Rediscovering the Ancient Authentic Yoga
January 14, 2019

Yoga is the most widely “practiced religion” in the world – where people chose it rather than do something because they are born into it. It is estimated that there are 300 million regular practitioners of Yoga worldwide and the numbers are growing each year. Originating thousands of years ago from India it has spread farther and deeper than any other philosophy in the world. But the effect of that expansion is that Yoga has been diluted – sometimes beyond recognition. Even in India many practitioners and teachers cannot distinguish what is real authentic Yoga and what are corruptions introduced subsequently for specific purposes. His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam has completed the immense task of collecting and compiling the authentic sources of Yoga starting from Paramashiva – the first Yogi who walked this planet.

His Divine Holiness has shown that Yoga is not just for bending the body and achieving flexibility – but is much much more. That is a direct path to the experience of the ultimate. In his system of Yoga he has collected all the Asanas (postures) but added 12 dimensions to each of them including breathing, gestures, visualization, sound (chanting) etc. The effect of this compounded and multiplies the efficacy of each posture bringing tremendous benefits.

Apart from this His Divine Holiness has put together 108 Kriyas – or combinations of postures, movements, breathing – specifically targeted to each major disease or disorder such as diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, rheumatism etc. The efficacy of these Kriyas has been scientifically validated by doctors and researchers and shown to provide, in some cases, much better relief with no side-effects than the best known modern medical technologies.

While many teachers teach their students to move beyond body postures, the ultimate expression of the Yogic sciences is the achievement of Mystic Powers which indicate the ultimate tuning of the body and mind to the universe. These powers are called Siddhis or Shaktis in the Yogic literature and are extremely rare achievements. History has scattered references to individuals of such Mystic Powers such as levitation, walking on water, mind reading, materialization etc. But What His Divine Holiness has done – for the first time in the history of Hinduism and of Humanity – is to make these into a repeatable and verifiable science. No one else in the world today has come even close to investigating Yoga at this depth.

In 2017 His Divine Holiness was awarded two Guinness World Records® for the largest rope yoga (Kundalini Rajju Yoga℠) & largest pole yoga (Shivasthamba Yoga℠) lessons respectively.

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