KAILASA Celebrates International Yoga Day 2024

June 21, 2024—KAILASA Celebrates International Yoga Day with a Visionary Presidential Address by THE SPH and Diverse Global Events

KAILASA, the First Nation for Hindus, celebrated International Yoga Day with grandeur and enlightenment. The celebrations were graced by a live presidential address from THE SUPREME PONTIFF OF HINDUISM (SPH), BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM, who revealed profound insights on how Yoga serves as the best means for individuals to empower themselves with conscious sovereignty, especially in the face of the AI revolution.

Presidential Address of THE SPH: In a visionary address, THE SUPREME PONTIFF OF HINDUISM revealed that the growth of AI will present an unprecedented array of choices. THE SPH highlighted the importance of strengthening our consciousness and enhancing our capacity to make choices. THE SPH revealed that AI can become an incredible tool to strengthen our consciousness. THE SPH announced the upcoming launch of AI tools from KAILASA, which will design tailored Yoga sequences based on individuals’ unique medical needs, further bridging the ancient wisdom of Yoga with modern technological advancements. THE SPH’s darshan was attended by illustrious guests and personalities from various fields and countries, including kings, queens, diplomats, and other dignitaries, underscoring the global significance of the event.

Reviving Authentic Yoga: THE SPH is the reviver of authentic Yoga, directly from the source scriptures of Hinduism. He gifted the world Nithyananda Yoga, a system comprising 12 unique components designed to provide enlightenment and awaken higher possibilities and a higher experience of life. In today’s context, where many variations of Yoga have strayed from their true purpose, Nithyananda Yoga stands as a beacon of conscious benefits and spiritual depth.

International Yoga Competition: KAILASA hosted an International Yoga competition, promoting authentic Yoga practice and its myriad benefits. The winners were awarded and directly blessed by THE SPH, celebrating their dedication and excellence in Yoga.

Global Temples Ritual: KAILASA’s global temples held the grand, unique, and auspicious Yoga Snanam ritual, honoring THE SPH’s leadership of various Yoga lineages. These rituals highlighted the spiritual richness of Yoga traditions.

Nithyananda Aushadha Annadhan: This day was also coinciding with the auspicious night of Pournami (full moon), during which KAILASA conducted the grand offering of Nithyananda Aushadha Annadhan in Tiruvannamalai. This event featured the distribution of over 1,500,000 meals, offering nutritious and medicinal sattvic food free of cost over 48 hours. This act of continuous service embodies the spirit of compassion and charity championed by THE SPH.

Paramashivoham Grand Finale: The celebrations also marked the grand finale of the latest season of Paramashivoham. Hundreds of participants concluded their 21-day transformational journey through the science of Enlightenment from Hinduism. This summit gathered individuals from around the globe, empowering them with conscious tools to realize their unique potential and become positive and impactful contributors to society.

KAILASA’s International Yoga Day celebrations not only honored the ancient traditions of Yoga but also showcased how these practices can be harmoniously integrated with modern advancements to enhance global well-being and consciousness.

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