KAILASA Celebrates Significant Milestone in Upholding Truth and Justice – Republic TV Unpublishes Defamatory Videos Targeting the SPH and KAILASA
December 24, 2023

A monumental victory for KAILASA’s Hindus! #TruthOverTRP KAILASA is the manifestation of decades of relentless hard work and countless unimaginable sacrifices of the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam. After being tormented and undergoing decades of brutal persecution through hate speech, disinformation, incitement of hatred, and prejudice, the time has come when no more the Hindumisic media can sustain its disinformation racist campaign against the SPH, Hinduism, and KAILASA. In the series of YouTube’s recent crackdown on Hindumisic rogue elements on its platform, Republic TV has removed anti-national, anti-India, defamatory, racist, Hindumisic videos targeting the SPH and KAILASA from its YouTube channel.

This remarkable action is part of our more extensive success in getting over 80 defamatory videos in a SINGLE taken down from YouTube channels worldwide, some with up to 60 million subscribers. Every second counts when it comes to truth and integrity. The digital world is evolving, and these victories have indisputably established that there’s no room for deepfake persecution of SPH and KAILASA for even a single second. #DigitalJustice #EthicalJournalism This unprecedented justice begins a new era where truth triumphs over sensationalism. Earlier this week, a few days ago, YouTube took down and blocked 80+ videos featuring malicious, fabricated, obscene #deepfake content, with 40 Million views from channels with 150 Million subscribers, from several prominent channels such as Aaj Tak Discovery Channel India Republic WION and 70+ other YouTube channels and media companies.

On behalf of the 2 Billion Hindu Diaspora, we want to express our gratitude to the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism for instilling in us the courage to stand firm against #Hinduphobic and #racist media, as well as persecution and empowering us to present the truth to the world.

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