Just as Hinduism has Patron Deities, Hindu Patrons are those passionate Hindus to reclaim their Hindu Identity, bringing social, political legitimacy to Hinduism Diaspora and join forces with Shri KAILASA – world greatest Hindu Nation standing with solidarity in revival of Ancient Hindu Civilization.

Hindu Patrons are Honorary Members of SHRIKAILASA, who are blessed directly by gods and goddesses of KAILASA and chosen to be a part of this Cosmic Revival. Patrons will be part of the Elite Team (Hindu Warriors) who will be the part of KAILASA Nation Building.

“KAILASA is not a competition to any nation.
KAILASA compliments all nations”

Kailasa Brings Legitimacy to Hindu Social Structure by demonstrating its Livable Model. Hindu Patrons can be the medium through which Hindu social structure, Hindu Spiritual science, Hindu Lifestyle and Hindu jurisprudence, can be demonstrated to the world, make it relevant to humanity in the process of grand revival.

Show the world Sanatana Dharma is Real

Hinduism is Real

All Hindu Patrons will be invited to the diplomatic conventions, to get trained in the

following dimensions of Hinduism, to become authentic representatives of

KAILASA – First Nation for All Hindus:

Hindu Bank

Hindu Leadership

Vedagamic Scriptures

Vedagamic Sculpting

Hindu Values

Hindu Education

Hindu Patron Model

12 Weeks Training Schedule Below

All Whys of Hinduism 2 Hrs/Month
Mantras /Learning Sanskrit 2 Hrs/Month
Hindu Think Tank 1 Hrs/Month

* Collaborate with Hinduism Pedia team on Vaakyarthasadas and organize debates on NTv
* HinduismPedia Project/Team

Introduction to Agamas 1 Hr/Month

* Give an overview on what is Agama and different Agamas that form the core of Vedic Shruthi. We will also dive deper into some of the more significant texts like Kamika Agama, to give the reader a taste of how the revival of KAILASA is taking place according to the Truths and directions given in Agamas.

Hindu Bhaga Shastra 4 Hrs/Month

* Learn the importance of Vegetarian Food and paramashiva kitchen, Various Aspects of Hindu Cooking, How to Start Cooking Class and spread Awareness to Vegetarian food Lifestyle. Contribute to International Journals.


Hindu Temples  1 Hr/Month

*Learn of Hindu Temples worldwide, history of these temple, How they were enlightenment ecosystems , engage with Worldwide Hindu Temples, Uniques of Hindu Temples,

Hindu Jurisprudence 3 Hrs/Month

* Hindu Jurisprudence is the most ancient system of jurisprudence in the world, with the principles of justice being sourced directly from Vedas and Agamas – the Source Scriptures of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Hindu Vedagamas form the core Constitution of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, and Dharma Shastras are the basis of the Hindu Code of Conduct in a Hindu State. Learn about these priciples and their application in today’s world, primarily in the context of the revival of Hindu Jurisprudence in KAILASA.

Benefits of Hindu Patron

Receive The Spiritual Name

Receive a spiritual name from the SPH  JGM Nithyananda Paramashivam. Your spiritual name is your identity in the Parallel Universe

Receive Nayana Deeksha

Have special access to the 2 way video conferencing for various Programs and Events (paid and free), Webinars, Satsangs, Online Kailasa Hindu events 

Paramashivoham Level 3 is the complementary, but compulsory

21- Day “Orientation and Initiation Convention”, headed by 

The SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, 

to be attended by the Patrons of KAILASA.

Paramashivoham Level 3 allows Hindu Patrons to first, give a superconscious breakthrough

to themselves, align their DNA back to the Cosmic DNA, and get trained into being

active medium for giving the Superconscious Breakthrough to

the entire humanity through the revival of KAILASA.