Bhava Samadhi Darshan of Bhagavan Venkateshwara and Bhagavan Krishna

By Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism
Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam
His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

9 january, 2021



Welcome to Vaikunta Darshan,
Rare blessings for devotees

Bhava samadhi darshan 

Manifesting the divine

Science of Manifesting The Divine

During Bhava Samadhi Darshan, our being comes alive and celebrates with the energy wave of Existence. Our very muscles learn to imbibe and radiate Paramashiva.

Bhava Samadhi Darshan is the direct experience of causeless bliss.

Even without much effort from our side, our very bio-memory awakens to the space of Paramashiva ultimate consciousness during Bhava Samadhi Darshan.

To have a glimpse of, Having darshan of an Avatar cleanses the karmas the lifetimes, and creates a deep and lasting transformation in us.

Gratitude enables the reflection of Consciousness on all levels – physical, psychological and ultimately, conscious level. Darshan meditation as a preparation helps us to fall into the space of gratitude, and it is during that time, we drop conscious resolutions; satya sankalpa of anything we want or need in our life. Be ready to reflect the Consciousness of Paramashiva! That is all you need to manifest the best for your life and lives of people around you.

Bhava Samadhi Darshan is not an event in space and time. Rather, darshan happens at the moment when we are lifted out of space and time.

Bhava, when expressed through the body, the physical structure of our body itself changes.
Dimension of Paramashiva manifesting in the Nija Avatar for us to experience the same, is Bhava Samadhi Darshan.

Consciousness (Formless) expresses the Being of Paramashiva through Divya Shareera (Light Body) and manifests as Nija Avatar, physical form (embodied form) for us to experience Dimension of Paramashiva

The Being is the Archavatar. The form is the Nija Avatar. The Archavatar (Deity) reflects the Consciousness and Manifestation (Being) of the Superconscious energy, but human beings are not mature enough to receive the higher level experiences from the Archavatar directly. 

The Avatar (physical embodied form) comes down to bridge the gap and create experience of the superconscious energy in all of us. When we have the Bhava Samadhi Darshan of the Nija Avatar manifesting beings of various dimensions of Paramashiva, the auspicious components and the powerfulness of those dimensions of Paramashiva are awakened in us.

The auspicious moment when we are able to ‘catch’ Bhava Samadhi Darshan becomes the moment of DARSHAN for us!
BHAVA is defined as directing and activating the emotional and spiritual energy that is created through meditation on the Avatar. During Bhava Samadhi Darshan, our neurons mirror that of the Avatar.

Mirror neurons are special neurons that observe and mimic the actions of the Avatar’s neuron activity through seeing in us. The science of Bhava Samadhi Darshan knows no distance – a phenomenon modern science is just discovering and terms as Quantum tunnelling.

BHAVA samadhi darshan is Paramashiva manifesting in the Nija Avatar for us to experience the same

Experience to the Ultimate state of Consciousness.

BHAVA is defined as directing and activating the emotional and spiritual energy that is created through meditation on an individual’s chosen deity or object of devotion. 

DARSHAN is experiencing the divine through sight or using your physical eyes as the gateway (of the body) to experiencing higher states of consciousness.

When we have the darshan of an Avatar in different forms of Gods / Goddesses, the auspicious components and the powerfulness  of the Gods / Goddesses are awakened in us, pushing us to experience to the ultimate state of consciousness.



Story of Sudama - Bhagavata Purana

Sudama was Lord Krishna’s friend and devotee. He belonged to a poor Brahmin family. As they grew up, Krishna manifested the Dwaraka (the land of material pleasures) and got married to Rukmini. On the other hand, Sudama married a simple Brahmin girl and led a simple life leaving the worldly pleasures and by worshipping lord. He had  children, but due to his austere living, he remained a poor man. Tired and anguished by the poor living conditions, one-day Sudama’s wife asked him to seek help from Lord Krishna. Sudama being an honest and self-made man felt ashamed to go ahead and ask his friend for help. After being insisted by his wife, Sudama decided to go ahead to meet Krishna. However, he said, “Meeting my old friend after years empty handed wouldn’t feel nice”. Sudhama decided to carry along a handful of puffed rice for Lord Krishna.As soon as Sudama reached the palace, Krishna received him with warmth and respect. Krishna made Sudama sit on his throne and washed his tired feet with sandalwood and warm water to relax him.

Story of Sudama - Bhagavata Purana

They recalled the time spent at the Sandipani School in childhood. Seeing the splendour, Sudama felt awed. Krishna hospitality and love made him feel happy. However, seeing the grandeur, he felt embarrassed to take out the gift. Krishna immediately understood how Sudama was feeling and took the gift from him.Seeing a small bag in Sudama’s hand, Krishna asked him that what he was carrying. Sudama feeling resentful moved forward the bag, which contained a handful of puffed rice. Krishna went forward and consumed a part of the puffed rice saying that was the best thing he had ever.Krishna thanked him for the gift and requested Sudama to have a meal with him. As both of them sat to have their meal, which was served in exquisite gold plates. 

Story of Sudama - Bhagavata Purana

Sudama felt sad as he remembered his hungry children at home. He stayed at the palace for two days but could not ask Krishna for any personal favours. On the third day, he was ready to leave back for home. While leaving Krishna embraced Sudama and asked him to visit again. Touched by his love and hospitality, Sudama thanked him. While going back to his family Sudama wondered “What shall I say when my wife asks me what I’ve brought back?”As Sudama reached back home, he was troubled seeing that there was no hut. Instead of his old hut, he saw a magnificent palace being built at the same place. As he walked towards the palace, he saw his wife coming out elegantly dressed in beautiful clothes.

from the Scriptures

Bhagavad Gita

वसुदॆव सुतं दॆवं कंस चाणूर मर्दनम् ।
दॆवकी परमानन्दं कृष्णं वन्दॆ जगद्गुरुम् ॥१॥
vasudeva sutaṁ devaṃ kamsa cānūra mardanam I devakī paramānandaṁ kṛṣṇam vande jagad gurum II

‘I salute unto you Bhagavān Kṛṣṇa, Guru (master) of the world, son of Vasudeva, supreme bliss of Devakī, destroyer of Kamsa and Cāṇūra’


Veṅkaṭācala-māhātmya, skanda mahāpurāṇa

श्रीवेंकटेश्वरं देवं यः पश्यति सकृन्नरः |
स नरो मुक्तिमाप्नोति विष्णुसायुज्यमाप्नुयात् || २ ||

śrīveṃkaṭeśvaraṃ devaṃ yaḥ paśyati sakṛnnaraḥ |
sa naro muktimāpnoti viṣṇusāyujyamāpnuyāt || 2 ||

One who gets the Darshan of Lord Śrī Veṅkaṭeśvara even once attains salvation. He shall attain Sāyujya with Viṣṇu.

Science of Bhava Samadhi

  • Bhava Samadhi Darshan enhances awareness levels, greater creativity and extraordinary abilities start to express through us.
  • Bhava Samadhi Darshan of an avatar can result in the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini, our own highest inner potential energy. 
  • Research in neuroscience has proved that darshan floods the body and brain with Kundalini energy. 

Bhava Samadhi Darshan is Quantum Entanglement

bhava samadhi It causes the neurons of the devotee to mirror the space of perpetual completion radiating the Avatar or energised deity,at a biological level.


Have a glimpse of the formless
Bhava Samadhi Darshan is a window to the infinite expanse of consciousness, allowing us to glimpse the formless in a way that we can understand.

Our very bio-memory awakens to the space of Paramashiva ultimate consciousness during Bhava Samadhi Darshan. Having darshan or even a glimpse of an Avatar cleanses the karmas of lifetimes, and creates a deep and lasting transformation in us. During Bhava Samadhi Darshan, our neurons mirror that of the Avatar. Mirror neurons are special neurons that observe and mimic the actions of the Avatar’s neuron activity inside us just through seeing. During Bhava Samadhi Darshan, our being comes alive and celebrates with the energy wave of Existence. our very muscles learn to imbibe and radiate Paramashiva.

The science of Bhava Samadhi Darshan knows no distance – a phenomenon modern science is just discovering and terms as quantum tunnelling.


Bhagavan Shri Krishna – Expression of Parandhama

Bhagavan Krishna manifested as intense life. Life expressed in body as ever youthful, expressed in intellect as amazing strategist, expressed in emotion as a most beautiful pure romance, amazing artistic expression. Even when Bhagavan was teaching the greatest truths, it was done in a very poetic form. His book is called Song – Gita, because it is more poetic than anything else. Singer, dancer, musician, strategist. A beloved for everyone. 

The purna avatar 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the Purnavatara, Who has embodied Narayana, Paramapada, with all His glory, qualities and powers.

Bhagavan Shri Krishna is the 8th Avatara of Lord Vishnu, who is responsible for the sustenance of the cosmos.
Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the being who first set a trend that macrocosm can express in human body microcosm in a full fledged and in full bloomed way.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna is also the Jagadguru – meaning His life is a teaching for everyone, in all levels of seeking, no matter what level they are in.

Celebration is the essence of the life of Bhagavan Sri Krishna 

One of the greatest dimension of the happening of Bhagavan Sri Krishna is thyaga and love; the ability to receive and give love.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna was the embodiment of causing everyone’s reality. He was able to speak into the listening of the listener. Causing everyone’s reality!

Bhagavan Sri Krishna out of His love and thyaga for the humanity delivered the Bhagavad Gita – the song of God!

Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the ultimate teacher reviving all the enlightenment systems existed at that time and compiling it in the form of bhagavad gita and sharing with the world.

atma pramana 

During my Parivarajaka I came across an old lady who used to talk frequently with her idol of Krishna. I Could not understand what she was doing so I went and asked, ‘Hey, what are you doing? Do you think that he is talking to you?’ I told her, ‘Ma, what you experience is all an illusion, you should come out of it.  You should eat healthy food and stay healthy to come out of all these.’ She was so innocent, she said, “No, No, Baba, I’m not lying, don’t you see He’s sitting there and talking to me?”  She just put her hand out and held my hand.

I promise I saw Krishna there.  I can tell you that He was sitting there just as a simple child.  . With what intensity you see me now, I promise at least with deeper intensity than that I saw Krishna there.  He was there!  Just as a small baby as He was described in Bhagavatam, with a small flute in the hand and putting His hand on his face very innocently,  with a peacock feather on his unclean hair, with a dirty mouth, all that food was there on the mouth and unkempt and just that that small little baby, He was there!  

The shock was from the very root center.  Understand, the shock was from the very muladhara chakra, from the root my Being was shaken.  See, even if I had the smallest doubt that she was a saintly lady I wouldn’t have gone and told her that she should come out of all this illusion and that she should stop doing all this foolishness, and that she should be very healthy.  I would have never told her that.  She was such a simple, unassuming person, with no external expressions of any saintly or divine expression in her.  She was a simple lady, a village lady, maybe seventy or eighty years old.  Just by touching me, she gave me initiation.  

Bhagavan Venkateshwara

The lord of wealth and abundance 

Sri Ananda Venkateshwara is a benevolent deity who showers tremendous love on his devotees. He is a compassionate incarnation of Sri MahaVishnu.

Venkateshwara heals, and blesses relationships to become more joyful and prosperous. He is Srinivasa the one who has “Sri” Devi Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, within his chest. He is pleased when his devotees enrich and serve others.

He is unconditional love itself, and showers abundance of wealth and happiness on those who live in service of others.

Shastra Pramana
रोगर्तो मुच्यते रोगाद् बद्दो मुच्यते बन्धनात् |
भयान् मुच्येत भीतस्तु मुच्येतापन्न आपदः || ८ |

All the Health related patterns and issues are healed by Lord Venkateshwara, All the Fear related patterns will become redundant and powerfullness will be bestowed and all obstacles and incompletions will be immediately cleared

Vishnu Sahasranama phalashruti verse -8


Saakshi Pramana – Testimonials  

During Bhava Samadhi Darshan and Krishna Janmashtami Darshan    

So powerful, powerful, powerful powerful. Getting connected to Paramashiva directly via Swamiji’s Initiation was a blissful experience. Gratitude to Swamiji.

Brian Huang

Taipei, Taiwan

Bhava Samadhi Darshan was amazing. Could feel intense Kundalini Awakening!



Initiation by Sight – Nayana Deeksha

What is Nayana Deeksha?

When you see the divine, you ask what you think is best for you; when the divine sees you, the whole Cosmos gives you what it knows best for you.”
SPH JGM Nithyananda Paramashivam.

Nayana Deeksha means, “initiation by sight”. In Sanskrit, ‘Nayana’ means eyes or vision, and ‘Deeksha’ means initiation, the transmission of energy of truth from an Enlightened Master.

When the Divine sees you, all the blessings are showered upon you. When a Divine Incarnation lands on Planet Earth with a mission to bring enlightenment to humanity, He uses all possible means to connect to the whole world, in the way the world will understand. In this cyber age, SPH JGM Nithyananda Paramashivam makes use of the latest technology of Internet videoconferencing to connect in real time with thousands of people around the globe to share the sacred secrets and experience of enlightenment.

Whether in the form of live satsangs, bhava samadhi darshans, or the 16-day paramashivom  program, the avatar  has made Himself available to humanity more than ever, using the best possible technology.


 krishna consciousness
by SPH JGM Nithyananda Paramashivam on sept 3, 2010

bhava samadhi darshan:
bringing cosmic beings to your home! 

Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism
Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam
His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

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