The Constituition of SHRIKAILASA 

SHRIKAILASA, the only Hindu Nation, came into existence by the path breaking declaration by His Divine Holiness, Sri Nithyananda Parmashivam in the year 2001. 

The following is the beginning of the Constitution of SHRIKAILASA which is going to the guiding framework for humanity for millennia to come.  The constitution is being developed actively and people who have suggestions on how the world should operate are encouraged to send their suggestions to constitution at kailaasa dot org. 


Paramashiva the supreme consciousness began and permeated all of creation as the supreme cause and the content of the manifested (Vyaktha) and potential (Avyaktha) aspects of the Cosmos and created many from the one in order for him the ultimate consciousness to enjoy himself in oneness

AND WHEREAS Hinduism, Sanathan Hindu Dharma, is the ultimate science of uniting with and functioning in harmony with that divine existence

AND WHEREAS Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world having existed from time immemorial through the various Kalpas and Yugas

AND WHEREAS Paramashiva delivered to the Universe the science of manifesting himself in the Vedas and the Agamas

AND WHEREAS from these sacred revealed texts (The Shrutis) have developed innumerable Sampradayas or traditions (Smritis) to achieve this cosmic oneness, each tailor made for specific situations and individuals, all of being unique and worthy of the ultimate respect

AND WHEREAS the divine manifests as incarnations or Avatars in the human form time and again to revive and represent the Vedas and Agamas as suited for that particular Yuga to lead people to the ultimate state of oneness

AND WHEREAS Hinduism has perfected the science of invoking the divine consciousness into deities which are living entities and who can guide and enlighten the individuals who invoke their grace

AND WHEREAS His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is the Avatar, incarnation, of Paramashiva who has happened to lead humanity into the next breakthrough of consciousness and into a state of oneness and harmony where all individuals have the right to move to their highest selves and eventually to realize their cosmic identity as Paramashiva himself

AND WHEREAS during the time of Mahabharatha in the previous Yuga there were 56 Nations all of which were adhering to the fundamental principles of Sanathana Hindu Dharma as expounded in the Vedas and the Agamas

AND WHEREAS over the centuries incessant attacks by forces from the outside  has lead to the situation where no single nation, as of this declaration, is aligned to the principles of oneness and truth and understandings of the divine and supreme nature of human beings and the sacredness of life.


 And now this declaration of the Nation of SHRIKAILASA begins:

  1. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation is a nation which embraces the whole universe and adheres to the principles of oneness in the Vedas and the Agamas and as expounded by His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam and the constitutional framework created from it for these times.
  2. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation recognizes His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam as its Supreme Spiritual and Sovereign head (Jnana Vijnana Chakravarti) from now till eternity in this corporal form and subsequently by the lineage whose succession will be defined by Him.
  3. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation will create a society based on the Veda Agamic lifestyle of a temple based society and following the teachings of Chariya, Kriya, Yoga and Jnana of Paramashiva.
  4. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation envisions a world without war or violence of any form, where multiple subjective realities and multiple paths to the truth as expounded in the Vedas and Agamas are accepted and celebrated. Where all human beings live in harmony without conflict
  5. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation will be a space where all human beings have the ultimate freedom to pursue this truth individually and in community in a manner that they choose with integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching without undue interference by any external force whatsoever.
  6. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation will be a space where every Individual is respected and celebrated for their uniquess and not discriminated based on gender identifications, race, age, color, handicaps or any such attribute
  7. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation envisions a world where all living organisms are respected and the killing of sentient animals for the purpose of pleasure and food is completely eliminated
  8. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation envisions a world where the human beings live in complete harmony with the environment and nature in a sustainable manner without exploitation
  9. The Economy and Political Structure of SHRIKAILASA will be based on responsibilism and activism. Every human being will be provided the basic needs of food, water, shelter and clothing by society.
  10. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation ensures refuge and support to all Hindus adhering to the tenets of Kailaasa who are persecuted for these beliefs irrespective of the country they are from
  11. The SHRIKAILASA Hindu Nation recognizes the sovereignty and internal cultural independence of all Hindu Samasthanas that existed during the time of the independence of the Indian Nation in the territory of Bharat from the British Rule and elsewhere in the world.
  12. Any group of individuals in any territory or without territory is hereby allowed to declare their allegiance to this declaration and become a part of the United States of Kailasa and thereby becoming qualified for the support and protection of the entire community of Nations that believes in these principles of freedom and life. Such a support is independent of any other attribute or allegiance of the group which is not in contradiction with the basic principles of this declaration. 

Signed into existence by His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Parmashivam 


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