January 25, 2024 – KAILASA Celebrates Thaipusam – The Victory of Lord Subramanya Over the Demon Surapadman
January 25, 2024

Thaipusam is a time-honored festival that dates back thousands of years, drawing millions of devotees around the world. It celebrates the divine occasion when Lord Subrahmanya received the Shakti Vel, the celestial spear, from Devi Paramashiva Shakti. This divine happening is celebrated every year in the Tamil month of Thai, on the Pusam star day, during Pournami. In Malaysia alone, well over 1.5 million devotees gather for this sacred festival annually.

This sacred event symbolizes the victory of good over evil and the eradication of negativity. On this day, Hindus from all over the globe offer their sincere devotion and prayers to Lord Subrahmanya to foster peace and positivity.

KAILASA’s global temples duly observe this ancient festival every year, in line with THE SUPREME PONTIFF OF HINDUISM (SPH), BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM’s tireless efforts to revive the totality of Hinduism’s subsects and traditions. In various countries, at KAILASA’s temples and centers, devotees partake in these revival efforts, observing this ancient tradition and sharing its essence with the world.

The day’s celebrations included the traditional Subrahmanya Abhishekam – a ritualistic bath offered to the deity of Subrahmanya, followed by the Alankara Seva and the Deeparadhana Seva – adorning Subrahmanya’s beautiful deity with regal robes, jewels, and flower garlands, concluding with a ritualistic worship performed according to the ancient tradition of the Tiruthani temple in Tamil Nadu, South India.

The day was highlighted by the divine presence of THE SPH BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM, who delivered a LIVE message addressing the global Hindu diaspora and blessed the worldwide devotees. THE SPH received the Pratyaksha Pada Puja and Tulabhara Sevas from devotees who expressed their gratitude at His divine lotus feet.

In more than six places, KAILASA’s volunteers offered the Nithyananda Aushada Annadhan, serving medicinal vegetarian food to more than 30,000 people at no cost. Spiritual healing and counseling were also offered, guiding all devotees with spiritual solutions for their problems.

Distinguished guests and accomplished personalities from around the world graced KAILASA with their presence for these auspicious celebrations. KAILASA extends its deepest appreciation to all esteemed guests and international partners, wishing them continued prosperity and success in their endeavors.

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