KAILASA Attends the World Economic Forum 2024 in Davos, Switzerland

Davos, Switzerland, January 2024 – Representatives of KAILASA attended the World Economic Forum 2024 in Davos. This prestigious forum annually assembles eminent global leaders from politics, business, culture, and academia to deliberate on critical global issues.

KAILASA, the First Nation for Hindus established and revived by THE SUPREME PONTIFF OF HINDUISM (SPH), BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM, presented solutions for the current state of the world, representing KAILASA’s perspectives by contributing to pivotal dialogues addressing the world’s economic, social, and environmental challenges.

KAILASA’s presence on this influential global stage underscores our commitment to shaping a sustainable and equitable global future.

KAILASA’s delegates met with distinguished personalities and leaders such as:

  • Ms. Maria Leptin: Head of the European Union Research Council
  • Mrs. Sofia K. Efraimoglou: President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of the National Chamber Network of Women Entrepreneurs, Executive Vice President of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, Republic of Greece
  • The Honorable Alexander Kamyshin: Ukrainian Minister of Strategic Industries
  • Ms. Kerry Kennedy: President of the John F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation
  • Mr. Ved Prakash: Director of Gemini Corporation NV, a strong global advocate for sustainable recycling based in Belgium
  • The leaders of the Human Change Organisation
  • The leaders of the Kurdistan House
  • Ms. Jacquelyn Omosunbo Omotalade: Climate Investments National Director of Dream.org, USA
  • Ms. Kim Samuel: Founder of Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness
  • Ms. Sairan Kareem: President of the Kurdish Diaspora in Switzerland
  • Ms. Biza Barzo: Director of Public Relations of the Kurdistan Regional Government
  • Dr. Batyr Annaiev: Chairman of the Board of S-Engineering, an international engineering company represented on the markets of the European Union, the MENA region, and Southeast Asia
  • Ms. Ana Arias Urones: Senior Advisor at the Department of Economic Affairs and G20 Office of the Prime Minister of Spain
  • Ms. Shruti Shankar Gaur: Founder of Research & Innovation in Education & Senior Fellow at the Centre of Excellence

KAILASA extends heartfelt thanks to all of them for their contributions and efforts towards global sustainability.

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For More Information on KAILASA: https://kailaasa.org/