KAILASA grieves at Racial Extermination and Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus in Afghanistan

Administrative Directive 10116 of August 27, 2021

By the authority vested in me as The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, the Head of the Ancient Enlightened Hindu Civilizational Nation, the KAILASA by the Constitution and the laws of Sanatana Hindu Dharma as ordained by Paramaśiva, the primordial Hindu divinity in Vedas and Agamas, it is hereby ordered as follows::

Section 1. Background:

Over 56 nations across the continent from Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, all the way to Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia and Indonesia, and in 200 states, 1700 samasthanas (provinces) and 10,000 sampradayas (traditions) were once governed and ruled as per the principles and laws of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Over several centuries the combined forces of foreign invasion, political upheaval, colonialism and religious persecution systematically ended millennia of Hindu Swarajya, or self-rule. 

Millions of Hindus became the victims of stark epitome of a ‘‘campaign of race extermination’’ through ethnic cleansing, forced relocation, double killing through genocide and genocide denial. Hindus have over the past 2000 years been subject to mass murder, multiple perpetrator rapes, forced indoctrination, artificial famines, child abuse, identity distortion, resulting in a systematic physical elimination of over 100 million Hindus and ideological elimination of over a billion Hindus across all sampradayas (traditions). Yet the Hindu Holocaust is the only holocaust in the history of humanity matched in the scale of its colossal destruction and extermination only by the equally massive magnitude of the sinister conspiracy to distort and deny it.

Section 2. Purpose:

I am  deeply saddened by the recent news of the last few remaining Hindus and Sikhs leaving Afghanistan,  once and for all.  Today, the most ancient Hindu civilization lost its homeland once and for all. – Afghanistan. The Matsya Purana dated around 1 BCE refers to various Hindu civilizations and settlements in which Gandhara (Afghanistan) finds its place as Hindu Janapada (Republic) situated in the  north.

बाहीका वाट्यानाच आभीराः कालतोयकाः। 
पुराचैव शूद्रच पल्लवाश्चात्तखण्डिकाः॥४०॥
गांधारा यवनाश्चैव सिन्धुसौवीरमद्रकाः। 
शका दुह्याः पुलिन्दाश्च पारदाहारमूर्तिकाः॥४१॥ 
रामठा: कण्टकाराश्च कैकेया दश नामकाः।
क्षत्रियोपनिवेश्याश्च वैश्याः शूद्रकुलानि च।।४२॥
अत्रयोऽथ भरद्वाजाः प्रस्थला: सदसेरकाः। 
लम्पकास्तलगानाश्च सैनिकाः सह जाङ्गलैः। 
एते देशा उदीच्यास्तु प्राच्यान्देशानिबोधतः॥४३॥ 

Bahllka, Vatadhana, Abhlra, Kalatoyaka, Purandhara Sudra, Pallava, Atta Khandika, Gandhara, Yavanas, Sindhu, Sauvlra, Madraka, Saka, Druhya, Pulinda, Parada, Harmurtika, Ramatha, Kandakara, Kaikeya, Dasanamaka, Prasthala, Daseraka, Lampaka, Talagana, Sainika, Jahgala, and other places peopled by Bharadvaja Brahmanas, Ksatriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras- These places (janapadas) are on the north. Now hear of those on the east.

Matsya Purana, verse 40-43

Gandhara, situated in the modern day Afghanistan, once a thriving hindu kingdom dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization that housed several Hindu temples and infrastructure governed by the Hindu principles and policies is now on the verge of extinction due to the targeted persecution of Hindus in Afghanistan. In 1970, Hindus and Sikhs equated 700,000 with a total of 200,000 Hindus in Afghanistan. In 2017, 99% of Afghan Hindus and Sikhs were exterminated and subjected to ethnic genocide and cleansing. Today, no more than 200 Hindus and Sikhs remain stranded in the lands of Afghan, living with fear of losing their lives, cultural and religious sovereignty.

Section 3. Policy:

Hindus lost their spiritual legitimacy, social legitimacy, economic legitimacy, cultural legitimacy, judicial legitimacy, and political legitimacy and the aspirations for freedom and prosperity due to relentless ethnic cleansing and genocide for the last several centuries. Hinduism is a functional, demonstrable, reproducible cosmic science of enlightenment and power manifestation. It needs to be protected from invaders, colonisers, diluters and other Hinduphobic & Hindu hatred forces. 

The history of the Hindu Holocaust is forever seared into the history of KAILASA, and it is the shared responsibility of all Hindu to wake up to the truth of this happening and understand the urgency of a Hindu Nation. A Hindu nation is a survival need for Hinduism to be kept alive in its pure form without invasion, colonisation or dilution. In order to protect Hinduism, the Hindus must ensure that those who practice Hinduism do not bear hostile attitudes towards its founding principles. Hindus need to realise the truth and defend the need for the Nation with Hindu Constitution in compliance with the Vedas and Agamas and Hindu Jurisprudence in compliance with Manu and Dharma Shastras for the existence of Hinduism unexpurgated. This is the reason, Paramashiva is reviving KAILASA.

I, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidham His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, hereby declare and reaffirm my commitment to  keep  Hinduism as a functional,  demonstrable & reproducible  cosmic science of enlightenment, power manifesting ecosystem in Kailasa, as my humble offering to Sanathana Hindu Dharma and my Guru Parampara.

Therefore, with the grace of Paramashiva,  I manifested KAILASA as a seed bank for Hinduism to be kept alive. The revival of KAILASA is successfully done as we have got sovereign land in more than one place to practice Santanda Hindu Dharma to its full glory.

KAILASA will be the seed bank of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Soon this Oasis KAILASA will be open for the whole world to come and learn, celebrate, live, practice, manifest this ancient enlightened Hindu civilization & its cosmic science of enlightenment and power manifesting ecosystem.

Section 4. Directives:

With the immediate effect of this executive order, I hereby order

  1. KAILASA’s Department of State to perform its embassy functions  to envisage a safe haven for all practicing, aspiring or persecuted Afghan Hindus and Sikhs where they can practice Hinduism authentically and peacefully and express their spirituality, religious identity, the Hindu economic and governing principles, knowledge transmission repositories, arts and culture; free from denigration, interference and violence. 
  2. I direct KAILASA’s Department of State to pursue the processing of  corresponding e-passports applications for individuals from affected countries consistent with applicable law and standard processing procedures. Consistent with that role, the KAILASA’s Department of Treasury shall coordinate the Federal Government’s efforts to welcome and support immigrants, including refugees, and to catalyze State and local integration and inclusion efforts.
  3. I order Saffron Om, International humanitarian agency to prioritize effective leadership and substantive participation in peace processes, conflict prevention, peace building, transitional processes, religious freedom and decision making institutions in conflict-affected environments. 
  4. KAILASA’s Department of Human services recognises and empathises the  brutal ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Afghanistan where the human rights observers have documented that the anti hindu forces have time and again repressed the culture, tradition and ideologies besides severely curtailing the right to religious expression.
  5. I order KAILASA’s Department of State and KAILASA’s Information and Broadcasting work towards the unified goal to assist Hindus of Afghanistan  and persecuted Hindus worldwide in availing the e-Passport of KAILASA and the network of digital services irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race, gender,nationality or age. KAILASA is opening its door for anyone with an inclination to become a resident. Apply for e-citizenship, get trained and receive a permanent residency or various visas for KAILASA
  6. KAILASA’s Department of Enlightened Civilization in consultation with KAILASA’s Department of Education shall identify and prioritize actions to strengthen cooperative efforts for  enabling the access to benefits to all the free knowledge repositories of Hinduism and services of Sanatana Hindu Dharma to all the Hindus and citizens of KAILASA provided by the Federal Government of KAILASA, in the fields of living enlightenment, health, medicine, art, science, technology, and social, judicial, political, and legal systems, etc through the de facto embassy.
  7. KAILASA’s Department of State in collaboration with KAILASA’s Department of Information and broadcasting and International humanitarian agencies like White Om agency to expand their ongoing efforts in conducting effective online initiatives and committed to help and provide all humans psychological healing, spiritual counselling, support human beings mentally, emotionally and psychologically  in violence-hit-area during these testing times and bringing back the self sustainable peace advocating lifestyle and protecting the rights and interests of individuals. 
  8. KAILASA’s Department of Enlightened Civilization will construct a comprehensive plan to recognise, recover and restore the Hindu Infrastructure including temples, monasteries and libraries that are destroyed by invaders and revive the lost cultural heritage, architectural science and the temple based lifestyle and enlightenment ecosystem of the temples and mutts.
  9. KAILASA’s Department of Education in collaboration with the Nithyananda Hindu University Press shall recognize and maintain to rewrite and re-establish the grand narrative of the Hindus of the Kingdom of Gandhara (presently known to be Afghanistan), who had once played an indispensable role in the history and identity of Hindus; who prided themselves of a rich cultural heritage, wondrous architecture, pious temple centric lifestyle and highly philanthropic nature – mainly towards religious causes.
Section 5. Ensuring Sufficient Resources for Implementation:

The Secretary of the Department of State with the heads of other such departments from KAILASA around the world deems appropriate shall support spiritual training and guidance to support the efforts described in this order and incorporents.

Section 6. General Provisions:

a. Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:   

  1. the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or
    • the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.
    • This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.
  2. This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against KAILASA, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, volunteers, or any other person, or against any nation’s integrity or laws.

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