Major Success: 130 Hindumisic articles & deepfake videos already removed, 20 more Today

February 7, 2024

On February 2, 2024, The Hon’ble Court dismissed the baseless, malicious case filed by Hindumisic elements against the SPH. It rejected the baseless allegations of abduction, child trafficking, and illegal confinement, among other ludicrous and vicious accusations. These allegations had previously led to brutal attacks and the illegal destruction of KAILASA’s Yogini Sarvajnapeetam, jeopardizing the lives and religious rights of its nuns and students of the traditional school or Gurukul. The Honorable Gujarat High Court dismissed all the charges in the false case in Gujarat against THE SUPREME PONTIFF OF HINDUISM (SPH), BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM, and KAILASA, orchestrated by Hindumisic forces.

Following this landmark judgment, prominent corporate media houses, namely, Times of India (India), The Quint (India), Oneindia Tamil (India), DNA (India), News 18 (India), Jagran (India), Yahoo (Singapore), La Prensa Latina (USA).

Earlier, the Washington Post (USA), MSN (USA), Navabharat Times (India), Vijay Karnataka (India), Samayam Malayalam (India), TV9 (India), The Week (India), India Posten (India), Outlook magazine (India), Dinamalar (Tamil Nadu, India), Italy 24 (Italy), Plu 7 (Brazil), The Ruetir (USA), OrientalDaily (Malaysia), (US), Kolada News (SENEGAL), and Vanakkam Malaysia (Malaysia) unpublished their Hindumisic defamatory articles carrying disinformation.

The total number of such defamatory Hindumisic articles removed in the past two months crosses more than 40 from several countries, including the USA, India, Brazil, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and Senegal, in several languages, including English, Chinese, French, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Spanish, Portuguese, and Tamil.

Apart from this, YouTube has also taken steps to curb the spread of harmful deepfake content related to this lawfare, blocking over 110 videos featuring malicious, obscene deepfake content that gathered a total of more than 80 million views across multiple channels totaling more than 160 million subscribers. YouTube has recognized the malicious nature of these deepfakes and, apart from a geographical block, has issued a strict warning unequivocally justifying its actions.

Thereby bringing the total number of false, defamatory, and damaging articles and deepfake videos removed to 150.

The malicious spread of these false allegations by the Hindumisic media, not only in Gujarat but globally, was a concerted effort to do character assassination of the SPH and KAILASA, thereby impeding its humanitarian efforts and the resurgence of Hindu feminism and women empowerment at the core of KAILASA’s mission.

On one side, such massive removals demonstrate the triumph of truth over disinformation and sensationalism; on the other side, it also demonstrates the hardship and persecution THE SPH NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM and Hindus of KAILASA were made to undergo through hate speech, incitement of prejudice, and incitement of violence.

The fact that this Hindumisic disinformation targeted multiple geographic areas and languages demonstrates how well-planned, sophisticated, and well-orchestrated the plot of the Hindumisic elements has been to target and persecute THE SPH NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM and KAILASA.

This understanding is a wake-up call for two billion Hindus that without the protection of political legitimacy, there is imminent danger that the great tenets, scriptures, and science of creating an enlightened civilization which spanned over 6 million KM² of Asia, as 56 Hindu nations, 200 states, 1700 Samasthanas (provinces), and 10,000 sampradayas (traditions) will be forever lost to humanity.

These victories once again underscore the innocence of and the targeted attacks against THE SUPREME PONTIFF OF HINDUISM and highlight the ongoing persecution against Him and KAILASA’s followers, drawing increasing support from legal entities and international organizations.


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