Adi Arunachala Sarvajnapeetham

Paramaśiva Himself, came as Śrī Arunagiri Yogiśvara, several thousand years ago. His direct disciple The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, is the current living Incarnation representing and embodying Paramaśiva who has established the Kailasa Paramparagatha Arunagiri Yogishwara Adi Arunachala Sarvajnapeetha Samrajyam. It is Arunagiri Yogiśvara’s Jīva Samādhi around which the Arunachaleshwara temple and the Tiruvannamalai township and city settlement has grown.

Jīva Samādhi means the enlightened final resting place of enlightened ones or Avatārs, who having the power to leave the physical body at will, at a particular point of time, day, sit in their meditation in oneness with the existence, enter into their final Samādhi or super-conscious state in absolute restful awareness. The Jīva Samādhi having the actual physical body is a powerful energy field. Many temples are built around the body of the Saint, which not only remains without deterioration for thousands of years, but also becomes a living breathing Energy Presence of that Saint or Avatār. It is to Arunagiri Yogiśvara, that the first worship is offered in the main sanctum sanctorum of the Arunachaleshwara temple everyday till date.

Sri Arunagiri Yogeshwara with young SPH