With SPH JGM Nithyananda Paramashivam

A Global Spiritual Awakening Event to Manifest Superconsciousness
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It’s time for a super-conscious breakthrough

More than ever, humanity needs to experience a super-conscious breakthrough. While the materialistic, hedonistic society reaches its peak after maximum profits; depression, boredom, anxiety, stress, wrong ideas about sex have become rampant. Rich countries that hold 90% of the world’s wealth are seeing more than 50% of their population depressed and using medication.

The SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam has incarnated at this crucial moment and is offering the ultimate gift to humanity – PARAMASHIVOHAM

PROGRAM Schedule

Season 45: Jan 17, 2022 – Jan 30, 2022

Season 46: Jan 31, 2022 – Feb 15, 2022

Season 47: Feb 16, 2022 – Mar 1, 2022

PROGRAM Schedule

Season 48: Mar 2, 2022 – Mar 16, 2022

Season 49: Mar 17, 2022 – Mar 30, 2022

Season 50: Mar 31, 2022 – Apr 15, 2022

The Ultimate Spiritual Happening on Earth

Paramashivoham is not just a meditation program, it is pushing humanity to the next level of consciousness, to the consciousness of Paramashiva, the Ultimate Superconsciousness as per Hinduism. The Avatar – SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam, who has realized the state of superconsciousness is transmitting His experience of Paramashivoham via initiation. This program will change who you know as yourself, your very being – to make you radiate superconsciousness.

Paramashivoham – I AM Paramashiva. This is the truth. Paramashiva is the ultimate consciousness. The source of all creation. The Karana, Karya, Mula – cause, effect and source of all that we perceive and all that is unmanifest in our life.

Paramashivoham is an immersive 16-day AWAKENING event to teach you the science of manifesting the ultimate consciousness in you. The science begins with discovering the Paramashiva in you, and then getting established in this true identity by manifesting powers of Paramashiva.


Paramashivoham will make you experience and manifest the State, Space, Powers and Being of Paramashiva.

Experience the State of Paramashiva


Learn about the makeup of the mind and how we ‘clutch’ and create joy or suffering. Discover how we create thoughts, how we connect thoughts and experience life. Every single thought that passes without awareness causes suffering either directly or indirectly. Unclutching is a ground-breaking technique to stop connecting thoughts and simply relax – rest in that unclutched awareness, Nirvikalpa Sthithi. Unclutching is the ultimate, complete technique: If you have problems related to your health, wealth, mental health, relationships, emotions – Unclutch!

Manifest the Powers of Paramashiva


Is it possible to live a superhuman life in the human body? Does Third Eye Awakening really exist? Can such awakened states be transmitted from Master to disciple? YES. The ancient Veda-Agamic science of manifesting Shaktis – divine superhuman powers – is real. Paramashiva has described 463 different Yogic Shaktis in the Agamas including the ability to see with the eyes blindfolded, seeing far off distances and beyond obstacles, scanning the human body and healing it, teleportation, materialization, moving matter with our consciousness, and many more. Manifesting these extraordinary powers makes you truly established in the identity of Paramashivoham – ‘I AM Paramashiva’.  

Experience the Space of Paramashiva


Past thoughts, emotional patterns, hangovers, residues, sitting in the present and suffocating you, not letting you live the future are ‘incompletions’. These incompletions from the past cause hatred, grudges, fears, insecurities, inability to forgive ourselves and others – in our future. Incompletions create emotional knots and stop the energy flow – Kundalini Shakti from getting awakened. Completion is a technique to re-live these past hangovers and be free from them once for all.  Completion is not just a mental process, you will feel the effect physically. It touches your very physiology.

Express the Being of Paramashiva


Paramashiva is real. He is not just the totality of all the superconscious qualities or concepts. He is all of that and more. He is a living being who is independently intelligent, who is moving the cosmos and is the source of the cosmos. He performs the 5 actions of creation (Srishti), maintenance (Sthiti), rejuvenation (Samhara), pulling out of delusion (Throbhava), and liberation (Anugraha) of the cosmos. He is manifesting on planet earth through the body of Avatar HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam – who will transmit the experience that the same Paramashiva, sitting in Kailasa – the Brahmanda (macrocosm) doing the 5 actions is sitting in the Pindanda (microcosm) – your very being.

Bhava Samadhi Darshan


Bhava Samadhi Darshan is a window to the infinite expanse of Consciousness, allowing us to glimpse the Formless in a way that we can understand. It is the secret science of experiencing the ultimate states of consciousness through meditation on a divine form.

During the Bhava Samadhi Darshan, divine cosmic beings literally manifest through the body of HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam. Like how they manifest in Archa Avatar (Deity), they manifest in Nija Avatar (embodied form) and give you all the boons you ask, make you experience Paramashivoham.

The Archavatar (Deity) reflects the Consciousness and Manifestation (Being) of the Superconscious energy, but human beings are not mature enough to receive the higher level experiences from the Archavatar directly. The Avatar (physical embodied form) comes down to bridge the gap and create experience of the superconscious energy in all of us.

When we have the Bhava Samadhi Darshan of the Nija Avatar manifesting beings of various dimensions of Paramashiva, the auspicious components and the powerfulness of those dimensions of Paramashiva are awakened in us.

During Bhava Samadhi Darshan, your being comes alive and celebrates with the energy wave of Existence. It is the direct experience of causeless bliss. Even without much effort from our side, our very bio-memory awakens to the space of Paramashiva – the ultimate consciousness.

Science of Bhava Samadhi Darshan

During Bhava Samadhi Darshan, our neurons mirror that of the Avatar. Mirror neurons are special neurons that observe and mimic the actions of the Avatar’s neuron activity through seeing. Mirror neurons activate and process all the observed movements or information of the Avatar just by ‘seeing’ and without the physical act of imitation. That is, our entire body silently and without movement, recreates what is happening distances far away, experiencing the superconscious energy radiated by the Avatar. The science of Bhava Samadhi Darshan knows no distance – a phenomenon modern science is just discovering and terms as Quantum tunnelling. Our thoughts per second reduces significantly and we relax into the space beyond thoughts (thoughtlessness) becoming mentally at ease in co-existing dimensions beyond duality (WE AND THE DIVINE BECOME ONE), unconditioned by the parameters of time and space.



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