Offering Gold Jewellery

The Gold offered doesn’t have a monetary value, it has the value of the Sacred Sentiment with which it is offered ~ SPH


“The jewels offered will not be melted to make other jewels, they will be used as it is after etching the name of the donor on them. This offering is literally tattooing your name on my body with Gold. As long as I am using this body, I will be using the jewels on my body, after I leave the body they will be put on my deities and so you are immortally on me ” ~ SPH

Historical Precedence 

GOLD is present in all scriptures – Agamas, Vedas, Shrutis, Smritis, Itihasas and Puranas. In all Hindu scriptures it is abundantly displayed that Gold is the most auspicious and purest metal which purifies our being. In the Hindu civilization, everything was built in Gold and exchanged in Gold. Out of all the various forms of Dhanas (Donations), The offering of Gold is the highest form of offering. To preserve the Sanctity and Spiritual aspect of this Divine Element, from time imemmorial, it has been offered in the form of ornaments to adorn the Divine in the form of Archavataras (Deities) and Nijavataras (Incarnations) .

आचार्य पूजयेन्नित्यं स्वर्णवस्त्रादिभिस्ततः॥

ācāryam pūjayennityam svarņavastrādibhistataḥ||

–  Srimat Kamikagama UttaraPada uddhara vidhi Patala Verse-73

Everyday, the main sponsor (yajamana) should honor the Guru by offering gold coins or ornaments, new clothes and such other valuable items.

Bhagavan Venkateshwara is the Nijavatara (Physical embodied form) of Parandhama himself. When He decided to leave the body, He stood as Bhagavan Venkateshwara in Tirumala Tirupati. Venkateshwara in Tirumala Tirupati is the physical body of Venkateshwara himself. He has nearly 11 tons of Gold in the form of Ornaments presented to him from the past 6 centuries. This information is based on transcripts which are curved on the stone walls of Tirumala temple. Pouring in presents started from the time of Sri Krishna Deva raja. (1450). It is called the golden age -1509-1530. The king Sri Krishnadevaraya visited Tirumala 7 times and poured in lot of golden ornaments.

The SPH has poured gold on the deties of Kailasa in all the Nithyanandeshwara Devalayams all across the globe even before he had a roof over His head. The SPH always offered the best to Paramashiva and His life is a testament to this. The Golden temple project – building the world’s largest Golden temple for Paramashiva shows His love for Paramashiva as ‘Arunagiri Yogeshwara’ – Guru of The SPH and is a statement to the world.

Sakshi Pramana ~ Offerings By The Devotees

You offer the best you have out of your LOVE for The SPH and the offering becomes complete when The SPH accepts it and reciprocates your LOVE …..

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