KAILASA Celebrates Tamil Heritage Month, Canada
January 29, 2024

Canada, January 28, 2024 – KAILASA Celebrates the Tamil Heritage Month—Celebrating Tamil Hindu Culture & Reviving Tamil Heritage

Spread across more than 70 countries around the world, Tamil culture has flourished as a beacon of knowledge, art, literature, and spirituality, enriching the world with its profound wisdom and timeless heritage. From the ancient Sangam literature to the modern-day advancements in science and technology, Tamil Hindus have been pioneers of innovation and creativity, inspiring generations across continents.

The Tamil Heritage Month, started in 2010, aims to celebrate the history of Canada’s Tamil community and its contribution to Canada’s social, cultural, political, and economic strength and the world. While recognizing the accomplishments and tracing the roots of the Tamil diaspora in Canada, the Tamil Heritage Month also seeks to provide opportunities to celebrate Tamils’ history in Canada. In addition, this month also celebrates Tamil heritage and aims to rejuvenate Tamil Hindu culture in Canada.

This year’s Tamil Heritage Month particularly centers on countering cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation stands for the adoption or use of elements from one culture without respecting the original meaning and context or without acknowledging the source tradition from which these elements stem.

This month focuses on promoting, sharing, and preserving Tamil Hindu heritage by recognizing its unique culture, language, and spiritual traditions, encouraging the study and preservation of its literary tradition and contributions in various fields, facilitating cultural exchanges, documenting historical artifacts, fostering global unity among Tamil communities, increasing awareness through education and events, supporting digital preservation, reviving traditional practices, seeking global recognition, resolving internal conflicts, and ensuring sustainable development in harmony with modern advancements.

KAILASA Canada closely collaborates with Canada’s Tamil community to preserve and revive Tamil Hindu heritage. On the occasion of the Tamil Heritage Month 2024, KAILASA thanks the Tamil community in Canada for its contribution and active participation in preserving Tamil Hindu culture. KAILASA further thanks the Prime Minister of Canada, The Right Honourable Mr. Justin Trudeau, for supporting this initiative and the welfare of the Tamil Hindu diaspora.

As the day’s highlight, THE SPH delivered an eye-opening presidential address on the current state of Tamil culture and Hinduism. Tamil culture is intrinsically linked to Sanatana Hindu Dharma. The custodians of Sanskrit language and culture have ensured that no separation ever occurs between the two. As a result, Sanskrit has retained its authenticity and remains a source of pride. In contrast, Tamil language, unfortunately, became disconnected from the Tamil culture due to various attacks and schemes. Removing Hinduism from Tamil culture is akin to destroying Tamil culture itself. At its core, Tamil culture is synonymous with Hindu tradition. This Tamil Heritage Month 2024, KAILASA aims to reconnect Tamil language and culture with its Hindu roots.

This day was marked by live addresses of His Worship Mayor David West, Richmond Hill, Ontario, and Her Worship Deputy Mayor Ms. Isabelle Miron, Gatineau, Quebec.

Proclamations for the Hindu Heritage Month and appreciation towards KAILASA Canada were emitted by:

– The Honourable Senator Pierrette Ringuette, New Brunswick

– His Worship Mayor Stevan Del Duca, Vaughan, Ontario

– His Worship Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Markham, Ontario

– His Worship Mayor Scott Gillingham, Winnipeg, Manitoba

– His Worship Mayor Danny Breen, City of St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador

– His Worship Mayor Gord Krantz, Milton, Ontario

– Her Worship Mayor Sandra Masters, Regina, Saskatchewan

– His Worship Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, Ottawa, Ontario

– His Worship Mayor Mike Hurley, Burnaby, BC

– His Worship Mayor Darrin Canniff, Municipality of Chatham, Kent

– His Worship Mayor Craig Copeland, Cold Lake, Alberta

KAILASA thanks all of them for supporting the Tamil Hindu community and KAILASA Canada and extends its warmest wishes for their future prosperity.

The day also included the Tamil Hindu Youth Excellence Awards Ceremony, rewarding Tamil Hindu youth for extraordinary achievements and contributions.

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