY BAIL application – Lenin has to face Justice for his crimes

7 March 2024: KAILASA’s Hindus’ series of legal victories against conspirators continues as after thoroughly evaluating the merits of the matter, the Indian District COURT at Ramanagara has REJECTED THE ANTICIPATORY BAIL APPLICATION OF LENIN, one of the primary conspirators against THE SUPREME PONTIFF OF HINDUISM (SPH), BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM, and KAILASA. In the meantime, Lenin’s co-conspirator attorney, Sridhar, has already been in jail.

On the surface, Lenin and Sridhar may appear to be merely two individual conspirators who orchestrated the creation of the deepfake video against THE SPH, which triggered the relentless persecution of THE SPH and KAILASA, but in fact they are part of the larger Hindumisic terrorist forces, who are extremely well equipped, well funded, sophisticated and well-organized and have been working since decades to destroy and dismantle the revival of the Hindu civilizational nation, KAILASA, and the revival of Hinduism.

Lenin was charged by the Court with rape, extortion, and criminal intimidation and now tries to escape capture. The two associates are the orchestrators of the forgery of the malicious deepfake video against THE SPH and key conspirators in the bold attempt to extort a staggering sum of 100 crore INR, equivalent to over 12 million USD, from KAILASA.

These victories underscore and highlight the ultimate principle of justice and order.

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