Meaning & Context of karmanye vadhikaraste
August 6, 2022

Krishna is the greatest blessing, and gift we can receive from Krishna!

The kind of charismatic personality he is! The kind of extraordinary charisma he manifested! knowing Krishna, loving Krishna, being Krishna, and celebrating Krishna, is the greatest gift we can receive from Krishna. In one line – Krishna bhakti!

When you are in a romance with Krishna, everyone around you feels you are Krishna. Krishna bhakti internally keeps you in Dvaita but externally everyone feels you’re in Advaita with Krishna. Shiva bhakti internally keeps you in oneness with Shiva but everyone outside feels you are a great Shiva bhakta!

If you want to read about this universe and life, Gita is the dictionary. If you want to read Gita, Krishna is the dictionary. If you want to know the meaning of life, goal, good, or bad, read Bhagavad Gita. The meaning given in Gita is the real meaning of life.

If you want to know what is vairagya, read Bhagavad Gita. the meaning given in Bhagavad Gita for vairagya is the meaning of vairagya. If you want to know what is cosmos, read Bhagavad Gita. The meaning given in Bhagavad Gita for the cosmos is the meaning of the cosmos.

For everything you want to know about life – love, devotion, everything, read Gita. That is the meaning of life. For everything you want to know about Gita, read Krishna!

Only when you understand the absolutely charismatic excellent personality called Krishna, only when you are absolutely in love with Krishna, awed by Krishna, you will understand what he means by karmanyevaadhi kaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana, or uddhared atmanatmanam natmanam avasadayet, atmaiva hy atmano bandhur atmaiva ripur atmanah!

When he declares all these grand statements: “I taught this knowledge to Surya. From Surya it came to Manu, millions of years before Krishna, Surya existed, but so beautifully and boldly he declares this and shows his vishvarupa to Arjuna!

Making your close friend, who is not just a classmate, but glassmate, who is your partner in crime, with whom you have done multiple secret things about which nobody else knows – making him believe you are Paramdhama, is not a joke! Of course, he is really Paramdhama. That is why he was able to make the partner in the crime realize he is Paramdhama!

Love, sacrifice, ferociousness, knowledge, and power, are all these separate words at the lower middle-class level. in the peak of pure consciousness, all these are Ananta Kalyana Gunas of one being. that is why I insist, understand about that being. Understand why Krishna is celibate, pure brahmachari.

When he started his rasa Leela before the age of 10, he is an extreme, pure, absolute embodiment of compassion.

He is the mastermind of the world’s largest war that ever happened. the number of people who died in the Mahabharata war is much more than world war I and world war ii put together, in not only the quantity but the quality of people.

World war I and world war ii killed so many statesmen. In the Mahabharata war, not only soldiers but many statesmen were killed, and giants like Bhishma who can never be replaced were killed.

The person who has masterminded this great destruction is still considered, worshipped, revered, and in reality, he is extreme compassion!

Meditate and try to understand all this. Understanding the personality of Krishna gives you an absolute understanding of the Gita. Understanding Gita gives you an absolute understanding of everything – enlightenment, universal right, wrong, sex, birth, death, pain, bliss, love, hatred, binary logic, infinite logic – everything!

Absolutely mind-boggling revelations by Krishna: ūrdhvamūlamadhaḥśākhamaśvatthaṃ prāhuravyayam. how can there be a banyan tree whose roots are up?!!

Internalize the deeper revelations, and secrets shared by the great devotees who lived around Krishna.

Vyasa is the most authentic biographer of Krishna. some of the people who lived around Krishna, how they held him – read all of that. reading the reminiscences of the intimate disciples is the way to know the being of the master.

Uddhava, Arjuna, Draupadi, and Vidura; are some of these people who are the most intimate disciples of Krishna. study how they all held Krishna, perceived Krishna, experienced Krishna.. the most authentic presentation is Vyasa’s presentation.

When you know the charismatic existence called Krishna, when you know the manifestation of Paramashiva – Krishna – you will realize what he means by “karmaṇyevādhikāraste mā phaleṣu kadācana”

Once in my own life, when my gurus wanted to give me the first ashram they built for me, I did this stupid reverse calculation: “to maintain the ashram I need 50 rupees a month. How will I make it? what all do I have to do? it is very difficult. How will I maintain it? better I do not take it. let someone else take it who will run it. “

Reverse calculation means, that if you see the result you are supposed to achieve and the effort you are supposed to put, without adding the growth you are going to be having to go through the prism of your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial (SDHD), you will collapse and never start the life!

If you have to have 18-inch biceps and lift 100 kg, don’t try to think: “now I can lift only 5 kg, I have to make it into 7, 8,….I may become 100 years by the time I make it 100..” no!

By the time 5 becomes 6, muscles will be so strong, you will jump to 20, and then the muscles will be so strong, you will jump to 60! It will not be gradual growth. When Krishna says “karmaṇyevādhikāraste mā phaleṣu kadācana” – don’t put our middle-class mind on the grand success you’re going to celebrate.

The middle-class mind has extremely infinite numbers of blind spots which is all the time looking for success with tremendous agitation and anxiety.

One king who did 100 Ashwamedha yajnas and achieved the Indra Padavi (position of heavens) was being carried to Indra’s palace by sapta rishis in palki but he became so anxious that although he was going to sit on Indra’s throne in the next half hour, the middle-class mentality and insecurity has not left him, he screams at Agastya. Agastya was one of the rishis carrying the palki. It was a tradition that saptarishis themselves carry Indra and coronate him. He screams, “walk fast. take me quickly to the coronation”. Agastya realized this fool has done 100 yajnas but he is not mature to sit on the throne of Indra. The insecurity is still so prevalent. Agastya curses him and he falls to planet earth to the huge python – anaconda.

Anxiety, agitation, and insecurity of not being sure about yourself are the lower middle-class mentality. I strategize and do everything right to make this Kailasa happen. But I am very clear that I will not fail and if I don’t do it now, I will assume another body and do it. But I am very clear we don’t have to go to that extreme. We will make it happen now and I made it! That is the truth!

If I had the anxiety of the middle-class mentality, this larger vision, the brain will be incapable of holding it, digesting it, and being excited about it. Any vision, any idea, only if you are able to digest it, you will be excited about it. If you are excited about me and Kailasa, you are simply royal!

Only a royal being can even grasp what I am doing and be excited about what I am doing. A middle-class anxious, agitated, irritated and perturbed mind cannot even grasp the larger vision even if I verbalize. They will think, “Kailasa – nation – Hinduism….he is telling something…..let me stretch my legs and sleep a bit and think about all this later….”

Not only I could grasp the vision of Kailasa the hindu nation from Paramashiva’s blessings, I am excited about it. Unless you grasp it fully, your being will not be excited. If you are excited about something, you have grasped it and seen it. The middle-class chandalas will only look for, “what is there for me, how my five pleasure tips can be triggered.”

The middle-class fellows are thinking, that the 5 pleasure tips of their body should be triggered for more pleasure. that is all is their life’s goal. They don’t understand that without a larger vision, infusing fuel and energy into the system, and just going on triggering the five pleasure points for your body and enjoying the pleasure, is like using cheap fuel in your vehicle.

It is like they put kerosene on the bike when petrol or diesel is not available. and that creates such a sound and smoke like a charcoal train, the engine will run and then collapse. Whoever understands, understand. It has multiple meanings, it’s not just a double-meaning statement! I don’t speak in double meanings, I speak in multiple meanings because I am a Sanskrit person!

Thinking that just by rubbing the pleasure points in your body, you can keep your life excited, pleasant, and joyful, is a cheap chandala mentality. It is equivalent to you thinking that you can pour kerosene and run your rolls, Royce. it will maybe run for a few meters. Then not only your Rolls Royce will collapse, who is sitting inside – you will also collapse.

Large vision for life is the best fuel for the machine you are carrying called “shareera”. Shareera cannot be translated as the body. shareera is an organism. the body is a mechanism. In Sanskrit, the original word shareera means organism, not mechanism, but the body is a mechanism.

You should know to excite your existence with a larger vision. After corona, only if you know how to be excited about the vision you have a future. rest, the corona will take away. If you are excited about the larger vision of life and inspired to manifest it, you have a future.

All the anxiety-based people don’t have a future. 

When Krishna says, “karmaṇyevādhikāraste mā phaleṣu kadācana” – he tells you to be grounded, excellence based. You should think: “forget about what is a success. Let me move to excellence… I may be able to do 6 kg or 60kg. Excellence is what I have to focus on, not success.”

Having success in the mind will cause multiple blind spots. All the diseases described in psychoanalysis and psychiatry, are different ways of robbing you. All that they describe will come to you if you look for success leaving the excellence! If you look for excellence, you will go beyond what they imagine as success or what others imagine their success.

Even my own disciples never imagined I will make a nation till I announced. they said, ‘whether Swamiji makes it or not that is different, even he has the guts to digest this idea and boldly challenge…!”

There are three types of dangers:

First category: people who are conspiring against you. they are the enemies known to you and traitors.

Second category: when you take up larger projects and vision, the future enemies you may attract due to your large-scale operation. 

Third category: already the secret enemy who is sitting inside you in the form of fear, nervous breakdown, anxiety, and not letting you trust you.

These three layers, only if you have the guts to play with them you will grasp the larger vision of life – excellence!

My absolute trust in shiva puja is: whenever I do pooja, even if I get some large visualization, I absolutely trust it is from Paramashiva and immediately I will come and declare it and start working for it.

That is the way I go on excelling, excelling, excelling, there can never be any fear, or negativity from shiva because he is Shivam – auspiciousness. Anything he reveals, I’ll just simply start working that’s it.

”do not bother about the success. work for excellence”, is not a controlling mechanism. it is a liberating mechanism

when your guru teaches ““karmanye vaadhi kaaraste, maa phaleshu kadaachana” meaning work without bothering about the results, he is not using this as a controlling mechanism, he is using this as a liberating mechanism of liberating you from your chandala mentality.

Krishna! understand his being. At every level, you will understand his teachings. when you understand his teachings you’ll understand the universe, life itself. Krishna is the greatest gift you can receive from Krishna!

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