UN Releases Tenth KAILASA Report on Persecution of SPH and Contributions to Reviving Hindu Sciences of Power Manifestation, Indigenous Education, and Temple Science
March 3, 2023

The United Nations has published the tenth report in the series of reports accepting, recognizing and bringing out the persecution on as well as the contributions of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Jagat Guru Mahasannidhanam (JGM) His Divine Holiness (HDH) Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam and KAILASA – the revival of the ancient, enlightened Hindu civilizational nation. 

The SPH is the founder of the KAILASA nation – the First Nation for Hindus and the revival of the ancient enlightened civilizations of the 56 erstwhile Hindu nations which were home to over 10,000 sects and destroyed by invasions over the time from 3200 BCE. He has been recognized as the Sovereign of the Sovereign State of SHRIKAILASA by heads of states and spiritual leaders worldwide.

Highlights of the Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of the violations and abuses of human rights rooted in harmful practices related to accusations of witchcraft and ritual attacks, as well as stigmatization:

  1. The Hindu Aboriginal Indigenous Agricultural Tribes (AIAT) community led by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam is one of the indigenous spiritual traditions currently targeted for extermination by the deep state elements.
  2. The AIAT and the SPH have been the victims of multiple instances of witch-hunting, persecution and systematic genocide by deep state elements, suffering including illegal arrest, detention, deprivation of traditional education, deprivation of women’s rights as per the customs and traditions of the AIAT, deprivation of the right to live as an enlightened civilization, various forms of deprivation of liberty, and concealment of the fate and whereabouts of the disappeared persons.
  3. The SPH is the leader of 2 billion Hindus and the reigning spiritual emperor of 19 ancient traditional indigenous Hindu kingdoms. The persecution has been ongoing over a decade including over 70 assassination attempts, over 250 sexual assaults on the SPH and AIAT members, lawfare of 120 false cases, massive hate propaganda in electronic media of over 17,000 hours and print media of over 25,000 articles, destruction of heritage properties worth over 27 billion USD, and the Hindu Holocaust – continuing ethnocide and genocide of over 80 million Hindus worldwide since 7 centuries that faces the double-pain of an outright denial by the main stream narratives prevalent worldwide.
  4. The SPH has been working to unite science and spirituality through the revival of KAILASA, the enlightened Hindu civilizational nation, resuscitating the living, experiencing and manifesting of the extraordinary powers described in the Hindu scriptures as divine, and bringing back legitimacy to various aspects of Hinduism such as:
    1. Spiritual legitimacy – through yoga, and revealing the science of manifestation of extraordinary powers latent in every human being
    2. Religio-scriptural legitimacy – through temples, rituals, festivals, mass programs like peace walks, and fire ceremonies
    3. Culturo-economical legitimacy – through enabling a living moving economy that supports a fundamentally positive approach to life 
    4. Political legitimacy – through the creation of a true Hindu nation
  5. The awakening and manifestation of extraordinary powers are a core components of the AIAT scriptures and lifestyle and involve the guru awakening one’s kundalini energy through Third Eye AwakeningSM methods, thus experiencing Oneness with the Ultimate, Paramashiva. The manifestation of powers is achieved by awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain, allowing such powers as healing of physical and mental ailments (through channeling of cosmic energy and treating the body-mind as an energy continuum), levitation, materialization and scanning the body for illness, going beyond the need of sleep or food, remote reading, telescopic sight, telepathy, seeing through obstacles and barriers, ability to change one’s weight and height, obtaining anything that one desires, and healing any desire, to just name a few. 
  6. The strategy of lawfare and persecution has been framed as:
    1. launch media disinformation campaign using compromised media  
    2. incite public violence against the community 
    3. bring false legal charges brought with the presumption of guilt – criminal accusations and civil actions to usurp properties and block financial accounts rendering community defenseless and penniless.
    4. post-arrest, the police are engaged in disinformation leaks to the media 
    5. prolonged trials designed to lead to destruction of reputation
  7. The succession tradition of the indigenous traditions is sacred, as the guru or spiritual head has a central role in society. The SPH, who was appointed as successor of multiple traditional monasteries, was not allowed to fulfill his responsibilities, though he was coronated as the spiritual emperor of 19 ancient spiritual kingdoms. 
  8. KAILASA and the SPH has also successfully revived the Hindu Gurukul education despite the continuous illegal attacks by Hindumisic forces, empowering children to withstand and heal from any situation through the volume of ancient Human knowledge and expertise, thus creating powerful and stable leaders.
  9. Under the direct guidance of The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam, KAILASA has a history of 27 years of humanitarian services through its de jure spiritual embassies globally meant to provide effective reparation through access to basic life necessities, security and dignity for women and children, education and life skills training.
  10. KAILASA, the First Nation for Hindus has implemented the age old science of power manifestation as a core tool based on the fundamental principles of AIAT.

Since the last millennia, indigenous Hindus have faced years of untold sufferings, massacres, gang rapes, loot, enslavement, persecution; they have been unethically and forcibly converted, witnessed demolitions, desecration, looting, and grabbing of their temples, monasteries, educational institutions, and libraries. This continues through the modern day. Many world leaders have stood in solidarity with persecuted Hindus and the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam, as the United Nations has also been accepting and highlighting the persecution of the SPH and His people – the KAILASA global community.

The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam is the only bold, unwavering, unsuppressed voice for persecuted Hindus. The SPH has dedicated and sacrificed His life to fight for Hindu rights and is the only Hindu voice in United Nations bringing the world’s attention to the generational Hindu genocide.

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