Giving Superconscious Breakthrough to Humanity
January 14, 2019

Being an adept Siddha who has trained in one of the most secret mystical centers amongst the last remaining true Siddhas of the world,  His Divine Holiness has made the various powers of Siddhas into a repeatable and verifiable science. All religions postulate the existence of something beyond the material world. But Hinduism is the only religion that brings the other-world into this one and allows people to experience the divine as an integral part of creation. His Divine Holiness has not only demonstrated of the 460+ Mystical powers described in the texts of Hinduism called the Agamas – such as ability to see things blindfolded, or to see remote locations, to materialize objects, to teleport, read minds, predict the future, read the past etc., but he has also initiated thousands of his disciples to exhibit these powers. The side effect of this large scale initiation is that these powers can no longer be discarded as one-off freak occurrences or in a period of few decades forgotten or branded as tricks.

His Divine Holiness disciples have been subjected to rigorous scientific tests by many prestigious laboratories and universities. Such studies have never been possible ever in the recent past as persons manifesting these powers were rare and many of them lived away from the centers of modern scientific research.  This work of His Divine Holiness to bring closer the world of science with the world of mysticism is one of the greatest contributions he has done to humanity. No longer does faith and science have to be at loggerheads. No longer do different faiths have to fight each other for the lack of a common scale to work with. With his seminal work to bring spirituality and mysticism within the ambit of repeatability and verifiability His Divine Holiness has given a great united platform to build the next level of human consciousness on.

A Scientist and a Researcher – Bridging the Gap between Modern Science and the Ancient Hindu Science

Apart from bridging  the North-South divide in Hinduism and heading the oldest monastic order, the Madurai Adheenam as well as the largest apex body of Hinduism, the Mahanirvani Akhada, His Divine Holiness is the only Hindu leader who is bridging the gap between modern science and the mystical world of Hindu Puranas and knowledge. The Puranas – which are epics, are the recorded history of Hinduism from many many millennia in the past – extol the great powers that humans lived with. However much of these have been lost to the modern times. What knowledge remains of these has become either superstitious beliefs which can sometimes cause more damage than good or means of exploitation of the gullible who are looking for some miracle in their lives. Alternatively many Hindu leaders have discarded a large part of Hinduism as “myth” or as “allegory” and thus have made Hinduism into an insipid and chaotic version of  modern science.

Revival of Siddha Medicine and Spiritual Healing

The revival of Siddha medicine and spiritual healing is the area where His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam’s contribution is unparalleled. Even the people of vested interests who try to take away from his accomplishments do not deny his powers as a spiritual healer. The tremendous effects  thoughts, emotions and spiritual cognitions have on the well being of the body is being undeniably accepted even by modern medicine. But the mechanisms of these effects have not been studied clinically and scientifically to a large extent. His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam having conducted programs for millions of individuals has done scientific analysis of the effect of meditation, yoga and the spiritual presence of an incarnation on people and how it affects healing and vitality. Studies have shown that just sitting in his presence for 21 days increases the mitochondrial cell energy by more than 13 times which in turn leads to expression of beneficial DNA genes leading to the cure of so called chronic disorders such as Rheumatism, Diabetes, Cancers and so on.

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