Deities Of Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva Devalayam
March 1, 2022

KAILASA’s Swayambhu Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva Linga

Swayambhu is something that prakriti or existence energies and makes as an embodiment and representation of Cosmic Energy. Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva is the Shiva Linga- the shiva deity that is worshipped by SPH JGM HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam.

Mahadeva or Paramashiva is always easily pleased by any small offering you make. Offer some milk or water as abishekam. Or simply offer a Bilva leaf, and chant Om Namah Shivaya, that is all it takes to get the blessings of Mahadeva. Worship of this Swayambhu Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva will give one the power to make their dreams into reality and also realize that reality itself is a dream.

KAILASA’s Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva And Nithyanandeshwari Parashakti

In the Nithyanandeshwara Paramshiva Devalayam, Paramashiva graces as Nithyanandeshwara who sits in an intimate conversation with Devi Nithyanandeshwari Parashakti. Nithyanadeshwara is a very loving form of Paramashiva, as He holds Parashakti in his lap and shares the truths of the Vedas and Agamas, on how to live an enlightened lifestyle.

Nithyanandeshwara in his upper right hand holds a drum called a Damaru; it represents the creation of the universe. With His right foot below He puts us into the delusion that is this worldly life. With the fire He holds in His upper left hand He rejuvenates the world, reminding us about the end of this worldly life. With his lower right hand He blesses us to live a life knowing the truth of our Oneness with Him. With his lower left arm he holds Parashakti on his lap, sharing the truth in a caring and loving manner.

Paramashiva through this form manifests the 5 cosmic functions, they are Srishti (creation), Sthithi (sustenanace), Samhara (rejuvination), Thirobhava (delusion) and Anugraha (liberation).

KAILASA’s Ganapati

The Lord of Auspicious Beginnings.

Sri Ganesha is lord of auspicious beginnings. We pray to Ganesha to remove all your obstacles in both the inner world and the outer. He is experienced as ‘pure efficiency’, carrying this idea and sitting before him. You will have his Darshan!

He is known to be the Lord of Muladhara Chakra located at the based of the Spine Ganesha is the elephant-faced god of Vedic tradition. He is the son of Devi Parvati and Lord Shiva. Sri Ganesha is lord of auspicious beginnings. He is one of the most beloved deities. In his four arms he holds the Paasa-noose, Ankusha-axe-tool, danta-tusk, modhaka-sweet. His vehicle is a rat, representing a quick and fast attitude towards our work. His large ears represent deep listening, and long truck represents deep breathing.

In the school of Yoga, Muladhara chakra – the energy center in the root of the spine is the seat of Kundalini energy – the extraordinary potential energy in all human beings. The Agamas and Tantra shastras explain Sri Ganesha to be the Lord of Muladhara chakra – the seat of Kundalini.

Sri Ganesha is a spontaneous completion celebration. The joy of sincerity is his blessing, he not only symbolizes that our future won’t have obstacles, but also that it will go according to our plans. Project plans for successful results are assured by the worship of Ganesha.

KAILASA’s Devi Parashakti

Devi Rajarajeshwari is the focused form of all Gods and Goddess; the sum total of all energies of the Cosmos.

She is care, love, mercy and grace intensified. The scriptures describe Her to be seated on a Simhasana, upon Lord Sadashiva – the Cosmic Consciousness whose legs are Lord Brahma, Rudra, Indra and Vishnu. Also She is fanned by Goddess of wealth – Lakshmi and Goddess of Learning – Saraswati. She is depicted to be worshipped by all the 330,000,000 Devas and Lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya. The Sri Chakra and the Maha Meru are the mystical figures and forms of the Devi Rajarajeshwari. The other names of Rajarajeshwari are Sri Vidya, Lalitha Parameswari, Maha Tripurasundari, Shodashi, Kamakshi, etc.

KAILASA’s Sri Subramanya

Lord of Courage and Valour

Paramashiva manifested Himself as Lord Subramanya to celebrate His own existence. Lord Subramanya is the Bio-Energy of Paramashiva who manifested from the Third Eye of Paramashiva. Lord Subramanya is the young warrior prince who personifies knowledge and intelligence. He is the embodiment of Courage and Valour who emerged from Paramashiva’s Third Eye for Liberating the demons who were creating havoc in the 3 worlds. He is known as the “Shatru Samhara Devata”. He has six faces and rides a divine peacock. His expression is of supreme intelligence and leadership. Traditionally he is believed to be the commander in chief of the Devatas. He has “Vel” (spear) as his symbolic weapon. It is the source of all knowledge, dispels ignorance and bestows wisdom!

KAILASA’s Sri Dakshinamurti

The Adi Guru – Primordial Guru

Bhagavan Dakshinamurthy is an incarnation of Bhagavan Paramashiva as the primordial and supreme teacher. His upper right hand holds the drum representing harmony with Time and Creation (Integrity). His upper left hand holds a flame, the fire of Knowledge which destroys ignorance (Authenticity). His lower right hand poised in Abhaya (Responsibility). His lower left hand clasps palm leaves indicating He is the master of the established teachings (Enriching).
The God of creation Lord Brahma created and gave life to Sanaka, Sanantana, Sanatana & Sanat Kumara. At a very young age of seven itself all the four of them had intense seeking and did their completions with their father Lord Brahma and took up Sannyas as their life and did intense penance towards Bhagavan Paramashiva for Enlightenment.
Bhagavan Paramashiva pleased by their penance appears in the form of Dakshinamurthy and transmits the space of Enlightenment into them through His virbrant silence – through Upanishad and explains the meaning of the Vedas through wordless silence.

KAILASA’s Sri Venkateshwara

The Lord of Wealth and Compassion

Bhagavan Venkateshwara is a benevolent deity who showers tremendous love on his devotees. He is a compassionate incarnation of Sri MahaVishnu, who resides in Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva Devalaya along with the other deities traditional to the Tirupati Tirumala Venakteshwara Sannidhi.

Venkateshwara heals, and blesses relationships to become more joyful and prosperous. He is Srinivasa the one who has “Sri” Devi Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, within his chest. He is pleased when his devotees enrich and serve others. He is unconditional love itself, and showers abundance of wealth and happiness on those who live in service of others. He is also the Lord of the Anahata Chakra or the heart center.