Atma Linga Spiritual Healing: Remove negativity in the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual planes
August 12, 2022

Atma Linga Spiritual Healing is a Hindu holistic healing method practiced by the initiated disciples (disciples who have received the Shiva Deeksha) of SPH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam manifesting the power of spiritual healing for the welfare of all beings.

The Atma Linga (Atma – personal; Linga – form and representation of Lord Shiva) is made out of pure Spatika, a frozen ice that has turned into a crystalline stone over thousands of years, and which maintains the energy that is infused in it for hundreds or thousands of years. The Atma Linga has the Shri Chakra engraved on it, which is the sacred geometrical representational form of the cosmos.

As such, the Atma Linga has a ternary infusion of energy within it, given by its form – Linga, the male Shiva energy, – by the Shri Chakra engraving – the female Devi energy, – and through the process of energizing the Linga – the Guru energy.

Atmalinga Spiritual Healing is free of cost and helps remove negativities in the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual planes.

To experience the benefits of the Atma Linga Spiritual Healing, please contact your local KAILASA Center.

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