Manifest Conscious Sovereignty through Swarajya Shakti Samadhi

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism on the occasion of His 40th Chturmasya issued an administrative directive to the Federal government of Kailasa to dedicate its sovereign order and demonstrate the power of Swarajya Shakti and inspire humanity to manifest conscious sovereignty through Swarajya Samadhi Samyama (centering oneself in spiritual practice).

The order in full is as follows:

Administrative Directive 10111 of August 05, 2021

Manifest Conscious Sovereignty through Swarajya Shakti Samadhi

By the authority vested in me as The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism and the Head of the Ancient Enlightened Hindu Civilizational Nation, the Kailasa, by the Constitution and the laws of Sanatana Hindu Dharma as ordained by Paramashiva in Vedas and Agamas, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Purpose:

The pandemic like COVID-19 has exposed the fragility of the global systems bringing worrisome breakdowns in health care systems, education, food supply chain management, economy, unemployment rates and mental health. The Federal Government of Kailasa is committed to lead the world with sustainable spiritual solutions from Hinduism to save humanity from the ongoing global crisis and attain the ultimate conscious sovereignty and enlightenment in their lives. 

My administration and Kailasa is committed to spiritually enrich and en-reach the Hindus around the world to support them to manifest their conscious sovereignty (Swarajya Shakti) in this chaturmasya (the sacred holy month for Hindus). During the time of chaturmasya begins in the month of Ashadha (June-July) and ends in the month of Kartika (October-November), the monks and spiritual seers observe specific rituals, food practices, lifestyle practices to manifest conscious sovereignty and attain the right purpose of freedom, health, wealth, powers, fulfilment, bliss and purpose of existence.

तस्मात्सर्वात्मभावेन दयाधर्मः मनातनः ॥
सेव्यः स पुरुषैर्नित्यं चातुर्मास्ये विशेषतः ॥ ६.२३४.३० ॥

tasmātsarvātmabhāvena dayādharmaḥ manātanaḥ ॥
sevyaḥ sa puruṣairnityaṃ cāturmāsye viśeṣataḥ ॥ 6.234.30 ॥

The eternal virtue of compassion should be resorted to by persons with the feeling that the Lord is the soul of all. Especially in Cāturmāsya that should be practised.

śrīskānde mahāpurāṇa, khaṇḍaḥ 6 (nāgarakhaṇḍaḥ),  chapter 234, verse 30

On the occasion of my 40th Chturmasya, I order the Federal government of Kailasa to dedicate its sovereign order and demonstrate the power of Swarajya Shakti and inspire humanity to manifest conscious sovereignty through Swarajya Samadhi Samyama (Centering yourself in spiritual practice).

Section 2. Policy:

It is the policy of the Kailasa Nation to avail the sacred initiation into Swarajya Shakti Samadhi to all the living and practising Hindus around the world and the Sovereign Order of Kailasa. 

This science is revealed by Paramashiva in Paushkara Agama, Vidya Pada, Chapter 2, Bindu patala, Verse 28-29

आभ्यो न परमो बन्धः आभ्यो मुक्तिस्तु नापरा ।।२८
तन्निवृत्त्यविनाभृतो दृक्रियावारको यतः।
वियुक्तान्मन्वते तेभ्यः पुद्गलास्स्वान्न कुत्रचित् ।।
सुख्यहं दुःख्यहञ्चेति मतिर्या शब्दताद्धिता।

ābhyo na paramo bandhaḥ ābhyo muktistu nāparā ।।28
tannivṛttyavinābhṛto dṛkriyāvārako yataḥ।
viyuktānmanvate tebhyaḥ pudgalāssvānna kutracit ।।
sukhyahaṃ duḥkhyahañceti matiryā śabdatāddhitā।

There is no bondage greater than the one which arises from speech. Further, it is to be known that liberation means being liberated from speech alone, not from anything else. There is no liberation superior to the liberation from these sounds. For, the removal of impurity called mala which obscures and limits the power of knowing and the power of doing is impossible without the removal of these modes of sound. The cognitions such as “I am happy”, “I am painful” are certainly associated with sounds(speech). Despite this binding nature of the speech, the embodied souls never think of being dissociated from these modes of speech.

The Federal Government of Kailasa, recognising the need of humanity to manifest conscious Sovereignty is transmitting the science of Swarajya Samyama by issuing a global call to action for all to:

  1. Remember that you are Paramashiva and everyone that you are interacting with is Paramashiva throughout the day. 
  2. From the space of Paramashivatva, start manifesting your new cognitions, thought currents, ideas, emotions, words. 
  3. Communicate all your interactions by writing on a piece of paper, or through chat messages.
  4. Decide and operate with the cognition with one another that if there is a conflict, I will explain my conflict and insecurity and fears to this Paramashiva, knowing that this Paramashiva will not exploit. This Paramashiva will not exploit me, but will only support me in manifesting my Paramashiva more and more.
  5. Communicate from the space of no cheating, no cunningness, no exploiting intentions and operate and relate to one another from the space of absolute integrity.
  6. Do all interactions from the space of Paramashivatva and Practise this science for at least 4 months (chaturmasya), till Navaratri (15 Oct 2021)
  7. Hold this cognition, Just these four months, Paramashiva – you, decided to enjoy yourself. So you become many and you are enjoying yourself. Anything else – pain, suffering, fear, insecurity, due to the existence of the other, is a delusion.

To demonstrate the adaptability and power of this science, giving confidence to people that it is possible to do and be successful in all the responsibilities, I hereby declare to all the Sovereign order of Kailasa across the globe to:

  1. Execute all governance and related works from the powerful Swarajya Shakti Samadhi.
  2. Function from the above-mentioned space for this whole chaturmasya till Navaratri (15 Oct 2021).
Section 3. Establishment of a Kailasa’s Swarajya Shakti Samadhi Working Group:

The Kailasa’s Swarajya Samadhi Working group is hereby established to demonstrate the adaptability and power of this science to All. The Working Group will be co-chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Religion and Worship, or his designee, and the Secretary of the Department of Human Services, or his designee. The Working Group shall be composed of representatives from the Department of Ministry of Sovereign, the Department of Enlightened Civilization, the Department of Information Broadcasting, the Department of Global Communications, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and such representatives of other executive departments, agencies, and offices as the Co-Chairs may, from time to time, designate with the concurrence of the head of the department, agency, or office concerned. All members of the Working Group shall be full-time, or permanent part-time, officers or subjects of the Federal Government of Kailasa.

Section 4. Responsibilities of the Kailasa’s Swarajya Shakti Samadhi Working Group:

Within 48 hours of the date of this order, the Working Group shall develop and submit to the Supreme Pontiff a report that outlines a plan for service coordination between all relevant stakeholders and executive departments and agencies (agencies) to demonstrate the adaptability and powerfulness of this science.

Section 5. General Provisions:
  1. Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:
    • the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or
    • the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.
  2. This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.
  3. This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against Kailasa, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, volunteers, or any other person, or against any nation’s integrity or laws.

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