UN Releases Twelfth KAILASA Report on the Ethnocide and Genocide of Hindus, as well as the Persecution of SPH and KAILASA
September 4, 2023

September 4, 2023

The Aboriginal Indigenous Agricultural Tribes (AIAT) is the most ancient temple-centric indigenous enlightenment ecosystem created by Paramashiva (the Supreme Cosmic Divinity as per Hinduism) for Man to experience a superconscious breakthrough.

Hinduism has a pantheon of more than 10,000 indigenous religious civilizational sects called Sampradayas, all of which have their origins in Paramashiva while still maintaining their uniqueness in terms of scriptures and practices.

All these Sampradayas co-exist without any conflict, with synergy, preserve various branches of Hinduism, and effectively preserve the entirety of Hinduism in totality.

Sanskrit as the language of education, the oldest language recorded, is known for its metaphysical abilities, formation and grammar, and ability to generate numerous meaningful knowledge systems, form the core resource of education in the ancient indigenous Hindu civilization (AIAT).

This ancient language has been misrepresented and abused by the Hindumisic intelligentsia, through mistranslated texts that indoctrinate the indigenous Hindu youth to develop hatred and prejudice and disown their Hindu identity and culture.

Hindu gurus, religious and spiritual guides who teach their students through oral transmission in ancient Hindu educational systems (Gurukul), are attacked to destroy the fabric of peace in Hinduism and subjugate the indigenous Hindu people with divide and rule.

The Guru forms a core pillar of the indigenous people’s tradition and has been targeted through character assassination justifying their physical elimination.

The case of the leader of the AIAT, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, is one of character assassination.

The AIAT was attacked with a hateful digital ecosystem formed due to the spread of disinformation, and hate speech as 17,500 hours of electronic media and 25,000 pages of print media, false allegations, and lawfare sustained by moral disengagement, leaving the broader public in a state of wilful ignorance, motivated denial, out-group victim blaming, dehumanization and bystander apathy to even genocide, endangering the life and liberty of the vulnerable and persecuted AIAT and their leader The SPH.

These were used to illegally justify over 70 assassination attempts, over 250 sexual assaults, and lawfare of 121 false cases over 10 years on The SPH and AIAT community, and destruction of heritage properties worth over 27 million USD, and to forcefully exile The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam into de-jure statelessness in 2018.

Gurus are the core of Hinduism. Each indigenous tradition or sampradaya is held together for generations by their respective lineage of gurus. Hence, attacking the gurus and destroying the guru-disciple continuity by removing the sanctity and respect gurus hold in the indigenous community is a strategic tool used by Hindumisia forces for cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Hindu population.

The SPH and His AIAT community have come under a series of racist attacks and disinformation campaigns, by many Hindumisic forces, both individuals and groups, branding The SPH’s community as a cult.

Even children belonging to the AIAT community have been subjected to prolonged physical and mental trauma, with their indigenous identity constantly attacked by the deep state and other Hindumisic elements, and their human right to be educated in their traditional indigenous Hindu gurukul education snatched away from them.

Moreover, with forced assimilation through the takeover of temple monasteries by deep state authorities and the shutting down of indigenous educational institutions like gurukuls, indigenous communities like AIAT are left with a diluted and defeated sense of identity, having their traditional lifestyle and practices compromised.

Link to the UN page: https://www.ohchr.org/en/calls-for-input/2022/call-inputs-indigenous-peoples-and-right-freedom-religion-or-belief-ga-report

Link to the UN report: https://www.ohchr.org/en/calls-for-input/2022/call-inputs-indigenous-peoples-and-right-freedom-religion-or-belief-ga-report

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