One More Victory for KAILASA’s Hindus! Supreme Court Dismisses Petition – Lenin Charged With Rape
January 28, 2024

In yet another victory for KAILASA‘s Hindus, the Indian Court at Ramanagara has taken cognizance of the heinous crimes of rape, extortion, and criminal intimidation perpetrated by the Hindumisic forces. These malevolent actors orchestrated the creation of a deepfake video, which triggered the relentless persecution of KAILASA.

The court has charged Lenin with rape, extortion, and criminal intimidation and ordered immediate action against the serial rapist Lenin and lawyer Sridhar, the co-creators of the malicious deepfake video and key conspirators in the brazen attempt to extort a staggering sum of 100 crore INR, equivalent to over 12 million USD, from KAILASA. Justice prevails as the Court stands firmly in defense of truth and justice, taking action against the Hindumisic extremists attacking KAILASA‘s Hindus.

Earlier this year, YouTube took action to stop this harmful DeepFake and blocked more than 110 such videos featuring malicious, obscene deepfake content, with a total of more than 80 Million views from channels with 160 Million subscribers. This is a crucial move in safeguarding Human rights and online safety. This action sets a precedent for combating deepfake, Hindumisic, hate speech, and misinformation and upholding digital rights and tech ethics. YouTube has recognized the malicious nature of these deep fakes, and apart from a geographical block, has put a message warning messages explaining the basis for the removal of these deep fake videos.

And now, the Ramanagara District Court has taken cognizance of the multiple crimes and mandated swift and decisive action against the perpetrators.

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