Worldwide movement to heal the world of COVID-19

The growing threat of a global pandemic and its longer-term probably permanent impact has taken a heavy toll all over the world in every sphere of life.

Today the world is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions with the Covid-19 pandemic – worldwide lockdown, deep insecurity about health, worries about the uncertain future be it of one’s job or children’s education or the global economy or social structure. 

Much more than any World War, this pandemic has affected the daily lives of billions across the world forcing people to relook at everything from food habits to social life.

To put things in perspective, the United States of America even in World War II faced 0.4 million military and civilian deaths. Today USA already has 1.3 million documented cases of Covid-19.  

And still the world is looking pensively for a solution to the growing pandemic.

Hinduism as the oldest living civilization has been witness to and the survivor of many catastrophes in its long rich history, be it biological, economic, social, political, or any other.

The 20 million ancient scriptures of Hinduism are a treasure trove of knowledge in every field, and have been the guiding force of the Hindu civilization from its inception.

Deriving from the very depths of this time-tested knowledge, His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam has launched the Global Akhanda Nirvikalpa Samadhi Jnana Yagna – a worldwide 24×7 initiative of meditation, prayer and spiritual healing through unclutchingTM.

His Divine Holiness is not only spearheading this global movement for peace and well-being but has also undertaken himself a rigorous religious fast that has been known historically to help relieve society of multiple epidemics with the power of its spiritual strength and deep knowledge of both human biology as well as superconsciousness.  

The supreme pontiff of Kailasa says, “If ten thousand people can do unclutchingTM all over the globe in an unbroken cycle we can give a superconscious breakthrough to the entire world.”

The unclutchingTM technique by its very design gives the collective benefit of the efforts of all the participants to every single individual as it is rooted in the fundamental truth of Oneness – we are one huge collective Consciousness whose innate nature is bliss. 

The Global Akhanda Nirvikalpa Samadhi Jnana Yagna is open to one and all, irrespective of religion, nationality, creed, gender, or any other identity.

Kailasa, the only Hindu nation and its citizens humbly invite the whole world to join them in the Global Akhanda Nirvikalpa Samadhi Jnana Yagna and it’s sincere intense effort to heal the globe of the Covid-19 pandemic and to give a superconscious breakthrough leading the world to global peace. 

Day 8 of Paramashivoham Level 2

Amid the current crisis of COVID-19, Paramashivoham Level 2 acts not only to balance the negative momentum the world has been running down but to completely flip the tide and start an era of positive growth. 

Today’s presiding deity is Ardhanarishwara, the form of Paramashiva who is seen as half male, half female; the ultimate symbol of completion with gender identity. 

Ultimately, when we say gender, what we mean is your first, most direct, fundamental identity. Only from here do the identities of name, race, nationality, social community, etc, come forth. Unfortunately, gender identity is seen as such a confusion among most of society- because of the way different perspectives and opinions are force-fed from parents, friends, society, and so on. As a result, the way we even feel about our gender becomes a very shaky foundation- no structure can stand strong when it has holes in its foundation. 

In the Agamas, kids are asked to be celibate for the first 21 years of their lives, and with good reason. It is during this period that the individual conscious identity explores itself, and the different genders. Gender identity, as per Paramashiva, is the alignment in the identities of your physical body, psychological layer, physiological existence, and your will, your consciousness. That is to say, it’s not about making sure they all match, but rather identifying how you relate to each different layer. The permutation combinations of these identities result in the 11 genders, as identified as per Paramashiva in the Agamas. When you align to YOUR gender identity, being and the body really feel completely in tune- the word “grounding” has a whole new meaning, and your very expression becomes that of grace. You will celebrate your own existence

The root of most of society’s confusion, panic, insecurity, fear, really all psychological problems, can be immediately solved if just these truths alone were revealed to the world. The world as a whole would really have a solid, unshakeable foundation. 

There were three main components to today’s program, including the power manifestation sessions and ground-breaking darshans…Completion with gender identity, a session on the sattva tattva, and completion with past lives. 

Sattva tattva can be roughly translated as the unit (or principle) of purity (or divinity). It is worth stating that Sanskrit words such as this can never be fully translated into the English language, as thousands of years of experience and knowledge are embedded in just a few syllables. Our guru, Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, shared the following cognitions that expresses the sattva tattva:

Static matter, dynamic activity, strategic existence… Existence of you, which goes on strategizing, you go on strategizing based on what you perceive as you. 

Static matter, dynamic activity, strategic existence. All three does not have a boundary. Does not have border. The strategic existence which is in you wrongly believes in delusion. The dynamic activity and static matter is not in your control, it is a lie. The belief you are carrying is a big lie told to you, by human beings. 

Static matter, dynamic activity, strategic existence, has no boundary. So if your strategic existence decides something, declares something, dynamic activity AND static matter obeys, literally. Simply. Next statement: you do not need to spend your whole life logically to come to this conclusion if you decide: “Swamiji has come to that conclusion, he will teach me the only right thing, let me declare this is my cognition”, and that declaration is enough for me to help you to manifest the powers related to this truth. When you start manifesting powers, naturally you will understand it is not just Swamiji’s conclusion, it is your own conclusion. 

Watch the full video here: 

Participants were able to directly manifest this sattva tattva through power manifestation..manifesting their simple will, several of which were able to manifest this within a minute of declaring their will! 

The final session, before Swamiji’s direct darshan as the being of Ardhanarishwara, was a completion session with our past lives. Through this, we were able to clear out all the incompletions whose source was seemingly unknown to us- completely preparing hundreds to radiate the space of Ardhanarishwara- the ultimate symbol of completion with gender identity. 

Settling this space on the Bhur Mandala (roughly translated as the physical plane of existence) in this critical period of time is pushing the momentum towards a superconscious breakthrough like no other.

Day 6 of Paramashivoham Level 2

Among the global pandemic of COVID-19 happening right now, one of the biggest fears is the fear for their health, the insecurity about their health. Not knowing where and how the virus will spread, finding any and every way to protect their health by using external tools and methods. In Sanatana Hindu Dharma, health goes much deeper than taking precautions externally but also making sure we build ourselves consciously internally. On day 6 of Paramashivoham, participants had several intense sessions on what this means, took several steps into really building themselves from the inside-out, and explored the possibilities of their new being. 

Among all the darshans, power manifesting, and completion sessions in today’s program, there were also several discourses shared. Discoures where the living incarnation as per Shastras, the incarnation of Paramashiva himself, Kailasa’s Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, shared the sacred truths about the body, health, and maturing the body through responsibility, enriching, and causing. 

Swamiji shared that the body is basically a vehicle for your dreams, it’s an ornament for you. With regards to your body, health is the ability to fulfill all the dreams that you’re carrying in a casual way- whether it’s wealth, health, relationships, anything- without losing the quality of being an ornament. In other words, being able to fulfill yourself without incurring damage. 

In fact, our body replaces itself daily. Our intestines are replaced every 3 months, our liver within 9 months, our brain within a year…practically, our body is constantly disassembling and reassembling. Actually, when we put ourselves back together, we don’t have to keep carrying the same old diseases and patterns. How we put ourselves back together has everything to do with our bio-memory, with the ideas you carry about you. Even physically, your body can change just based on the way you feel about you.

The definition of health, as per the avatar, is not the absence of illness- but the state of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well being. Really feeling life is good

Now take into consideration that every other person, whether in the position of governing a nation or and organizations, whether you’re working with food or medicine, or if you’re in school, in just about any walk of life- people are running in a rat-race to achieve the feeling of “life is good”. Not just the general public, but even the people are supposed to be in charge of organizing, sustaining, and ensuring that the day-to-day life operates with some consistency, are running after this cognition. With COVID-19 thrown into the picture, the insecurity about this core cognition is shaken more than ever- throwing people into a panic. 

The major component of today’s session is directly relevant to this- in Sanatana Hindu Dharma, revealing the blindspot is itself curing the blindspot. Such a deep blind spot in today’s society was not only addressed and cured, but methodologies were given in clearing out ALL the body & health-related blindspots so that participants can build the body and life they’ve always wanted. 

Ultimately, the gap in health is nothing but the gap between what you want as you, and what you believe as you. Having integrity about what you feel about yourself physically, physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and consciously, brings tremendous joy to the body and being. Not only this, but the principles of responsibility, enriching, and causing others’ reality starts to blossom when you feel so joyful about the life you live. 

Even just listening to these cognitions about completion with the body from the Avatar does so much good. In a period where every other person is in a rut of worry and fear about their health, participants of Paramashivoham are not only liberated from the worries of health, but are revealed the tools, technology, and methodology in designing their body and life as they want! This is an opportunity that is not at all exclusive- it is ALL-INCLUSIVE to all beings! Be sure to join this batch of Paramashivoham, register at:

Conquering Fear and Death

As of April 9, 2020, the majority of society is caught in a stroke of all kinds of fear, especially the fear of death, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to many of the societal norms, and modern western cultural traits, this fear of death is something that has been accepted as something which is not only seen as the cultural norm, but it’s also accepted as a part of life. Most unfortunately, this fear of death is also used as a tool by many as a means of manipulating the mass, pulling them in one way with greed of protecting yourself from death, or pushing you another way by inticing the fear of death.

In one day alone, participants of Paramashivoham level 2, guided by Kailasa’s own Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, have conquered the fear of death.

On April 9th, 2020 – day 5 of Paramashivoham Level 2, Kala Bhairava is being celebrated. Kala Bhairava is known as the lord of time in Hinduism- and in Hinduism, the gods we relate to are in fact BEINGS. You can relate with them, you can speak to them, and they in fact speak back. You can form relationships with them, they can become a part of your every day life, just as they are in spaces where the roots of Hinduism is still being celebrated and nurtured.  Kala Bhairava is an extremely sweet being, who is so happy when relating to beings with strong integrity. And in fact, he’s always ready to help you align to integrity- it’s for this reason that he’s celebrated as completely ferocious, yet so compassionate and sweet. He’s the conquerer of fear who helps you to also conquer all fears, and in fact the fear of death itself. He incites such powerfulness in the being, building a friendship with him is the first step in reclaiming your power. He does not give up on you, and he celebrates you with every jump you take!

The first session came as a huge surprise to the participants, as it was an immediate, and direct darshan with His Divine Holiness, Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam. Those who took part in the darshan were excited to share their experiences on the official facebook page of our guru, at

Following the surprise darshan was an intense power manifestation session. Power manifestation, to give some context, is an expression of intimacy and the feeling of connectedness with one’s guru, an expression of shakthipat, an expression of oneness, they’re all different ways to say the same. Ultimately, it is an expression where no effort is needed on the side of the power manifester- the very feeling of connectedness with one’s guru (especially when your guru is an Avatar as per shastras, directly an incarnation of Paramashiva himself) manifests as all the auspicious qualities. In this specific power manifestation session, participants manifested agni samyama- manifesting the power of fire! In this context, fire doesn’t just burn- it’s actually a source of healing. 

See- fire, agni is an expression of the transformatory nature of existence. Any reaction in the body, any movement, every breath in fact, has heat, fire, as part of its equation. So when someone is able to manifest the power of fire, they’re able to express the very source of change itself. It’s this source of change that brings about the greatest healing in life, it’s the source of change that expresses as life. Now, that being said, nearly 300 participants were able to directly engage with the power of fire! 

These first two sessions alone have a significant impact, with regards to the current state of the world. The impact of darshan alone has the capacity to awaken the non-mechanical parts of the brain. The mechanical parts of the brain refer to the parts that are responsible in helping you walk, talk, eat, pump blood, breathe, and the other functions of the body that are more mechanical. 

The non-mechanical parts of the brain are the parts that has the capacity for functions that can’t be classified as mechanical, of which the “modern man” is mostly unaware of. Memory and visualization would be categorized under this, however our brain is physically hardwired for much, much more- including (but not limited to) materialization, teleportation, levitation, making yourself bigger, smaller, lighter, heavier, and others. Of course, this will only sound like a fairy tale until you experience it…which is exactly what is happening in Paramashivoham Level 2. Through the darshans, participants are not only having a glimpse of what life can be like with Paramashiva, but even on the physical level, they are experiencing neurological breakthroughs. This, being grounded and put into practise through power manifestation, paves the way for tremendous confidence in one’s self to truly live in their power. Conquering the fear of death is nothing more than this- living in your natural state of power, where you simply know you are eternal. 

Living and breathing in your Paramashivattva, this is what should be the cultural norm. 

After a successful power manifestation session, participants did the Samskara Dahana Kriya. This is a technique, directly given by Paramashiva to Devi, to live in perpetual completion. Completion, being the state where nothing can be added to you, nothing can be taken away from you, you are perpetually full and complete as you are. In the state of completion, where is the question of any fear, let alone fear of death? 

After an enriching Samskara Dahana Kriya, participants enjoyed a segment of the Autobiography of the Avatar. Swamiji’s experience with Kala Bhairava was shared with those attending. Kala Bhairava, a being who is the embodiment of powerfulness, the strength and success of the state of powerfulness. Swamiji’s cousins shared that ever since he was a kid, this is exactly what Swamiji was- an expression of strength, and the success of never being powerless. One thing that they mentioned is that even as a kid, he simply radiated Nithya (Eternal) Ananda (Bliss). Kala Bhairava, as Lord of Time, also is the guardian of the Akashic records- the space where all things that have happened, happening, and are yet to happen, are recorded. As a child, Swamiji wa able to simply share the future of his beloved home town of Thirvunnamalai- specifically that the sacred hill of Arunachala will be circumambulated every day. This, at a time where people went around Arunachala mostly on specific holy days, and that before 4:30PM because the roads were mostly forest. The sharings about Swamiji’s life gave such a feeling of comfort and joy to all participants, it was truly a space where it was just you and Him. 

Following a sweet session talking about the life of our guru, there was a session on the Nithyananda Gurukul. When the Hindu culture was invaded, the first thing destroyed was the gurukul system- because they knew that this established the roots of our culture, strength, and prosperity. And now, in a similar fashion, the gurukul system is the first thing being completely revived so that the Hindu culture & lifestyle can again thrive, and enrich its neighbouring cultures to follow suit. 

In the Nithyananda Gurukul, Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam makes sure that any, and every quality of his are given as prasadam to his kids. In gurukul, the guru takes care of his kids as he would take care of himself. In fact, they are his very own family. The gurukul system is a Guru-shishya sampradaya, meaning it is a lineage, succession of gurus. It is an upbringing where every child is raised in a complete life-positive environment, raised to live completely in their own unique powerfulness. 

This kind of system may be hard to conceptualize in the modern-day education systems, but every child is not only able to completely express their unique expression, but they also excel in everything they take part in- even by western standards. This is because each child is brought up without a hint of greed of fear in the system- even the very fear of death does not exist in them. Their very expression is powerfulness, life-positive, and absolute celebration of life. A core component to all this is that it is an education based on knowledge transfer through the medium of oneness, through initiation. Not only this, but the teacher and student learn together- there is no superiority or inferiority present in the environment. It is an absolute demonstration of Hindu culture, lifestyle, and ideals, which translates to establishing the very civilization which is based on contribution. 

The Nithyananda Gurukul is completely inclusive of all beings- it is even possible to attend online, if anyone is not able to physically attend to the Gurukul centres, through the following link:

It goes without saying that life where the Gurukul system is established worldwide, would be a life where even something like the pandemic of COVID-19 would be an issue that is quickly resolved, with the least amount of global distress. 

The following few sessions were on the topic of patterns, and fear. For the typical person, life follows a pattern resembling the following…You come across a problem, and after some time, understanding, and clarity, you find the solution. A few days pass, and you again come across the same problem, maybe in a different form. So you go on living with the problem, until you come across the SAME solution! And the cycle goes on, and on, and on. Unfortunately for most, this is all that is life, which is a complete delusion. 

In this Paramashivoham Level 2 session, participants were introduced to exactly what patterns are- running into the same problem, only to find the same solution, endlessly until you decide it’s enough. One of Swamiji’s discourses was shared, where he sheds awareness on this whole pattern of patterns. He shares that why you do what you do, is your root thought pattern. All patterns in your life boil down to a single pattern- this pattern comes from the first time you felt threatened or powerless. The forms the first definition you have about you- your first inner image. It forms how you respond to the world, your outer image. It forms how you feel about the world, your life image. Participants were led to identifying their root thought pattern- to go to the source of the patterns, so that they can REALLY start their life. 

A few facts about the root thought pattern: it is always formed before the age of 7, only from the root thought pattern do all other incompletions (feeling lack/feeling small/feeling anything other than powerful and complete) happen, and that after the age of 7, root thought patterns can’t be developed. And in reality, the only thing that makes the root pattern seem powerful is the fact that it’s repeated endlessly. Just with a little awareness of what the root pattern is, it can be halted to a stop. 

Fear is the fertile land on which this root thought pattern grows. In reality, fear is nothing but the negative self-fulfilling prophecies. It’s the root of fear itself that instigates the root thought pattern- overcoming fear itself ensures that not only do you never repeat the same thought pattern, but you also have the foundation to live at your peak possibility. After some insight on fear, the participants were led to go into the different types of fears, such as fear of loving your name and fame, fear of losing your loved ones, fear of losing your wealth, fear of losing your health, and so on. It was a powerful session, which brought the fears out into the light of awareness. 

Participants then watched a Q&A session with Swamiji on the topic of death, where he answered several questions about death, types of death, what happens after death, and other such questions- exactly as per existence. The Guru, as per Hinduism, is authorized to speak on this. They are the beings who are also called as “twice-born sages”, meaning they are beings who have fully gone through the process of death while in the body. The clarity Swamiji showered is pivotal in understanding what we feel as “ununderstandable”, a perpetual blindspot. Following the discourse, participants were graced with the Kala Bhairava Homa purnahuti- the offering of completion to the sacred homa ritual. The ritual of homas themselves are very intricate, where every detail not only has sentimental value, spiritual value, but also scientific value- for the sake of this sharing, we can say that Kala Bhairava was directly invoked, and showering his blessings on all the participants through this experience. 

Then the participants were brought into a death process- they were going to go through the experience of death itself, an experience where Guru walks the being through the process of death, as it is. First, the participants intranalyzed their fear of death- they went face to face with their fears of death, putting it all onto paper. 

Following this, they watched a series of akashic reading sessions where Swamiji invoked Kala Bhairava, and he shared the akashic records on death. These sessions brought participants immense clarity on the cosmic perspective of death- revealing truths to life, death, types of death, birth, types of birth, reincarnation, and other such questions related to death. After one more Q&A on death with Swamiji, it was time for darshan. 

Swamiji’s Kala Bhairava darshan was without a doubt, one of his most powerful darshans.. As part of the session, Swamiji himself put us through a process where he directly burns the fear of death itself, and brought us straight away to the space of Kailasa. The best way to get a glimpse of what this session was like, be sure to check out the glimpses of darshan below

All this, happening at a time of global crisis where the world is calling for an answer. The call is heard, the solution is not only being given, it’s being handed to each being on a silver plate. Not just the phsycological breakthroughs, but the neurological, physiological, physical, and superconscious breakthroughs happening in each day of this program is again and again setting new heights. 

In one day alone, just by sitting at home, the very FEAR OF DEATH was conquered! The very same fear of death that’s not only been causing global chaos, panic, and insecurity, but has also been following humanity for as long as the Hindu nations have been lost, for as long as consciousness stopped being the foundation of the every day life. 

You still have the opportunity to join the current batch of Paramashivoham Level 2 for the first seven days, register now at

New Indian Express publishes false and defamatory statements about Nithyananda’s response to Coronavirus

Montclair (March 19, 2020) – In its latest article about His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam’s comments about coronavirus, the New Indian Express engages in the sensationalism and fake news so typical of the press in India. The Indian media has long been known to be among the most corrupt, biased and unreliable press institutions in the world. The World Economic Forum has published findings demonstrating that the press is the least trusted institution within India. The vast majority of Indian media companies are owned by a handful of politically-connected families and are known for rampant corruption, bias, paid news and sexual misconduct within their organizations. It is no wonder why mainstream journalists are widely referred to as ‘presstitutes’ in India because of their reputation for false allegations and misconduct.

The New Indian Express continues Indian media’s long tradition of fake news when it published a story this week claiming that His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam had said that he pioneered the practice of ‘social distancing’ by going into self-isolation. That statement is completely fabricated and ignores the sincere efforts being made by His Divine Holiness to mitigate the coronavirus crisis.

In yet a new low for Indian journalism the New Indian Express based its report on a fake tweet published by @SriKailashPMO on Twitter:

The Twitter handle @SriKailashPMO was created in December 2019 and is clearly a fake account that is in violation of Twitter prohibitions against impersonation. The account states its location as “Ecuador, Brazil” (which is not an actual place) and the account spells “Kailaash” differently from official Sri Kailasa channels.  Moreover, His Divine Holiness has operated an official Twitter account at @SriNithyananda since 2012. These are basic facts that could have been verified by any competent journalist but India’s press operates without any journalistic standards and they never let the facts get in the way of a juicy story, however baseless. Twitter officials have been notified of the fraudulent account and an investigation is currently underway.

It comes as no surprise that New Indian Express would publish false quotes to generate clicks. The New Indian Express’ editor-in-chief GS Vasu has been accused of being a sexual predator by no fewer than five women who bravely came forward with stories of sexual misconduct at the hands of Mr. Vasu. The multiple credible allegations against GS Vasu caused another New Indian Express editor, Vikram Sharma, to resign and come forward as a whistle-blower and reveal that Vasu and The New Indian Express routinely published fake news stories for political favors. The shocking behavior by the New Indian Express and its editor-in-chief, GS Vasu, gives the term ‘presstitute’ new relevance.

His Divine Holiness, Founder of ShriKailasa, the greatest  HINDU Nation, is working diligently to eliminate coronavirus and announced a 28-day spiritual regimen involving vratha (Hindu fasting), meditation, chanting of sacred sound of Mahavakya, hygienic living, and social distancing called Pacchai Pattini Vratham, which is practiced in India as a method of cleansing, introspection, prayer, and meditation. His Divine Holiness requested his 30 million followers worldwide to participate in this event (which he will join as well) to heal the world from the effects of COVID-19. These divine revelations are freely broadcast across multiple channels every day at 7 am IST to an audience of millions across the globe. It is SHRIKAILASA’s dharmic responsibility to find spiritual solutions for all the world’s problems. This program of intense prayer and fasting for 28 days to heal the world of COVID-19, is part of SHRIKAILASA’s larger initiative for world peace and health (for more info –

We request anti-Hindu media not to hurt the religious sentiments of a billion Hindus for whom the sacred call of healing the world through personal tyaga (sacrifice ) is one of the highest ideals of human existence.