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KAILASA’s Humanitarian Response to Environmental Protection

The International Humanitarian Agency Green Om’s primary objective is to achieve ecological preservation, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development. They promote coordinated political action to ensure the harmonious coexistence of humans, animals, and nature, addressing environmental degradation and resource pressure by 2030.

KAILASA’s Green Om’s Role in Todays World

KAILASA’s Green Om promotes sustainability by conserving forests, preserving biodiversity, and protecting ecosystems against exploitation.

Forests, home to countless species and essential to humanity, face unprecedented exploitation leading to severe biodiversity loss. KAILASA’s Green Om promotes sustainable development by conserving plants, preserving biodiversity, and protecting forests. This initiative envisions a future where basic needs are met, living standards are improved, and ecosystems are well-managed for a prosperous future.

The UN reports a rapid decline in biodiversity, with one million species threatened with extinction. KAILASA’s Green Om addresses this crisis by combating wildlife crime and preserving habitats. By protecting forests, which harbor two-thirds of terrestrial species, Green Om ensures oxygen, shelter, recreation, and spiritual sustenance, fostering coexistence and safeguarding our planet’s natural wealth.

Vision & Mission of KAILASA’s Green Om

Explore KAILASA’s Green Om initiatives, fostering sustainability through innovations that harmonize spirituality and environmental stewardship. 

Our Vision

KAILASA’s Green Om envisions a world where humanity lives in harmony with nature. We strive for a sustainable future by addressing climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. Our vision includes transforming global economies to be inclusive, equitable, and eco-friendly, harnessing collective energy to ensure a balanced, thriving planet for all.

Our Mission

KAILASA’s Green Om provides leadership in environmental stewardship by inspiring and enabling nations and individuals to enhance quality of life without compromising future generations. We support global efforts for sustainability and well-being, harnessing collective energy to positively influence environment for a balanced, thriving planet.

Objectives of KAILASA’s Green Om

Delve into the key objectives of Kailasa’s Green Om, dedicated to fostering ecological balance through spiritual and sustainable practices.

Making Vertical Space

Implementing vertical gardens maximizes space for carbon capture and enhances climate change adaptation. This innovative approach provides ecological benefits, improves air quality, and supports urban sustainability by integrating green spaces into built environments.

International Cooperation

Developing countries must harmonize implementation activities across various international commitments addressing forests, waters, and the environment. Coordinated efforts ensure effective policy execution on the ground, fostering sustainable development.

Sustainable Agriculture Method

Adopting the innovative concept of self-sufficient vegetable gardens promotes higher yields in smaller plots. Sustainable agriculture methods enhance environmental quality and the resource base crucial for agriculture, supporting long-term ecological balance.

Education on Biodiversity

Educating people about the linkages between forestry, biodiversity, and development is crucial. Understanding these connections fosters sustainable practices, enhances ecosystems, supports livelihoods, and contributes to economic growth, ultimately reducing poverty.

Promoting Vegetarian Diet

Adopting a strict vegetarian diet helps prevent environmental degradation and reduces contributions to global warming. This sustainable lifestyle choice conserves natural resources, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and supports biodiversity, promoting a healthier planet.

Science of Power Manifestation

Adopting the science of manifestation supports agriculture by enabling nature to respond to human needs, such as producing rain on demand. This method maintains ecological balance, and shows how a deep connection with nature can meet various agricultural requirements.

Collaborations & Achievements of KAILASA’s Green Om

Discover the impactful collaborations and notable achievements of Kailasa’s Green Om in promoting global environmental sustainability.

KAILASA’s Green Om
Collaborates with United Nations

The Green Om partners with UNEP at UNEA6 in Nairobi, leading global efforts in environmental conservation. Join us in our mission to create a healthier, more sustainable planet through impactful advocacy and collaboration.

  1. Promoting Sustainable Practices
  2. Environmental Education Programs
  3. Reforestation Projects
  4. Clean Energy Advocacy

Environmental Initiative & Programs

Green Om currently has 10 ongoing initiatives like the Clean Air Initiative, No Plastic Initiative, and Zero Waste Initiative. These programs make significant environmental contributions by fostering sustainability, reducing waste, ensuring a healthier planet for all.

Organically Produced
Over 1 Billion Meals

KAILASA’s Green Om has produced 1 billion chemical-free meals. This initiative focuses on sustainable farming, protecting nature, and offering nutritious food. By growing organically, Green Om ensures environmental harmony and promotes planetary well-being.

Global Effort for a Greener Future

KAILASA’s Clean Air Initiative plants oxygen-rich flora in spiritual embassies across 196 countries, fostering a green future. Trees like Banyan, Fig, and Peepal, along with 1008+ medicinal plants, grow on 300 acres, enhancing ecosystems and promoting planetary well-being globally.

Conquering New Heights: Inspiring Achievements

Years of Hard Work

Acers of Plantations

Plant Specious Protected

Programs & Initiatives

Initiatives & Programs of KAILASA’s Green Om

Explore KAILASA’s Green Om initiatives, fostering sustainability through innovations that harmonize spirituality and environmental stewardship.
Bellow are just a few of the initiatives and programs that KAILASA’s Green Om has take

Clean Air Initiative

KAILASA’s Clean Air Initiative improves global air quality through the planting of oxygen-rich trees in its spiritual embassies. This effort, led by KAILASA’s Green Om, promotes a green, sustainable future, enhancing ecosystems and reducing pollution in over 100 cities.

Say No To Plastic Program

KAILASA’s promotes a plastic-free lifestyle through eco-friendly practices and awareness campaigns. Rooted in Vedic heritage, KAILASA replaces plastics with sustainable materials in its spiritual embassies, preserving biodiversity and supporting zero-waste initiatives globally.

Sustainable Agriculture Program

This program promotes organic farming, rainwater harvesting, high-density farming, & vertical gardening. These practices enhance air quality, & foster a green, healthy planet through chemical-free cultivation & the herbal garden project in spiritual embassies worldwide.

KAILASA's Ishanya Project

KAILASA’s Ishanya Project eradicates poverty through recycling, turning waste into wealth. This initiative empowers communities, promotes sustainability, and fosters cleaner environments, highlighting the synergy between poverty alleviation and environmental conservation.

Indigenous Rights Advocacy

KAILASA promotes indigenous rights amid climate change by enacting protective legislation, preserving traditional knowledge, and involving communities in climate adaptation. Through international cooperation, KAILASA address climate impacts and protect displaced individuals.

Nature Education for Children

At KAILASA’s Nithyananda Gurukul, children learn to connect with nature through power manifestation. They gain the ability to influence the nature, such as making it rain or causing a rose plant to drop its thorns, fostering a deep bond with the environment.

Be a Part of KAILASA’s Green Om

The environment, lands, forests are part of our lives and are equally engaged in our ambitions, needs and actions. Due to the wavered attention given to our planet, the downward spiral of environmental degradation and largely unstable roots for a sustainable planet have become the first and foremost goals of GREEN OM.

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