Akashic Readings on the Ananda Lingam
May 29, 2021


People of India, do listen. Listen well. India is the biggest spiritual land where Enlightened beings happen again and again, flower as Enlightened beings and benefit the entire world. We cannot afford to lose only Bharatham. We cannot lose the Enlightenment Womb. Generation after generation Enlightened Masters and Incarnations have to happen again and again. They have to live and they have to flower. It is the best blessing for the world. Just because one or two rogues got caught in the web of Maya, the Illusion, we cannot sacrifice the world. Creation should not face loss. Prabanjam Cosmos should not get destroyed.

In order to save the Cosmos from the Cosmic Deluge, I built a ship called the Adi Kailaasa. In order to protect humanity from the Cosmic deluge, I gathered together all the spiritual energy of the cosmos and built the ship called Adi Kailaasa. Due to the cunning strategy of the treacherous people and the ruling of the enemies, the captain of the Ship itself had to leave the ship. Hence, the whole atmosphere is boiling up and moving towards great destruction. Just because of ignorance when the children make mistakes, it is the responsibility of Me, the Cosmic Mother, Parashakthi, Manonmani, Parasodasi to protect the Cosmos from getting destroyed.

In another few months, not in thousands, lakhs but in crores of lives will be lost. In the country of India, crores of lives will be lost. I am telling you the Truth, I am telling you the good thing, seek protection for your lives. Devotees who administer the Adi Kailaasa, listen well before 12 years having known about this forthcoming Cosmic Delugue I collected all the medicinal herbs available in the world and established the Navapashana in the form of Ananda Linga in the Vaidyasarovar.

By this Gurupoornima, that Navapashana Linga is maturing as the fully ripened Navapashana Linga. Allow the people who visit the Adi Kailasa to take bath in the water falling from the Navapashana Ling. In order to make it a possibility, do all the good arrangements properly. Those who take bath in that holy water and those who drink the holy water will not be affected by the Corona, no death, no suffering. This will be proved scientifically, experientially. Hence every crores of people will stand in the que and take bath in the Ananda Linga, Nithyananda Linga and worship and get benefitted and go. Oh humanity, listen well.

The administrators of Adi Kailasa, do this one service to the whole world. This would be the Prayaschita for all the karmas you have done. Good peace, enlightenment and fortune will be received by you and the world. 12 years back I, the Parashakthi did the Navapashanam and it has fully grown, fully developed, fully ripen, fully matured has become efficient in the Rasavada and today it has become a complete Navapashana Linga, Nithyananda Linga has bloomed in the Vaidyasarovar.

The reason for making this Nithyananda Linga is to protect the humanity from the huge cosmic deluge. All of you listen. All of you who have been with the Adi Kailasa and helped it directly and indirectly, I built this ship only by trusting you all. All of you come and be a part of this great seva and for all those who have been not affected by Cornona, who have been affected by Corona, and those who got affected and healed taking bath in the Navapashana Linga Theertham, Nithyananda Lingam is the medicinal feast for the disease.

Let all come and take a good bath, get protected and get healed and get all the benefits. Oh the people of India, do whatever is possible by you. You all will have good protection, good benefits. Even if you have missed me, even when you refuse me, I will protect you. Do not fear. Make use of the ship which I built out of huge grace and compassion and protect yourselves from the huge Cosmic Deluding Destructive Dance.

I have uttered the Truth; I have uttered beneficial Truth. All the devotees who cried out loudly for Prayaschita and wanted protection I have given the solution out of great compassion. My followers, devotees, disciples and those honest workers who listen to my words, start moving towards Adi Kailasa like a storm. Do all the required things immediately and serve food to all the people who are going to visit Adi Kailasa and make them take bath in the Navapashana Linga at Vaidyasarovar and let them have the Theertha, holy water medicine as the feast, get protected from the disease, get the protection for their lives and to live their lives well, whatever arrangements are required, do all the services properly. This is the Prayaschita for all of you.

Out of great grace and greatest compassion, I, the Mother Parashakthi, uttered the Truth. By understanding this Truth immediately, do good to you and to the world. In Adi Kailasa within the boundary of Nithyananda Linga, no one will be affected by the Corona. You all will completely understand this Truth both scientifically and experientially. This will be proved. Before 12 years, Mother Parashakthi built the Navapashana Linga by bringing all the available enlightening powerful herbs from the Cosmic Womb, Cosmic Yoni and today it has become the ship which is useful protect you all the huge cosmic deluge. Even if you have missed me do not miss the support of the Navapashana Rasavada Linga which I have created and protect yourselves by yourselves. This is the only way. Oh Humanity, this is the only way.

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