Kanchee Sarvajnapeetham

The Kingdom of Kailasa Paramparagatha Kanchee Kailasa Sarvajnapeetham – is located in Kancheepuram, South India. It is one of the holiest places and the center of earth in Hindu tradition. Kanchipuram in the State of Tamilnadu is primarily the Thondaimandala region. Hindus regard Kanchipuram in Thondaimandalam to be one of the seven holiest cities in India, the Sapta Puri (Sapta – seven; Puri – sacred place). In Hinduism, a kṣetra is a sacred ground, a field of active power, and a place where final attainment, or moksha, can be obtained. One of the Hindu Source Scriptures Garuda Purana says that seven cities, including Kanchipuram are providers of moksha (final attainment). The city is a pilgrimage site for Saivites and Vaishnavites. It has close to 108 Shiva temples. It was originally designed to stand for the ultimate Truths of Adi Shaiva and celebrate these Truths through its temples, culture, people and lifestyle.

Thondai Mandala Shaiva Vellalars (the community from which hails The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism) into various initiations in early days of the enlightenment ecosystem. To assist them in these activities, they adapted this Adheenam (monastery) as their Jnana Peetham (spiritual Seat) and became its devotees through generations.

SPH at the age of 10 when coronated as the successor of Kanchi Sarvjnapeetham