Guru-Shishya Parampara – Backbone of Hinduism
July 19, 2016

On the auspicious Guru Purnima Day, we celebrate the whole Guru Parampara. Sanatana Dharma stands on Guru Parampara, lives on Guru Parampara, flourishes on Guru Parampara, protected by Guru Parampara. The one only thing, which is still keeping the Sanatana Dharma alive is disciples’ loyalty to Guru. There is no strategy why we are still alive. There is no…planning why we are still alive. The one and only thing, which is keeping the whole tradition alive,…the disciples’ loyalty to the Guru, Guru Parampara, Guru-Shishya Sampradaya. That is the only thing still keeping our tradition, our country, our values, whatever is our identity alive! Understand! It is just because of the Guru Parampara, all the best things we are enjoying are still alive. Whether it is…the values we’ve cherished in our inner space, or our life we enjoy in our outer space. The Guru Parampara, loyalty of the disciples to the Guru keeps this whole tradition alive!

I have seen worst traitors, I have seen the greatest disciples. Understand, it’s not that I have seen only the worst traitors, I have also seen greatest disciples who demonstrate their loyalty much more than their life; who respect, revere, live, keep their loyalty much more than their very life. I tell you as a Guru who has seen both extremes. And I have also seen the greatest disciples whose loyalty, they are ready to put their loyalty above anything, their loyalty to the Guru is above even their life. I have seen both extremes. I tell you, it is just the Guru’s, Guru-Shishya Sampradaya. The loyalty disciples have towards Guru, the loyalty Guru commands from the disciples, that keeps Indian tradition alive. That keeps…Sanatana Hindu Dharma alive! That keeps Bharati or Sanatana Hindu alive!

On this auspicious day, I remember, honor, salute, revere, respect, all my Gurus and their Gurus, their Gurus, and the whole Guru Parampara from Adiguru Sadashiva. From Adiguru Sadashiva till my own Guru, I remember, respect, honor, revere, give my gratitude and surrender to the whole Guru Parampara. Let’s take this moment to offer ourselves and revere the whole Guru Parampara from Sadashiva till our Guru. It is the loyalty, commitment to the Guru and his teachings, keeps all the greatest thing alive on the planet earth. Understand, if still…the method of enlightenment, the science of Living Enlightenment, and the science of completion and science of the enlightened lifestyle, if it is still available to planet earth, if it is still alive, if we are able still to enjoy it; it is just because of the Guru Parampara.

It is just because of the Guru Parampara, Guru-Shishya Parampara and thousands and thousands of our Sannyasis, Gurus have given their life. They even died, gave up their body many time just to protect our traditions, knowledge, values, understand. Thousands and thousands of our Sannyasis were killed during the invasions. Thousands and thousands fought to protect our values, our traditions. Today is the day, we remember and honor all the great Masters, Gurus, Sannyasis, Sons, who gave their life, who lived and died for Sanatana Hindu Dharma, to protect Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Understand. As long as we keep this loyalty to Guru alive, no bad can happen to you, no bad can happen to Sanatana Dharma, no bad can happen to the great country, no bad can happen to the whole spiritual tradition.

I bow down to Guru Parampara from the Adiguru, Sadashiva till my Guru, all the great Masters happened on the planet earth, kept the spiritual traditions alive. Even if somebody has reached the divine from far away places, I bow down to all of them also. I bow down to all of them also. Wherever, whoever has reached the divine enlightenment, kept the tradition alive on the planet earth, I bow down to all of them. With this offering, with this gratitude,…I also want to acknowledge, accept, celebrate all the love the disciple shower on me on this day. It’s time for you to remember your Guru. It’s time for me to remember my disciples.

My message on this auspicious Guru Purnima Day today – Mahadeva Rahasya. Please understand,…an important sacred secret from Mahadeva. You would had, you would heard about Raja Guhyam, means kingly secret, royal secret. You would have heard about Deva Rahasya, the divine secret. This is Mahadeva Rahasya,…secret directly from Mahadeva. Today’s message,…the Mahadeva Rahasya is Veda Agama Anta. It is essence of Vedas and Agamas. Vedas – were the pure science. Agamas were applied science. The essence of Vedagamanta, Shivatvamasi. Shivatvamasi is today’s…message on this auspicious Guru Purnima’s Day.

Understand,…the inner space of Mahadeva, some of the important secrets you need to know from the inner space of Mahadeva. The most sacred secret from the inner space of Mahadeva, please listen carefully. You need to understand the inner space of Mahadeva, only then you will understand the value of this great teaching, the great truth, the sacred secret. In your inner space, you constantly feel threatened by anybody and everybody. If somebody gets the same amount of money you have, you feel threatened. If somebody gets the same amount of name you have, you feel threatened. If somebody gets the same amount of fame you have, you feel threatened. Understand. In your inner space, you constantly feel threatened by others. If somebody gets the same power you have, you feel threatened by them. Your inner space feels threatened because you have a cognition – resources are limited. Resources are limited. So if somebody has, you can’t have, which is not the reality, which is only a comparative reality, not existential reality. Listen, which is a comparative reality, not existentially reality.

Sadashiva’s inner space never feels threatened because he knows shakti is endless. Resources are not limited. Shakti is not limited. The logic if you have, I can’t have does not apply there. When…He says, “Shivatvamasi,” He means it, “You are Shiva.” If you listen to His truth and declare, “Shivoham, I am Shiva,” He will not feel threatened, He will not judge you, He will not question you; He will not be asking, “How dare you declare, You are Shiva! Have you qualify you, qualified yourself? Have you done all the tapas? Have you purified yourself?” No! Don’t worry. The moment you declare, He is so happy, He has a one more being through which He can manifest Himself. Declaring, declaring, radiating, manifesting Shivoham does not need any special skill sets. It just needs your decision – Ajna, will.

You prepare all the skill sets, develop your personality, purify and then, have a glimpse of the ultimate is path of Yogis. Just declare with all your will “Shivoham” and start manifesting the shaktis, purity, experiences and expressions of Sadashiva, and radiate the ultimate is the path of Shaivites. The whole society thinks there is no other path other than Yogis, because the logic Yogis talk, and the logic of the society matches. In society, you have to develop the skill set, prepare yourself to get any post. The same logic Yogis use. So, the yogic logic seems to be very right, apt for the society. That is why the yogic logic is very, very popular, but understand, popularity does not mean it is truth, or that is the only truth. I am not saying yogic logic is lie. And same way, I want, let, I wanted let the Yogis know, it is they cannot continue to tell people theirs is the only right logic. At least, not after 1978.

Raise your will. Declare with all the authenticity and integrity, “Sadashivoham,” and start manifesting it. Manifest the inner space of Sadashiva. Manifest the experiences of Sadashiva. Manifest the expression of Sadashiva. Manifest the shaktis of Sadashiva. When you start manifesting Sadashiva shaktis, you will naturally manifest the highest purity of Sadashiva’s inner space. Understand, when you, when you declare, Shivoham,” not only Sadashiva does not feel jealous, not only He does not judge you, not only He does not question you; He just rushes into your inner space and says, “Yes, yes! Yes, yes! Let Me manifest.” Understand.

One of the biggest suffering humanity has created for itself is, whenever something is showered, you ask, “Am I qualified?” The only pattern which stops Sadashiva showering on you is, you think, “Am I qualified? Then if He’s showering on me, is He expecting something from me? He is looking some, is He planning to achieve something through me? Is He looking for something from me?” Prrrrr… That is when the whole thing collapses. Understand. You always know one love only if you are looking for something you will open up, and you will share yourself. If not, you will never open up or share. Understand the most important Mahadeva Rahasya, Sadashiva’s inner space, He has nothing to gain from you. But still, He is passionate about you. He is, He has nothing to gain from you, but still He is passionate about you. Because, He is looking for your being through which He can manifest Himself.

Whatever you think meaningful in your life – your money, your power, your position, your age, your youth, your beauty, your car, your bungalow, your body, your mind, your skill sets. Nothing is useful for Him! He has no use from all these. It is all the cub giving the grass to lion. Never lion is going to eat and enjoy the grass. He may tell the cub, “Keep it aside. The other cubs like you when they come, let them eat.” At the most He may keep the grass in corner, for the other cubs who are thinking they are sheep; when they come in, they need one or two meal, till they realize they are lion. Sadashiva has no use from you. He has nothing to gain from you, but He is passionate about you, just to manifest Himself through you. Nothing, nothing which you think is useful, is useful for Him. For the sheep, the grass may be life. For the lion, it has no use. Understand.

Sadashiva has no use…from your skill sets, or the things you value. But He is passionately calling you, waiting for you. He is passionate about you, just to manifest through you. Listen, that is why I am saying whenever you declare, “Shivoham, Sadashivoham,” not only He does not feel jealous, competition, threatened; not only He’s not going to question your qualification, purity; He’s not going to…ask for anything! He is not going to ask for any certification, He is just going to…celebrate your declaration because He feels now, “I have one more inner space through which I can manifest, I can radiate!” Understand, if God is one, He has to be jealous! But God is Oneness, not one!”

If any of you have suffered by the one God who is jealous, feels threatened by anyone and everyone, please come here, we have a God who is Oneness. God is not one, He is Oneness, that is why when you declare, “Shivoham,” He celebrates you. Now He knows He is, He has one more being through which He can celebrate his Oneness! One God will always feel threatened, because there cannot be second one. The Oneness God will always be celebrating, because He is going to manifest His Oneness through everybody.

Understand this Mahadeva Rahasya. First, his inner space does not feel threatened like you, because He knows resources are endless. Shakti…shakti is endless! Second, because He does not feel threatened, when you declare, “Shivoham,” He is not going to ask you for your qualification, purity, all the certifications. He is only going to celebrate and start manifesting, radiating, encouraging, enriching, helping, supporting you to manifest the Shivoham completely. Third, He has nothing to gain from you other than fulfilling you by manifesting Himself through your being.

Mahadeva Rahasya on this auspicious Guru Purnima Day for all of you is Vedanta, Siddhanta, Agamanta, Veda Agamanta, Sara, Shivatvamasi. Shivatvamasi is the initiation from Guru. Shivoham is the declaration from yourself towards the Cosmos. Shivatvamasi is initiation. Shivoham is anubhuti.

From today…till the Navaratri, the Chaturmasya Vrata starts. From this year, I wanted our whole Sangha…to celebrate, follow, the Chaturmasya Vrata from today till Navaratri, the Chaturmasya ends. I wanted the whole Sangha to meditate, contemplate, declare, manifest, radiate this truth – Shivatvamasi. Take this as a initiation…from Sadashiva, and contemplate everyday, “If I am Sadashiva, then this is the way my life should manifest.” Again and again and again, let your will declare, “You are Shiva,” and decide to manifest your life as you want. When you see life starts manifesting as you want, you will become more and more integrated to this truth of Shivoham. You will become more and more authentic to the truth, Shivoham. You will become more and more responsible to the truth, Shivoham! You will become more and more enriched, you will be enriched and enriching the truth, Shivoham. You will be enriched and enriching…the world with this great truth, Shivoham. Understand.

Take this message – live it, will it, live it, manifest it, radiate it. Come back for Vijayadasami to celebrate your victory,…to celebrate our victory. Victory is the realization of Shivoham. Victory is the realization of Shivoham. Understand. Contemplate on these great truths again and again. Contemplate on this sacred secret again and again. This is the Mahadeva Rahasya,…which is essence of Vedas, Agamas, Vedanta, Sidhanta, Agamanta, Veda Agamanta, Sara, Shivatvamasi,…Shivatvamasi, Shivatvamasi.

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