Ganesha Brahmotsavam – KAILASA collaborates with Ancient Indigenous Sect to preserve Ancient Customs

KAILASA in Los Angeles Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple and KAILASA’s Spiritual Embassies collaborated with KAILASA’s Pillayarpatti Temple, in Tamilnadu India to Commence the Grand Ganesha Brahmotsavam with Dhvajarohanam Flag Hoisting Ceremony

KAILSASA Los Angeles Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple – In a historic alliance that unites spiritual embassies and temples worldwide, KAILASA collaborates with KAILASA’s Pillayarpatti Temple to inaugurate the Grand Dhvajarohanam, the flag hoisting ceremony that signifies the commencement of the Ganesha Brahmotsavam. This auspicious event celebrates Bhagavan Maha Ganapati as a powerful divine being, a manifestation of immense cosmic power, and aims to revive and safeguard ancient traditions.

KAILASA’S Pillayarpatti Temple is an ancient indigenous Hindu sect thousands of years old. It is the abode of Karpaga Vinayagar who is a powerful, larger-than-life, self-manifest deity of Bhagavan Maha Ganapati. The local history sings about the prosperity, healing, and overall benefit that was brought to the land when Karpaga Vinayagar happened, and hence brought together indigenous devotion and dedication to build a monumental temple around this deity’s powerful vicinity. KAILASA’s Pillayarpatti Temple is also home to an ancient VedicAgamic school Patashala which preserves the foremost Hindu temple scriptures. This Patashala is responsible for training and building the careers of priests from a young age, to worship and maintain the sanctity of the temples of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

The Ganesha Brahmotsavam is a profound celebration of Bhagavan Maha Ganapati, recognized as one of the most influential beings in the cosmos. The ceremony marks the initiation of ten days of fervent festivities and divine offerings dedicated to Bhagavan Maha Ganapati at Kailasa’s Pillayarpatti Temple and extends the celebration across the global network of KAILASA’s spiritual embassies and temples.

Aligning with the ancient procedures meticulously preserved at Pillayarpatti Temple, known as the Aghora Shivacharya Paddhati, which derives from Paramashiva’s monumental scripture, the Kamika Agama, this alliance embodies the commitment to preserving and reviving the profound heritage of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity, is celebrated by the Hindu Diaspora all around the world. He embodies powerful values such as listening, obstacle removal, and wisdom. Through this grand celebration, KAILASA and its spiritual embassies aim to foster a global sense of unity, spirituality, and cultural connection.

The Grand Dhvajarohanam ceremony was scheduled for 10:45 AM IST in the auspicious Vrishchika Lagnam, on September 10th, 2023. Devotees, well-wishers, and seekers of spiritual wisdom from all corners of the world are invited to join in this profound celebration, both in person and virtually, as KAILASA unites in devotion to Bhagavan Maha Ganapati.

This collaboration signifies a significant step towards preserving the ancient traditions, promoting spiritual values, and uniting the global Hindu Diaspora in celebration of the divine.

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About KAILASA: KAILASA is a nation founded and led by SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and global sharing of the authentic Hindu traditions and spiritual sciences of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. KAILASA’s spiritual embassies and temples worldwide serve as sacred spaces for individuals to explore, experience, and enrich their understanding of Hindu spirituality.

Pilliyarpatti Karpagar Vinayagar  (Ganesha)

Dhwajarohanam (Flag hoisting) in KAILASA Los Angeles.

Dhwajarohanam (Flag hositing) in AdiKAILASA

Dhwajarohanam (Flag hositing) in KAILASA Sripuram